Hardy County Wills

Will of John Wollard 1809
The copy of John Wollard's will from the will books of Hardy County was submitted by Arleen Craig Ellis and transcribed by Margaret C. Lew.
In the name of God Amen I John Wollard of 
the County of Hardy and State of Virginia being weak in
body but in perfect sence and memory calling to mind the
mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all
men once to die do make and ordain this my last will
and Testament.  And first of all I recommend my body
to the Earth to be buried in a Christian desen burial and my 
soul I submit in the hands of Almighty God that gave it
nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall
receive the same again by the power of Almighty God
and as touching this wordly Estate wherewith it hath
pleased God to bless me with in this life I take dismiss
and dispose of in the following manner and form that is to 
say unto my well beloved wife Margaret Wollard I give and
bequeath all my Estate real personal after all just 
demands are satisfied during her natural life to be at 
her command and dispose and unto my beloved son John
Wollard I gave one part of my land whereon he lives begin-
ning at Gum near State Lick Run and from there a
straight line to Back Creek to a double hicory and pine
marked near the line and he the said John shall pay
sixty pounds the price of the same to his sisters in the
following form after the death of their mother to my
Daughters Mary Smith Christina Shaner Chataranice 
Benjamin Elizabeth Shireman twelve pounds
ten shillings each and to my daughters Susania and 
Magdalania five pounds each and to my beloved son 
Henry Henry (sic) Wollard I give and bequeath the other part 
of my land whereon I now live my wagon and horse
of use of which he shall pay to the above named Su-
sania and Magdalania fifteen pounds each and is
to provide and nourish me and my wife during each
of our natural lifes and to have the use of all my
lands during the time and all personal property after
the decease of us to be equally dividcd between the above
named Susania and Magdalania the said Henry is to have
two years to pay the above thrty pounds after the death of the
said Margaret Wollard and the said John and Henry I make
and ordain the joint Exe. Of this my last will and testament
to carry into effect at the true intent and meaning hereof And 
I do here disallow and disown all other testments wills
bequeaths or whatsoever owning this and no other to be my
last will and testament and in witness hereof I have
hereunto set my hand and this fifteenth day of August
Eighteen hundred and nine
                         John Wollard {seal}
Witness persons
Peter Barbe
Christopher   C   Halterman
John   C   Halterman

[Li---] Paine

     At a court held for Hardy County the 10th day 
of January 1810, This last Will & Testament of John Wollard
and was proved by the Oath of Peter Barbe one of the witnesses
thereto and at another Court continued [--] for the said County
the 14th day of February following the same was further proved
by the oaths of Chrisopher Halterman and John Halterman
two other of the witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded

                    Ed. Williams Clerk

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