Hardy County Land Documents

Sale of land from William and Barbary Wilson to John Smith of Sarah 14 November 1844
This document was abstracted by Chuck Swanson from the original records. Material illegible or difficult to read is shown in brackets [ ]. Also mentioned in the document are: Oliver Taylor, William Harris, and John and Mary Bacorn.
This indenture made this 14 day of November 1844 between William Wilson and Barbary his wife of the County of Hardy and the State of Virginia of the first part and John Smith of Sarah of the County and State aforesaid of the second part, Witnesseth that the same William Wilson and Barbary his wife in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars in hand paid by the said John Smith on or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents .....

...... a certain tract or parcel of land being part of a larger tract of 340 acres patented to Oliver Taylor the 20: January 1786 situated in the said County of Hardy and bounded as follows (to wit) {their parenthesis} Beginning at a pine in William Harris's line S57-E185 poles to double sugar tree and an ash in the forks of a run, corner to said Harris, thence with another of said Harris's line S12-W40 poles to a corner on the first line of the original survey of said Taylor's, thence with the same S49 - E27 poles to a black oak & cedar tree, substituted for said Taylor's second corner standing on a side of a ridge, thence with the second line of said Taylor's survey N7-E105 poles to a white oak on said ridge or Knobley Mountain, thence leaving the original lines of said Taylor's survey N49 -W186 poles to three chesnut oaks from one root on the side of New Creek Mountain the same course continued 5 poles further to a stake in the last line of said Taylor's survey, thence with said last line S35-W88 poles to the Beginning, containing one hundred acres more or less being the same that was conveyed to said William Wilson by John Bacorn and Mary his wife by deed bearing date the 2nd of August 1844 ....

William   X   Wilson (seal)

Barbary   X  Wilson (seal)

Sale was transacted before Hardy County Justices of the peace John Hopewell and Joseph Williams.

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