The Wilson Family in Hardy County Records

Collected and submitted by
Sue Wilson

Hardy County, WV Cemetery Records

by James B. Heishman
LDS FILM #1421858


Andrew Wilson (h/o Faith P. Wilson) 1886-1975?
Faith P. Wilson (w/o Andrew Wilson) 1889-1962
James W. Wilson (h/o Virginia C. Wilson) 1919-1972)
Virginia C. Wilson (w/o James W. Wilson) 1925-

BAKER CEMETERY, Baker Methodist Church

Eliza Bell Wilson 1888-1962


Annie C. Wilson (w/o Seymour Wilson) 1901-1973
Martha A. (Cain) Wilson (w/o William H. Wilson) 1880-1960
Seymour Wilson (WW1) (h/o Annie C. Wilson (s/o Jacob Wilson) 1888-1969
William H. Wilson (h/o Martha A. Wilson) 1887-1951

DAVIS CEMETERY- Between Peru and Milam, on the east side of the South Fork River (late 1970's)

Edgar Wilson (h/o Minnie Wilson) 1874-1936
Infant child of Edgar and Minnie Wilson 1902-1902
Infant child of Edgar and Minnie Wilson 1903-1903
Infant child of Edgar and Minnie Wilson 1913-1913
Minnie Wilson (w/o Edgar Wilson) 1881-1930


Callie F. Wilson (w/o of Robert H. Wilson) 1885-1967
Frank Savage Wilson 1884-1972
James E. Wilson (h/o M. Catherine Wilson) 1880-1936
Jehu Wilson 1846-1917
M. Catherine Wilson (w/o James E. Wilson) 1849-1929
Raymond Wilson (s/o James and Mary Catherine Wilson) 1890-1915
Robert H. Wilson (h/o Callie F. Wilson) 1882-1965


OLIVET CEMETERY - on east side of Rt. 55, north of Rt. 7, just east of Moorefield (late 1970's)

A.M. (Arthur) Wilson (h/o Cornelia A. Wilson) 23 Aug 1860-1 Mar 1942
Aaron H. Wilson (Harry) (s/o Stacey M. and Mary E. Wilson) 2 Sep 1868-28 May 1939
Adaline M. Wilson (same stone as Turner Ashby Wilson) 1874-1970
Annie E. Wilson 3 May 1855-28 Nov 1887
Arthur V. Wilson 23 Apr 1860-7 Aug 1924
Arthur W. Wilson (WW2) 1918-1945
Bessie Wilson (d/o R.A.W.) 1878-1971
Claude S. Wilson 2 Jan 1898-16 Apr 1960
Cleland Wilson (brother of Bessie) -1977
D. L. Wilson 1858-1934
Daisy C. Wilson (d/o John and Hannah Frances Wilson) (7y-9m) - 3 Feb. 1876
David L. Wilson (h/o Mary C.) (79y-1m-25d) - -26 Sep 1910
David L. Wilson (h/o of Evelyn F. Wilson) 1849-1922
Edith Wilson (infant d/o Robert A. and Gelia M. Wilson) -14 Mar 1877
Cornelia A. Wilson (w/o A. M. Wilson) 23 Aug 1868-15 Feb 1953
Eleanor H. Wilson 1878-1915
Elfreda Wilson 1895-1958
Elizabeth H. Wilson (d/o Robert A. and Gelia Wilson) 11 Jul 1850-6 Mar 1872
Etta L. Wilson 1882-1953
Eva A. Wilson (wife of James S. Wilson) 1872-1925
Evelyn F. Wilson (w/o David L. Wilson) 1852-1939
Gelia M. Wilson (w/o Robert A. Wilson 1849-1924
Gelia Wilson (w/o Hamilton M.)
Hamilton M. Wilson (h/o Gelia) (s/o D. L. ("Whanker")) 1894-1963
Henrietta H. Wilson (34y-9m-4d) -22 Jan 1883
Hester Wilson (w/o Stacy M.) (75y) -26 Aug 1871
Howard L. Wilson (s/o Hamilton M. and Gelia Wilson) 1920-1966
Howard L. Wilson (s/o Hamilton M. and Gelia Wilson) 1920-1966
Infant (d/o R.C. and D.X. Wilson) -1926
John Wesley Wilson (h/o Mary S. Wilson) 1830-1909
Judiah Wilson 19 Mar 1822-12 Feb 1886
L. Wayne Wilson 1914-1957
Lillie B. Wilson 1858-1951
Linnie B. Wilson 1886-1941
Lyla Bay Wilson (w/o Courtney W. Wilson) 1888-1916
Lyla Katherine Wilson Jan-April 1916
Lysle M. Wilson (s/o Robert A. and Gelia M. Wilson) 1880-1908
Mable H. Wilson (d/o John and Hannah Frances Wilson) (5y-6m) -29 Oct 1876*
Maria Wilson (d/o John and Hannah Francis Wilson 4 Dec (1803 -no)-23 Aug 1869
Mary C. Wilson 19 Oct 1863-21 Dec 1938
Mary C. Wilson (w/o David L. Wilson) 68y-1m) -12 Jan 1892
Mary E. Wilson (w/o Stacey M. Wilson) 17 Sep 1833-22 Feb 1896
Mary S. Wilson (w/o John Wesley Wilson) 1834-1918
Mary M. Wilson 12 Apr 1876-23 Feb 1958
Maude E. Wilson (d/o Stacey M. and Mary E. Wilson) 12 Oct 1866-26 Jan 1940
Maurice (infant) Wilson -10 June 1873
Merle Lee Wilson (WW2) (s/o Wm. Louis and Ruth Friddle Wilson) 1923-1944
Paul V. Wilson 1879-1959
Retta (Reel) Wilson (2nd wife of Howard Wilson) 1937-
Robert A. Wilson (h/o Gelia M.) -1930
Robert A. Wilson (s/o David L. and Evelyn F. Wilson) 12 Nov 1893-16 Oct 1897
Ruth (Friddle) Wilson (w/o William Louis Wilson)
Stacey M. Wilson (h/o Hester) 21 Feb 1779-1 July 1860
Stacey M. Wilson (h/o Mary E. Wilson) 17 Sep 1833-22 Feb 1896
Turner Ashby Wilson (same stone as Adaline M. Wilson) 1862-1916
William Louis Wilson (h/o Ruth Friddle Wilson) 1889-1956


