Hardy County Land Documents

Sale of land from William Wilson of Coshocton Co., Ohio to Albert G. Watson of Hardy County, 18 March 1859
This document was abstracted by Chuck Swanson from the original records. Material illegible or difficult to read is shown in brackets [ ]. Also mentioned in the document are:Caleb Hinns (or Hines), James Hershey, Joseph Watson, Daniel McNeill, John Smith of Sarah, Cornell, Babb, Marquiss, Bishop.
This Deed made this 18th day of March 1859 Between William Wilson of the County of Coshocton and the State of Ohio, of the one part, and Albert G. Watson of Hardy County, in the State of Virginia, of the other part. Witnesseth: that for and in consideration of the sum of seven hundred dollars, heretofore paid to the said William Wilson by the said Albert G. Watson, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto the said Albert G. Watson his heirs and assigns, two certain tracts of land, lying and being in the county of Hardy and state of Virginia, on Thorn Run, a drain of Pattersons Creek; the larger tract of this being the same that was patented to Caleb Hinns and also conveyed to said Wilson by James Hershey and wife by deed bearing date the _______ (left blank) day of ________(blank) 18______(blank) and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at two white oaks near a drain corner to Joseph Watson [Dan. McNeill] thence S11-W90 poles to a pine, thence N45-W110 to four small pines on a hill side, thence 50 poles to a stooping white [???] and a gum by said run, the same course continued 132 poles further, thence S85-E252 poles to a line of Watson [Now or Dan?? McNeill] thence with said line S5-W110 poles to the Beginning containing two hundred and ninety acres; also one other tract, being the same that was patented to John Smith of Sarah by patent bearing date the 30th day of June 1840. and by said Smith conveyed to said Wilson, and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning a[t] three pines Bishops corner thence S88-W80 poles to a pine, red oak and hickory on a hill thence N44-W18 poles to two pines thence N34-E55 poles to a pine and chesnut oak; thence N10-E25 poles to two white oaks and hickory[,] Babbs corner, thence N15-W22 poles to a white oak corner to Marquiss on the south side of Thorn Run, thence with this line N2-W98[48] poles to two white oaks on the west side of drain a [d???ive] corner thence S40-E70 poles to two pines corner to Cornell and Bishop; thence S14[7]9[4] poles to the Beginning containing one hundred acres. To Have and to Hold the same before mentioned two tracts of land, with its appurtenances thereunto belonging to him the said Albert G. Watson his heirs, and assigns forever. And lastly the said William Wilson does hereby warrant [generally?] the premises lands, conveyed.

Witness the following signature and seal.
his William   X   Wilson (seal)

Witnessed before Justices of the Peace of Coshocton County, Ohio John Hague and Thomas Angliss.

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