Hampshire County Tax Enumeration Lists, 1782 & 1784
Enumerator, Location and some Residents

A Rough Division of Hampshire County used for the Tax Enumerations of 1782 & 1784 listing the enumerator, number of his list in both years, general location, and names of a few residents. Use as a starting point for further research.

Submitted by Joyce Reiss

Enumerator List Location Some Residents
Okey Johnson13 and 11Location not clear - Patterson's Creek?Vandiver, Mahen, Anderson, Fairley, Lawson
Abraham Johnson12 and 6Location may be in area to the north. Patterson's Creek, (Short Gap, Reeces Mill, Beaver Run) Umstott, Staggs, Rogers, Jones, Parker, Good, Hollenback, Cunningham, Cooper, Taylor, Beaver, Huffman
William Vause7 and 5Keyser, Allegheny MtsGibbony, Savage, Ravenscroft, McCarty, Champ, Miers
Vincent Williams11On Alleghenies, part of Grant & Mineral CountiesTerry, George. Only on 1782 list: Hanks, Douthalt, Purcell
John Wilson1Grant Co., Sherr to PetersburgJudy, Cosner, Hier, Mace, Shobe, Petersen, Wise, Sites, Crites, Weaze, Keller
Michael Cresap8 and 7Green Spring, DonaldsonJacob, Glaze, Myers, Walker, Long, Martin, Buck, Fields, Donaldson
Simon Taylor10North of Romney, Springfield, and eastBlue, Critton, Taylor, Johnson, Rannells, Williamson, Enoch, Newman
William Buffington
& Marquis Calmes
and 8
Romney area, Rocks, Fox's HollowForeman, Herriott, Parsons, Campbell, Bonham, Popejoy, Kuykendall, Purgit, Glaze, Corbin, Blue, Roby, Dew
Abraham Hite4 and 3North of Moorefield to the TroughVanMeter, McNeill, Rennick, Ashby, Pancake, Oneal, Reid, Cade, Tucker
Job Welton9 and 2Moorefield, overlapped into Grant Co.Ruby, Seymour, Scott, Coberly, Eaton, Miller, Shook, Clark
Abel Randall2 and 14South of Moorefield towards FranklinHarness, Hornback, Yoakum, Wodrow, Cunningham, Kimball, Inskeep, Fisher, Westfall
David Mitchell15 and 12North of Capon Bridge to MD line & east to Frederick Co, VAChrisman, Demoss, Larue, Higgins, Flora, Bickerstaff, Martin, Ozmund, Morgan, Marquis
Levi Ashbrook
& Elias Posten
Capon Bridge towards RioAugusta, Pleasan(?) Dale. Hiett, Caudy, Pugh, Parke, Gard, Albin, Reed, Horn, Kail, Millslagle, Chesshire, McKever, Emmitt, Swisher, Edwards, Chinoweth, Hawk, Nixon
Stephen Ruddle6 and 4Borders Shenandoah Co - overlaps Hardy and HampshireViney, Elswick, Baker, Warden, Sperry, Frye, Vandevander, Swisher, Pepper, Claypole, Hawk, Wise
Michael Stump3 and 13Hardy, South Fork of South Branch. South of Moorefield to Rockingham lineBrake, Shook, Sellers, Sears, Hornback, Nave, Reel, Harness, Stump

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