Hardy County Land Documents

Sale of land from James Wilson to Felix Welton May 30, 1814
This document was abstracted by Chuck Swanson from the original records. Material illegible or difficult to read is shown in brackets [ ]. Also mentioned in the document are: Denny Fairfax, Thomas Bryan Martin, George Murry, Cunningham, John, Jacob, and George Bishop, Samuel Duke.
This Indenture made this 30th day of May 1814. Between James Wilson of the County of Hardy of the State of Virginia on the one part and Felix Welton of the same place of the other part Witnesseth Whereas Denny Fairfax by Tho. Bryan Martin his attorney in fact by his certain Indenture of Lease dated 26th of April 1793 did demise [?] grant & to farm let to John Bishop a certain Lot of ground on the west side of the South branch of the potomack part of the South branch manor in the said county of Hardy containing ninety acres as by a survey thereof made by George Murry [?] and Bounded as follows Beginning at a pine & chesnut oak corner to Cunningham running with his line N76-E180 poles to a spanish oak & hiccory thence N5-E30 poles to three hiccories in Cunningham's line thence leaving said line S48-E70 poles to two spanish oaks by a Gully thence S25-E40 poles to three chesnut oaks thence S20-W52 poles to a spanish & hiccory on a ridge thence N80-E250 poles to the Beginning Containing ninety acres as aforesaid for and during the natural lives of John Jacob and George Bishop sons of the said John Bishop and the longest lives of them renewable to the said John Bishop his heirs and assigns forever Subject nevertheless to the convenienty [?] & conditions in the said Indenture of Lease expressed & contained which said Lot of Ground or tract or parcel of Land was conveyed by Indenture of Lease from said John Bishop to Samuel Duke & again conveyed by said Duke by Indenture of Lease dated the 7th day of August 1811 & recorded in the Superior Court of Law held for the said County of Hardy to the said James Wilson Now this Indenture Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred dollars Current money of the United States to him in hand paid by the said Felix Welton at or before the sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged he the said James Wilson hath granted bargained sold released & conveyed & by these presents doth grant bargain sell release and convey unto the said Felix Welton & his heirs & assigns all the said Lot of Ground or Tract or parcel of Land herein before mentioned & described and bounded as aforesaid together with all & singular the buildings improvements [hereditaments ???] & appurtenances to the same belonging To have and to hold the said Lot of ground, parcel or Tract of Land to him the said Felix Welton his heirs and assigns for and during the natural lives of the said John Jacob & George Bishop

James Wilson (seal)

Witnessed before Charles Lobb Deputy for Edward Williams County Clerk

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