The Wilson Family in Hardy County Records

Collected and submitted by
Sue Wilson

Hardy Co. Wills, 1801-1896 (Probate Records)

Source: LDS Film # 1818539
Henry Wilson 5 Sep 1805
Martha Wilson, wife
John Wilson, son
Thomas Wilson, son
Cranmore Wilson, son
David Wilson, son
Margaret Wilson, dtr
Elizabeth Wilson, dtr
Ann Wilson, dtr
Executors:  John and Thomas Wilson

David Wilson 6 Sep 1805 (P18) Mary Wilson - wife Jacob Wilson, son John Wilson, son George Wilson. son Job Wilson,son Isaac Wilson, son Abel Wilson, son James (or Jesse) Wilson, son Enoch Wilson, son Barbara Wilson, dt. Sarah Wilson, dt. Margaret Wilson, dt. Wit. Jacob Wilkins, Jos Alewall, Jacob Miller Inv. $13,512.65 and lands in Co. of Fairfield and Hardy Co. and in Ohio. Wm. Wilson 9 Sep 1811 (or 1801) Elizabeth (Blackburn? Wilson, wife Benjamin Wilson, son Archibald Wilson, son William Wilson, son John Wilson, son David Wilson, son Solomon Wilson, son James Wilson, son Elizabeth Wilson Claypole, dt Margaret Wilson Ruddle, dt. Moses, Archibald, Jacob Wilson - gr-sons Inv. 9 Jan 1801? $864.46 Charles Wilson 14 Apr 1818 (or 1815) Easter, wife John Wilson, son Charles Wilson, son Isaac Wilson, son Joseph Wilson, son Sarah Wilson, dt Rebecca Wilson Fowler, dt. Rachel Wilson Neff, dt. Jane Wilson Neff, dt. Mary Wilson -dt Wit. John David, Samuel Morral, Wm. Smith Inv. 12 Mar 1816 $463.28 Christian Smith, Peter Radabough, John David Martha Wilson 18 Nov 1825 (or 1826) Moses Wilson, grandson Joseph Wilson 3 Jun 1844 Inventory - $1,112.30 John Wilson - died 6 Sep 1847 (Hall's 3rd great grandfather)**** Susan Wilson, wife John Wilson, son Hayden Wilson., son David Wilson, son Isaac Wilson, son Mary Wilson, dt. - David Wilkins (m. 21 Apr 1820) Scotia Wilson, dt. Rebecca Wilson, dt. Ellen (Eleanor) Wilson, dt. - Joel Chilcott (m. 20 Jan 1822) Nancy Wilson, dt. - Mr. Baker Lydia Wilson, dt. - John Kohn (m. 30 Jul 1832) Sarah Ann Wilson, dt. - Mr. Hulver Susan Wilson , dt. - Mr. Hulver Catherine Wilson, dt. - Mr. Farmuse Amanda Wilson , dt. - Mr. Pergley Ann Wilson - Capon TWP Thos E. Wilson - grandson John W. Wilson - grandson Wit. John Glenn, J.J. Keller Esther Wilson 1 Jul 1850 Chas. Wilson - grandson David M. Wilson - grandson Joseph G. Wilson - grandson Rachael Wilson 3 Sep 1850 Wm. Slater - son Jacob Wilson - son Martha Wilson Wilmer - dtr. Sarah Wilson Mose (or Hose) - dtr David Wilson 5 Jan 1853 Ann Williams, wife Laben Wilson, son Rachael C. Wilson, dt. Eliza Wilson. dt Lydia Wilson Crawford, dt Scottie Wilson Teets, dt. Otilica (or Otila) Wilson Wilson, dt. Wit. John Miller, Hayden Wilson, Isaac Wilson Inv. 4 Jul 1853 $429.24 Wit. John Miller, A..M. Wood, Samuel Harper John Wilson 1 May 1854 $2,096.68 Wit. Isaac Chrisman, Angus M. Wood Moses Wilson 15 Dec 1855 $2,192.24 Charles Wilson 3 Mar 1857 $2300.50 Ann Wilson 30 Nov 1857 $235.83 wit. Angus Wood, Archibald Williams, Abraham Miller Samuel Wilson 6 Jun 1859 $71.89 Wit. Samuel Thomas, Seymour Ballvin?, James Cresf? David Wilson, 1 Mar 1867 (P47 - Book 3) Adalina Wilson, dt. Mary Ann Wilson, dt. Judeah Wilson, dr. Martha Wilson, dt. Ann Wilson, sister. Jacob Wilson 8 Apr 1869 $157.81 - no witnesses Ann Wilson 6 Feb 1871 Capon TWP Thomas Wilson - grandson John W. Wilson - grandson Leah Wilson 25 Apr 1871 Noah wilson, son Frances Wilson Fuller, dt. Wit. Samuel McCauley, Isaac Wilson Laben Wilson 4 Jun 1885 Susan Wilson, wife James Teets Benjamin Heishman Leah Wilson 8 Sep 1897 Lea Keller, son Frances Keller, dtr. Hayden Wilson 23 Apr 1898 (Hall's 2nd great grandfather)(P121)*** Lydia, Wife William H. Wilson, Son John Wilson, Son Jehu Wilson, Son Jacob Wilson, Son Leah Wilson Criggler (dt) Witnesses: John W. Hughman, David W. Teets

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