Michael Stump
and The Phoenix 1743

New Evidence to Establish the Identity of the Emigrant Michael Stump
Who Arrived at Philadelphia in 1743 on the Phoenix,

J. W. "Bill" Neff

In his book Michael Stump Sr. of Virginia 1709-1768 Thurman Stump concluded that the Michael Stump who arrived at Philadelphia on the Phoenix on 30 Sep 1743 emigrated from Eberbach, Hesse, Germany and in about 1745 came to what is now Hardy County, West Virginia.

I believe an analysis of the following records proves that the Michael Stump family on the Phoenix docking in Philadelphia on 30 Sep 1743 was from Swaigern, Germany, not Eberbach and that this Michael Stump did not go to Virginia but settled in Lancaster and Berks Co., Pennsylvania where he eventually died in 1775.

Ships captains were only required to list the head of a family and males over 16, They did not list wives or children. Therefore, to prove an emigrant came from a given location in Germany, one has to have some substantiating data. The best is a notation in the Pennsylvania or German records that a person emigrated. Sometimes such notations are found in church records in Germany or here. But they are not always available. The next thing to find is records of a family in the German church records and the same family in America. The record of the family stops in German records and starts in the Pennsylvania records. These dates pinpoint the time of emigration. Then it is nice to get at least one date that agrees in both places. That is what we have in this case. Notice the Rosina in both the Swaigern and Frederick Co., Maryland record.

Annette Kunselman Burgert Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America Vol I, The Northern Kraichgau 1983, p 364.

Phoenix, 30 Sep 1743
S-H 346

(her KB means church records -JWN)
m. 20 Nov 1703 Hans Diter Stumpff, son of Gideon Stumpff, citizen and carpenter, and Anna Catharina, daughter of Bechtold Zimmermann, wagonmaster and citizen.
They had:

Hans Michael bp. 16 Nov 1705 m. 13 Nov 1731 Johann Michael Stumpff, cabinetmaker, son of the late Dieter Stumpff, and Anna Margaretha, daughter of Joh. Philipp Emmerich.
They had:

  1. Maria Barbara b 1 Aug 1732
  2. Anna Rosina b. 24 Apr 1734
  3. Anna Elisabetha b. 21 Oct 1736
  4. Christian b 22 Sep 1739
  5. Johann Melchior b 27 Jun 1742

    American Record:

    b. 6 Nov 1748 Gottlieb Stumph, son of Michael and Anna Margaretha.

    (This church record shows a sixth child of this couple. JWN)

    b. 13 Jun 1763, Elizabeth Stump, dau of Michael and Rosina

    Henry Z. Jones in his Palatine Families of New York, p.xxv, said it was not unusual for someone baptized as Melchoir to be known as Michael but not the other way around. Since this is same church where Gottlieb's birth was recorded, this is may be the Melchoir/Michael, son of Michael and Anna Margaretha b. 27 Jun 1742 in Swaigern. -JWN
    CHRIST EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, YORK, PENNSYLVANIA (Also not in Burgert but referenced by Thurman Stump. -JWN)

    b. 19 Sep 1748 bp. 2 Oct 1748 Elisa Marcreta dau of Susanna and Martin Bauer wits: Elizabetha Kroll(in) and Michael Stumpf.

    (Some have speculated that the Elizabeth Kroll(in) was daughter, Elizabeth b. 21 Oct 1736, of Michael and Anna Margaretha. She would have been 22 years old. -JWN)
    Michael Stumpff and wife Anna Margretha were sp. On 10 Oct 1758

    Bu. 1 Sept 1794 Balthasar Bach's wife Rosina b. 24 Apr 1734 in "Schweigenheim" in Germany. Parents Michael Stumpf and his wife Margareth. 30 Oct 1753 she m. her surviving widower and had 5 daughters and 2 sons of whom 3 daughters are dead. Died of a chest disease, complicated by typhoid fever Aug 31, the 11th Sunday after Trinity, 9 a.m., aged 60 years, 4 mo, and 1 week. M 40 years, 10 mo.

