Sale of Property of John Wilson 1847

Transcribed 1/4/05 by Sue Wilson E-mail:

One OvenRebecca Wilson.50
One Oven and lid and potDitto.50
One watering pot John Wilson.14
One churn and trayDitto.31
One Spinning wheelDitto.25
One DittoRebecca Wilson2.55
One check ReeleSamuel Harper.57
Some old Harrow teethJohn Hulver1.05
One Ferkin & cans (?) John Wilson.55
One Crow BarDavid Wilson 1.50
One Foot adz. and Broad oneJohn Wilson.80
One Auger Hammer (?)David Wilson.50
A lot of old Frons?John Wilson.25
One Stove and pipePeter Wilson8.54
One large KettleHaydon Wilson2.60
One Still and wormJohn Wilson5.00
One KegJacob Teets.41
Two Still tubsDitto2.50
One KegDitto.82
One old hand sawJonathan Link.70
One Bee Stand, No. 1Benjamin F. Baker1.21
One Bee Stand, No. 4Wheeler Elswick.55
One ditto, No. 5Ditto.57
One piece of (?) leatherMoses Wilson1.90
Four Windsor ChairsWashington Parker3.00
Two Books Samuel Harper.31
Two BasketsSusannah Wilson.88
One server forks and ?Ditto.25
One flax HeckleArchabal Mallone.37
One Canon?Washington Parker.41
One panSusannah Wilson.12
One Wooden BasketDitto.25
Tin cups and BowlsJacob Cootes.25
Two small tin bucketsSusannah Wilson.12
One tin bucketDitto.26
Five pewter platesHayden Wilson1.02
One large pewter dishJohn Wilson1.02
Two pewter dishesRebecca Wilson 2.00
One pewter basin John Wilson1.15
One fat tub Benjamin F. Baker.30
Two Milch pots Susannah Wilson.28
One Kitchen TableDitto.78
One bed and beddingRebecca Wilson8.26
One Vinegar barrelDitto.26
A lot of carpeting Susannah Wilson1.51
One bed and beddingWashington Parker 4.15
A lot of Milch potsSusannah Wilson.52
One large Spinning wheelLeah Wilson1.52
Two large fat hogsJohn Miller17.05
Two hogs second choiceGeorge Harper9.27
One ditto, last choiceDitto5.28
Four head of sheepJohn F.Brooks4.04
The half the interest of windmillJohn Wilson2.65
One stack of hayDitto8.02
50 Bushels of corn in the field at 36 centsDitto18.01
50 Bushels --ditto --36 centsDitto18.00
The half the interest in a crop (?)John Hulver1.80
The half of coffee millJohn Wilson .30
One potDitto.12
The half of a grind stoneDitto1.21
28 Bushels of corn at 37 centsJohn Miller10.51
10 Bushels of wheat at 75 cents per BushelJohn Wilson7.50
15 Ditto, at 70 cents dittoDitto10.50
One heiferJohn Hulver9.45
Two steersBenjamin F. Baker15.04
Two HogsSamuel Harper11.31
12 pounds of rolls? at 41 cents per bushel?John Hulver4.92
Four shoatsGeorge Harper4.02
Four dittoDitto2.86
5 bushels of old corn at 46 cents per BushelJohn Miller2.53
One table clothLeah Wilson.34
One piece of JanesAngus M. Wood1.75
One pair of SteeliardsJohn Wilson1.51
One chestDitto1.00
One Haugh cutter & dipperSusannah Wilson.25
One fallin leaf TableJoseph Ashenfelter4.60
One quiltBenjamin F. Baker 1.25
One Bee stand No. 2Angus M. Wood1.50
One coverlidBenjamin F. Baker1.80
One Bee stand, No. 3Angus M. Wood1.40
One KegHaydon Wilson.37
One large copper KettleGeorge Harper9.10
One fifth chainDavid Wilson1.50
One old Jack screwJohn Coby.41
Lantern and sleve Jacob Cootes.35
2 old saws (?) and drawing knifeHaydon Wilson.25
A lot of Augers and IronGeorge Miller.90
One JugWilliam Miller.48
One dittoAngus M. Wood.50
Two plainesJacob Cootes.19
Amount of sale _________
A sale bill of the personal
property whereof John
Wilson died seized and
possessed, sold at nine
months credit by John
Wilson, Jr., the executor on
the 17th day of Sept. 1847

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