Angeline Wilson (w/o John D. Wilson) 1872-1949
Ashby G. Wilson (h/o Lula E. Wilson) 1882-195-
Daisye C. Wilson (w/o Howard S. Wilson) 1908-
Della V. Wilson (d/o J.D. and Angeline Wilson) 1912-1914
Fannie Bell Wilson (d/o A.G. and L.T. Wilson) 1907-1907
Gracie Wilson (d/o L.M. and F.M. Wilson) 1915-1915
Harry P. Wilson (h/o Josephine B. Wilson) 1882-19__
Hatty M. Wilson 1885-1919
Geneva I. Wilson (d/o H.S. & D.C. Wilson) 1929-1930
Howard S. Wilson (h/o Daisye C. Wilson) 1903-
John D. Wilson (h/o Angeline Wilson) 1871-1933
Joseph J. Wilson (h/o Priscilla Wilson) (age 60?)
Josephine B. Wilson (w/o Harry P. Wilson) 1876-19-
Lorenza M. Wilson (h/o Minerva F. Wilson) 1880-1955
Lula E. Shook Wilson (w/o Ashby G. Wilson) 1888-1959
Lydia W. Wilson (w/o Wm. H. Wilson) 1857-1916
Minerva F. Wilson (w/o Lorenza M. Wilson) 1880-1953
Peter Wilson 1828-1898
Priscilla See Wilson (w/o Joseph J. Wilson) 1852-1907
Russell F. Wilson 1893-1979
Wardney E. wilson 1890-1908
Weldon L. Wilson (s/o Russell F. Wilson) (WW2) 1924-1945
William H. Wilson (h/o Lydia W. Wilson 1856-1915

TEETS-WILSON CEMETERY - off Rt. 259, going south from Baker, at Lost River go up Mill Gap about 2 1/2 miles to a development and at what they call Divide Road, left turn, drive 200 yards, walk to left of road for about 400 yards to a ravine, cross ravine and follow to cemetery. Census - 30 Jul 1979.

Hayden Wilson (h/o Lydia Wilson) 1820-1897
Janie Wilson (w/o William H. Wilson) 1848-1914
Laban Wilson (h/o Susan Teets Wilson) -1885
Lydia Wilson (w/o Hayden Wilson) 1817-1909
Susan Teets Wilson (w/o Laban Wilson) 1848-1914
William H. Wilson (h/o Janie Wilson) 1856-1936

WILSON CEMETERY - At Ada Miller's place up Waites Run (census taken Sep. 1979)

John W. Wilson (h/o Sarah J. Wilson) 1832-1906
Kathleen Wilson 1866-1889
Lucy W. Wilson (d/o Thomas B. Wilson) (sister of Henry Wilson) 1871-1934
Mary C. Wilson (w/o T.B. Wilson) 1841-1915
Sarah J. Wilson (w/o John W. Wilson) 1842-1890
Thomas B. Wilson (h/o Mary C. Wilson) 1841-1828 (1928?)

WILSON CEMETERY - Near Rio on the road to Rock Oak from Rio on the right side of the road at the crest. Census taken 8 Sep 1979.

Geraldine M. Wilson 1941-1970
Grover Wilson (h/o Minnie C. Wilson) 1884-1969
John T. Wilson (h/o Nora Wilson) 1802-1871
Minnie C. Wilson 1888-1970
Nora Wilson (1st wife of John T. Wilson) 1807-1895
Sis Wilson - 1838-1895
W.H.C. Wilson 1860-18__


Boyd Wilson (same stone as Madge M. Wilson) 1904-1976
Clary A. Wilson (h/o Pearl G. Wilson) 1898-1974
Edna S. Wilson 1900-1972
George J. Wilson 28 Oct 1875-24 Feb 1956
Henry M. Wilson 1879-1939
Katherine F. Wilson - 1885-1942
Madge M. Wilson (same stone as Boyd Wilson) 1912-
Pearl G. Wilson (w/o Clary A. Wilson) 1900-

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