Index to the 1930 Census of Sardis District (south)
ED #34  Taken April 1930 by Arwin F Harbert

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

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I’ve done the best I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t be sure
of the initial, I put a __ ) ~ Mariana

Heads of Household only

Page 1A
Rittenhouse, Willis
Gerrard, Thomas __
Swiger, Edmund J
Swiger, Lester O
Southern, Albert
Gerrard, Will
Hammond, Joseph
Southern, Homer E
Bissett, William M
Drummond, John
Page 7A
Hurst, Ira
Ash, James A
McDonald, Otis
Maxwell, Nathan
Ash, Andrew
Hurst, Edward W
Kyle, Harvey
Fittro, Charles
Hurst, Thomas W
Howel, Clarence J
Page 13A
Bachus, Thomas E
Stout, Amanda
Smith, Charley
Flanigan, David A
Dye, William E
Campbell, Luther
Nuzum, Alstorphis J
Hurst, Randolph D
Orr, Edmund D
Wetzel, Wheller
Dean, Fred H
Page 1B
Ash, Clarence
Lindsy, James R
Griffin, James G
Hammond, Delbert
McVicker, Joy W (male)
Rittenhouse, Ashby
Allen, Loyd M
Hammond, Cecil
Ash, Ai P
Robey, Frank
Fortney, Archie
Page 7B
Fittro, Mathew
Estlack, McKinley
Kyle, Benjamin F
Hurst, George
Sandy, Charlie W
Hustead, Delbert
Bungardner, Roy
Hurst, Bennet E
Gaines, Benjamin
Page 2A
Ash, Loyd
Ashcraft, William
Swiger, Archie
Habert, Basil
Murry, Charley
Robinson, James
Ashcraft, Enoch
Ashcraft, Grover
Carter, Tillman F
Coffman, Delbert
Hustead, John F
Page 8A
Harbert, Onel W
Strother, Lloyd
Martin, Sarah
Flowers, Drusila
Flowers, Ashby
Goodwin, James W
Nardelli, Christmas
Nardelli, Toney
Hannah, Ellis
Strother, Marcellus
Moore, Eli
Allen, Golden
Page 13B
Swiger, Henery L
Chrislip, Ashberry
Seders, Amos
Allen, Pearley E
Swiger, Add/Odd
Bates, Clyde
Zinn, Clyde
Ashcraft, Fred M
Ashcraft, Robert L
Page 2B
Hustead, Columbus
Cunningham, Oscar
Cunningham, James
Fortney, Jacob
Griffin, Clark
Bates, Guy
Hustead, Charles
Coffman, Hazel
Pigott, John S
Cottrill, Ruth L
Yates, Allison B
Hustead, Loyd M
Cunningham, Orpha R
Pigott, Russel L
Page 8B
Allen, Ivan C
Strother, French
Bramer, Benjamin S
Linville, T Tomas?
Bramer, Henry
Swiger, Tillman
Hardman, Arthur
Bennly?, John E
Cunningham, Robert
McQuaid, Thurman
Page 14A (Wallace)
Pigott, Otil J
Allen, Stanley
Hustead, Henery A
Allen, Seth H
Heldreth, Rigel?
Hurst, John
Goldsmith, Ira
Rogers, Tillman D
Sprout, Cleta
Baker, Albert
Edgell, Lenna
Kincaid, Andrew J
Wilcox, Charles C
Page 3A
Cunningham, Marion
Heldreth, Willie
Strother, George
Strother, Arden
Schoolcraft, Charles
Hustead, Dallis
Laughery, Joseph
Glover, Dennis
Strother, Oddie
Charcandy?, Andrew 
Page 9A
Smith, Eli S
Newlon, Reno D
Whiteman, Wilson T
Webb, Blaine
Willeston, Marcus J
Dennison, Jennings
Dennison, Manley A
Harbert, Charley
Hannah, Aulden
Swiger, William
Lanham, Samuel R
Davisson, Oril/Orie R
Page 14B  (Wallace)
Ashcraft, Gordon 
Robinson, Victor
Robinson, Richard J
Coffman, Russel L
Estlack, Brent M
Estlack, Flavil S
Robey, Thomas W
Barker, Sanford
Lanham, George B
Shaver, Herman J
Smith, Forest? J
Sturm, Pete
Fair, Galford M
Lambert, Charles E
Roney?, Ralph
Wallace, Scott C
Ashcraft, Chester
Page 3B
Sandy, Roscoe E
Carpenter, Carl
Speriali, Ginlis?
Robey, Frederick E
Sandy, Otto
Bennett, Pages B
Spellman, Glen E
Eston?, Alva L
Adams, Lester?
Allen, Vander?
Jones, Jessie
Swiger, Carl
Page 9B
Bramer, John
Davisson, Edmond
Davisson, Malissa
Davisson, Archie F
Bragg, James
Bragg, Willie
Hutson, George
Hurst, Artist L
Rogers, Melvin J
Page 15A  (Wallace)
Ashcraft, Evertt
Ashcraft, Walter
Belknap, Dewey
Robinson, Ashbery?
Wetzel, Clint B
Swiger, Elmer
Garrett, Mary L
Pigott, Esta
Wallace, Ora
Unger, John W
Shuman, Levy L
Page 4A
Bailey, Harvey
Bunnell, Charles D
Hannah, Elmer
Allen, Nathan D
Francis, Lester
Linville, Benj. F
Coltrane, Glen
Linville, Lyle
Gerrard, Grover E
Strother, John F
Hammond, John J
Page 10A
Davisson, Holbert A
Gifford, John S
Bramer, Abel
Fenton, Carl
Davis, Elmus
Flanigan, Henry
Edgell, Asa L
Bramer, Edgar T
Hutson, Herman
Lynch, Festus
Page 15B  (Wallace)
Harbert, Charles V
Carson, Elizabeth
Benner?, J William
Swiger, Ocie
Smallwood, Carl
Robinson, Anna
Hutson, Dilemma
Dye, Mary S
Ford, Herman D
Bates, Ira F
Evans, John E
White, Lester
Moore, James B
Ashcraft, Victor
Gibson?, Ira C
Dye, George M
Thompson, Richard V
Kemper, Hallie
Page 4B
Carter, Tillman A
Heldreth, John
Swiger, Seldon E
Swiger, John M
Burns, John A
McClain, Archie J
Harbert, Owen T
Gaines, Robert
Gaines, Jason T
Smith, Denzil
Morris, Chester B
Stier, Berton
McDaniel, George W
Davisson, Alexander F
Page 10B
Jones, Henry C
Robinson, Ray
Stewart, Lorna L
Lynch, Virginia A
Cunningham, Cecil W
Dye, Henery
Davisson, George
Cunningham, Carlie C
Romine, James V
Whiteman, Newton A
Cunningham, Kelly J
Copley, James B
Webb, Ulysses G
Page 16A  (Wallace)
Flemming, Oris W
Dye, John W
Adams, Clem F
Cain, William J
Swiger, Cree
Moore, Eliza F
McCoy, James A
Stewart, John A
Chase, Ralph W
Cottrill, Madison H
Cobb, Kent R
Swiger, Commodore S
Page 5A
Goodwin, Clacie?
Bond, Carroll A
Gaines, Gay
Davisson, Alex E
Strother, David
Robinson, Charles D
Thrasher, James L
Brames?, William S
Hurst, George R
Wolfe, Lewis B
Page 11A
Strother, Willie A
Stiers, David W
Flanigan, Samuel T
Dennison, Birchie
Swiger, Ellis
Harbert, Marcus L
Marshall, Robert
Harbert, Noah A
Bramer, Harlan L
Smith, James M
Smith, Eugene
Page 16B  (Wallace)
McKenna, Thomas
Cooper, Charley R
Dennison, Raymond L
Wetzel, Russel
Musgrave, Leroy J
Bates, Jacob E

