Obituary of
Elizabeth J. Stump Wilson

and some records of the Stump and Wilson families in Illinois

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Elizabeth Wilson died near Loda, Illinois and was buried in Muncie, Ilinois. The obituary may have come from a Danville, Illinois newspaper.


Born in West Virginia, Had lived in Vermilion Country and Iroquois for Past Sixty Years

The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, who died at the home of her son, James Wilson, near Loda in Iroquois country, at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon, will be held from Emberry Chapel, north of Muncie, at 11 o'clock Thursday morning. Rev. Thomas Snider will officiate, and interment will be made in the Emberry cemetary adjoining the church. The body was brought from Loda to the Blythe undertaking establishment in this city where it will remain until Thursday morning, when it will be removed overland to the chapel where the services are to be observed.

Elizabeth J. (Stump) Wilson was born in Hardy county, West Virginia, March 4, 1819. She grew to young womanhood in the vicinity where she was born, and Nov. 6, 1843 was united in marriage with Jesse H. Wilson. To this union eight children were born, the following five of whom survive: Mrs. Adelia LeNeve, North Vermilion street; Jesse P. Wilson, north of the city; James M. Wilson, Loda, with whom she has made her home since the death of her husband 27 years ago; Mrs. Clara Rice , Beagle, Kans. Mrs. Esther Tevebaugh, Greeley, Colo. Twenty-five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild also survive.

In 1852 four families, including the Stumps and Wilsons left their home in Hardy county, and proceed overland, via the Prairie Schooner, until they reached a point about 3 miles south of where Collison now stands. Nov 10, 1852, the land in that vicinity suiting them in most respects, they stopped and began plans for making their home there. The remainder of Mrs. Wilson's life was spent in that locality with the exception of the past five years during which she has lived in Iroquois country. She is the last of the older generation, who came westward with the party in '52, and is known to practically every person in Pilot township where she was for more than half a century a resident. Despite her great age she was active until a short time before her death, preserving the features and activity not possessed by many persons thirty years her junior.

The deceased was able to tell of many incidents connected with the early history of this county. When the band of homeseekers passed through Danville, just 61 years prior to the day of her death, there was less than a thousand people here, and the hazel brush which covered the whole of the present site north of town was so thick that paths through it were necessary to permit communication with the outside world. Denmark was then the larger settlement, although Danville was rapidly overhauling the former "city" for supremacy. The prairie was open and unfenced. They said that Mrs. Wilson was one of the pioneers to whom the opening of this wild country must be accredited.

Wilson Family
In the Hardy County VA Census of 1850:
dwelling #139/ household #197
Jesse Wilson, 28 VA Farmer
Elizabeth, 30 VA
Dorothy AACV, 5 VA
Adeline ARF, 2 VA
Sarah DRF, 8/12 VA

In the Vermillion County IL Census of 1860 in Pilot Township:
Jesse Wilson, 37 M VA
Elizabeth, 40 F VA
Catherine, 16 F VA
Adaline, 13 F VA
Sarah, 11 F VA
Perren, 9 M VA
James, 4 M IL
Clarinda, 1 F IL

Stump Family
In the Hardy County VA Census of 1850:
dwelling #191/ household #195
John Stump, 55 VA Farmer
Sarah, 55 VA
Elijah N., 32 VA Farmer
John J., 20 VA Farmer
Sarah A., 23 VA
Frances A. Harness, 13 VA

George Stump, 27 VA Farmer
Catharine Jane, 28 VA
John A. Godolphin, 6 VA
Virginia D., 4 VA
Priscilla E., 3 VA
Wm. Seymour Maslin, 4/12 VA

In the Vermillion County IL Census of 1860 in Pilot Township:
(3 separate households...just down the road from each other)

John Stump, 65 M Va
Sarah, 65 F Va
Elza, 42 M Va

George Stump, 37 M Va
Catherine J., 39 F Va
John A. J., 17 M Va
Virginia, 15 F VA
Persilla, 13 F VA
William, 10 M VA
Sarah, 8 F IL
George W., 1 M IL

John Stump, 32 M VA
Jane, 30 F IL
Hannah, 3 F IL
Independent, 1/12 F IL

Stump Cemetery, Pilot Township, Vermilion County IL

John Stump - died 26 April 1871
Sarah Stump - died 25 February 1880
Elijah N. Stump (son of J and S) - died 15 April 1861
Mary Wilson E. S. J. A. (dau of J. H. and E. J.) - died 15 April 1855 age 3 mo.
Hornick Stump - died c.1940.

Some Stump Marriages, Blount Township, Vermilion County IL
George W. Stump- age 23, Blount Township, ILL
FA: George Stump MO: Catherine Neff
Marietta Jarvis - age 16, Blount Twn. ILL
FA: William Jarvis MO: Martha Pilkington
Date of Marriage April 9, 1884

William Stump - age 24, Blount, IL
FA: George Stump MO: Catherine Neff
Emma Gritton - age 22, Blount, IL
FA: William Gritton MO: Mary Pentecost
Date of Marriage Jan. 4, 1885

John Stump - age 39, Blount Twp. IL
FA: George Stump MO: Catherine Neff
Occ. mechanic
Married by George W. Dodson, MInister
Wit: George Stump and George Jarvis
Missouri Lockhard - age 24, Blount Twp. ILL
FA:Matthew Lockhart MO:Genama Lockhard
Married: April 26, 1881

William Stump , age 32, Blount Twp. ILL
FA:George Stump MO: Catherine Neff
Occ. farmer
Married by George Dodson, Minister
Witness John Stump & Henry Albert
Melissa Jarvis - age 22, Pilot Twp., ILL
FA: Fountain Jarvis MO: Sarah Loving
Married March 18, 1881

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