Hardy County Families
A Mathias Family Mystery

Submitted by Debbie Ripple

I am looking for verifiable information on Barbara Foltz Mathias. She was the mother of my Great Grandfather James William Mathias. I was told that Garrett Mathias was his father (Barbara's cousin). And at first I was told that Barbara had married a Foltz. After being unable to obtain a marriage record for Barbara Mathias and a Foltz, I learned that it was possible she had taken her father's name. I have her birth record and, of course, no father is listed.

Barbara was born 27 Jun 1868 and died 10 Feb 1902/3. She is listed on her birth record as Barba Mathias.

Susan Mathias is listed as her mother and father is listed as not known. The info on her birth record was given by Susan's brother John. Anyway Susan was unmarried at the time.

Susan (Barbara's mother) is the daughter of John and Susanna Mathias. Susan was born Aug 1846 and died 1920 in Hardy Co., WV. She married William H. Harter on 11 Aug 1880.

I was sent a family picture including her mother Susan (Mathias) and her husband William Harter and their 3 children. Also included in the picture is a younger Barbara with a man standing next to her and James as a young boy.

So my questions are, if Barbara did not marry a Foltz and that was her father's name, then what was his first name? And again if she did not marry, then who is the young man in the pic with her? Also I was not able to get a copy of her death record, even though I was told she was buried in Mathias, WV. I will appreciate any info you have that will put this Barbara mystery to rest. Thanks, Debbie