(End of Wallace Town, 
south of railroad)

Page 5B
Shreves, Emma B
Wilson, Ora/Ira E
Haggerty, Sarah C
Robinson, Odest E
Flowers, Daniel
Hustead, Ardis L
Coffindaffer, Joseph B
Trader, Minor
Hannah, Rose
Glaspell, Russel
Robinson, Oliver
Lanham, James E
Stother, Owen
Page 11B
Allen, Loyd C
Strother, Arnold L
Smith, Silvanus
Hannah, David
Mason, Nathan G
Allen, Simon
Robinson, Lewis
Harman, William
Bates, Donsvan?
Robinson, Shelby
Rable, Danny
Swiger, Cecil
Wright, William
The last family number
on page 16B is #354. 
Page 17A begins with
family #367.  Some of 
the Census is missing. 
The first two names on 
page 17A are:

Ashcraft, Clark son 31y
Ashcraft, Ola F d-i-l  22y 

Page 17A
Ashcraft, Letch
Wear?, John
Cole, Henery F
Shriver, Simeon
Shriver, Dallie D
Swiger, Filmore
Hall, Omar E
Hawkins, Mary E
Sprout, James W
Webb, George
Harbert, William S
Riley, Lillie
Wright, Russel
Starkey, Ervan

Page 6A
Kyle, Samuel
Gaskins, George H
Griffith, Arthur J
Fittro, Walton
Fittro, Willie H
Maxwell, William H
Swiger, Dorsey E
Morrison, Leroy
Flanigan, William T
Page 12A
Swiger, Henery W
Swiger, Eliza J
Mayfield, Van B
Griffin, Bennet
Griffin, George N
Schoolcraft, Hector 
Heldreth, Arlie
Allen, Roy/Ray N
Strother, Ai
Allen, Chester
McDaniel, Mervin
Rogers, Willie H
Rogers, Emory E S
Barker, Dewey
Page 17B
Pitts, James
Swiger, Benjamin B
Holbert, Bee
Mayfield, Ira
Swiger, Henery W
Swiger, William E
Cottrill, Ralph
Hoover, Homer
Page 6B
Gaines, Sevilla
Maxwell, David I
Maxwell, George E
Fittro, Elsworth
Smith, Charles D
Smallwood, Malissia?
Flanigan, Zina E
Lynch, Emmett
Layfield, John R
Hurst, Fleming
Page 12B
Fenton, John W
Watkins, Otto
Bennett, John
Bennett, Walter
Watkins, Layfayette
Davis, Thomas L
Loy, William E
Loy, Rezin B
Loy, John A
Harbert, Hallie
Bachus, John

Page 18A
Sylvester, Edna
Richards, Jess
Fowler, Burton? J
Jenkins, Samuel E
Roberts, William
Swiger, Loyd

End of Sardis ED #34

This information is copyrighted 2002
Mariana Zuelsdorf

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