A portion of the Fry and Jefferson Map, 1755

by Terry Gruber
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I thought it might be useful to look at a map drawn by our colonial ancestors' contemporaries: Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson. The attached image is a portion of the map titled "Carte de la Virginie et du Maryland". The map also includes Delaware and southern New Jersey. The title and many places are in French --- I'm not sure of the history of this map, but it appears that it is a French copy of the original English publication of 1754. This map bears the date 1755.

Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson were surveyors who were involved in defining the boundary between Virginia and North Carolina. Fry was later made colonel in the Virginia force that was raised to remove the French from the Forks-of-the-Ohio. While enroute to western Maryland, he died from a fall off of his horse. The second in command, Lt. Col. George Washington, then took over the expedition that ended in the diplomatic disaster involving the Sieur de Jumonville and the military disaster of Fort Necessity. Peter Jefferson was Thomas Jefferson's father.

The portion shown is the area that was colonial Hampshire County and Frederick County. Note the town of Frederick was called Winchester about this time and Chester was later Front Royal, Virginia. The Wappocomo River is the South Branch of the Potomac (the French "ou la Branche du Sud" after Wappocomo translates, sort of literally to, "or the Branch of the South"), Cohongaronto is the North Branch of the Potomac. The other rivers and streams shown are still known by the same name today (note the spelling of Cacapon as Cacapehon).

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