    (This identical birth date of Rosina is confirming proof that this Swaigern family emigrated. The ending of the Swaigern record in 1742 and the record in Lancaster in 1748 shows that they emigrated between these dates. The only known Michael Stumpf family emigrating during this time was the one on the Phoenix in 1743.

    (Ruth Herman Markley added- Ref: Monocacy Lutheran & Evangelical Church, MD: Michael Stump & wife Anna Margaretha were sponsors in 1756 and they have a daughter, Elizabeth who was a sponsor in 1755.)

    Berks County Estate Records
    Stump, Michael, Rockland Twp

    8 May 1775 Michael Stump to Gottlieb Stump of town of Reading in the County of Berks in the said Province, Painter, son of Michael Stump late of twp of Rockland in the said County Painter deceased (page 130)

    The record in Swaigern shows Michael Stump to be a cabinetmaker. Tax record and this estate record show him and his son Gottlieb as painters. There is another record in 1 Jun 1750 - Lancaster Co. Historical Society Papers Vol. 7 pp 178-180 Lancaster County hired a Michael Stump to carve, paint and affix a coat of arms of the King, for the Lancaster courthouse. (The Michael Stump carpenter and painter was probably the one contracted for this job. -JWN)

    Berks County Will
    Gottlieb Stump - Reading 14 Sep 1797 10 Oct 1797 B-500
    To wife, Eve, all Real & Personal Estate during widowhood afterward to be sold & proceeds divided equally among children who are not named. Wife Eve & Friend Peter Stichter Ex. Test signed X - wits Jacob Jager - John Spyher.

    (Note the witness Jacob Jager. Obviously a relative of Eve Jaeger Stump -JWN)

    The Brobst Family Historical Register (worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~brobst) shows :
    Gottlieb Stump b. 18 Dec 1747, Berks Co, Pa; d. Sep 1797 in Berks Co., Pa, bur. Old Lutheran Cemetery, Reading, Berks, Pa.

    son of Michael Stump, b. bef 1727.

    Gottlieb md. abt 1776, Berks Co., Pa. to Eve Jaeger b. 12 Feb 1755 in Reading, Berks Co., Pa.

    Children: all b. in Reading, Berks, Pa.

    1. Charlotte Stump b. 1 Mar 1777, d. 14 Apr 1858, Berks Co., md. 1 Feb 1803 in Reading to Nicholas Ribble.

    2. John Stump b. 30 Oct 1779, d. 8 Nov 1813 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pa; md. 24 Mar 1799 in Trinity Lutheran Ch, Reading to Catherine Schoenfelder.

    3. Joseph Stump, b. 22 Oct 1783, d. 25 Mar 1826 in Reading; md. 30 Aug 1809 in Reading to Catharine Diehl, b. bet 1780-90.

    4. Elizabeth Stump b. 3 Aug 1786, d. 9 Sep 1792 in Reading.

    5. Jacob Stump b. 27 Feb 1789, d. bef 1843.

    6. Peter Stump b. 26 Feb 1792, d. 22 Jun 1796 in Reading.

    7. Elizabeth Stump b. 26 Jul 1794, d. unknown; md. 23 Dec 1832 in Reading to Heinrich "Henry" Brobst. b. 15 Aug 1804 in Reading, Berks, Pa.

    8. Peter Stump b. 14 Aug 1797, d. 5 Sep 1841 in Reading; md. 13 Jul 1823 in Berks Co., to Susanna Jung.

    Compare the evidence above to the evidence in Thurman Stump's book. I believe he made a mistake in connecting Michael Stump of Virginia to the Michael Stump who arrived on the Phoenix in 1743.

    The Michael Stump who emigrated to the South Fork in Augusta County, now Hardy County, WV. married Anna Catherine Neff in Tulpehocken, PA in 1739. He was probably son of Johann Georg Stump who emigrated to New York in 1709 and then to the Tulpehocken Valley ca. 1724. (Tulpehocken tax list of 1725.)

    Documentary proof is still lacking for a positive confirmation that Michael Stump of Va is son of Johann Georg Stump.

    J W Neff

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