Index to the 1930 Census of Union District ED #17-42
Town of West Milford
Taken April 1930 by Napoleon B Fenell

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

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I’ve done the best I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t sure of the initial,
I put a __.  I have not corrected any spelling errors in the Census) ~ Mariana

Heads of Household only

Page 1A
Ford, Charles L
Vanhorn, George W
Vanhorn, Jay
Titchnell, Bertha
Morano, Sam
Wiseman, Norval
May, C W
Wiseman, Henry G
Henderson, Ruth
Wiseman, Vance
Kelley, Albert

Page 1B
White, Clarence
Williams, J N
Henline, Wordis?
Butcher, Eunice
Griffith, Charles S?
Arbogast, Andrew J
Perry, Lewis
Femia, Joe
Morsie?, John
Cross, Thomas

Page 2A
Bragg, Hazel
Mitchell, William L
Mitchell, Dan C
Junkins, William
Humphrey, L G
Mitchell, Rohema C
Ridgeway, A F
Leyfield, Wesley
Murray, Mary
Cunningham, Barbara
White, Merle
Titchnell, Charles
Clarke, E C

Page 2B
Vore, James Chester
Lantz, Lessie
Walbeck, Dale
Guinn, Reily M
Morris, L E
Everson, J R
Baker, Erlow
Jurcak, Anton
Butcher, Joe
Cook, A T

Page 3A
Moran, W O
Moran, Otis
Treebo, John
Behensky, George
Hitterman, Grover
Hitterman, Grover (Jr?)
Bumgardner, Gay/Guy
Fowler, William
Henderson, James A
Gulas, Julius
Waldeck, Boyd B

Page 3B
Cowgill, Thomas J
Stuck, William E
Bailey, Guy V?
Price, John S
Everson, Thomas H
McConkey, Clyde
Owens, Clayton
Owens, Leonard
Edwards, Marwood?
Strother, Jess F
Waldeck, Albert
Kramer, C D M
Chipps, Earl
Zebley, J C?

Page 4A
Moneypenny, L A
Hasbe, John
Shaw, Orval
Oliverio, Salvania?
Howell, Fred
Wolverton, Richard P
McCormick, Jennie
Taylor, Lucy
Scott, Archie
Stout, Okey
Mawyer?, Palmer W?

Page 4B
Hall, Roy C
Cowgill, Bryon
Waller/Haller, Curtis A
Gaskins, Vance E
Ridgeway, Allen
Nutter, Thomas F
Davis, Mingo
Custer, Charles T
Seti, Dominick
Manard, Tony
McAtee, Len?
Watson, John I

Page 5A
Daughterty, Theodore
Meckey, William
Cottle, Samuel
McAtee, Bert
Baginsky, Sara
Murphy, Joe
McAtee, James
Grady, J W
McAtee, Nancy
Ashcraft, Maud
Hupp, John
Phillips, Jesse
Murphy, Eli

Page 5B
McAtee, Harry
Custer, Virginia B
Weekley, Ellis F
Cain, Herbert E
Cain, George
Dawson, Guy D
Facemire, Guy M
Ferrell, R C
Femia, Samuel
Reynolds, Oscar
Warner, George
Harris, Major?
Pritchard, Cleyon?
Wood/Woods, Bernard

Page 6A
Moore, Calvin
Siegrist, John
Stewart, Charles
Nutter, Arch
Corley, G E?
Scott, William
Edwards, John
Pritchard, P M
Chamberlain, Phillip
Wagner, S H

Page 6B
Graham, Thomas H Jr
West, Brooks A?
Davis, Forney
Armour, Rebecca
Miller, J W
Roush, Jonas
Pepperman, Susie
Smith, James E
Sandy, Sara E
Phares, Charles B
Martin, Foster L
Smith, Annie
Tricot, Ewdore
Fickman?, Fred

Page 7A
Hill, Clifford R
Forester, Ulysses G
Myer, George H?
Cather, A A
McClure, F K
LeMasters, Thomas
Wilson, Aaron
Garrett, William
Wolfe, John B
Moore, Jacob
Spangler, Manford B
McGinnis, Wilbur W
Martinez, Emanuel G
Smith, Ralph Earle
McVaney, John

Page 7B
Sandy, Benjamin
Smith, Archie
Grady, William
Marguess, Eddie
Ferguson, Aubrey E
Gains, Charles H
Grizzle, Richard S
Lockard, Marvin G
Wilson, William F
Leffler, Manuel
Davisson, Stephen L
Lemons, R C
Stout, Tena P
Gladden, Forrest R
Smith, Fannie E

Page 8A
Smith, Samuel J?
Wilson, Illinois
Drummond, Alston Jr
Harpold, Luther
Lottier, Lottie
Lee, Allen
Simmons, Alexander
Bigelow, George L
Brinkley, Okey
Wilson, Holway?
Smith, Harry?

Page 8B
Howard, Laine?
Johnson, J W
Lyon, C B
Smith, A J
Post, Hirum O
Stevens, Sylva C
Samuel, Max
Morgan, C O
Snyder, John A
Loeffler, William J
Ladriere, Emile
Conrad, Charles J
Harrison, Charles R
Eichert?, Theodore

Page 9A
Bromley, David S
McDaniel, F M
Wolfe, Jemima
Harris, James E
Strother, Ray L
Jenkins, James A
Bachelor, Harley F
Renshaw, Ray
Flory, Gertrude
Harrison, A C Jr
Friedleuder?, S
Biggers, William F
Rosen, George
Randolph, Emmet R
Britt, Flora
Renshaw, Della

Page 9B
Leggett, Mary G
Virgie, W V
Finley, Bertha
Bailey, M A
Wilson, Mark D
Villers, A C
Perry, L F
Rolland, Albert
Smith, John
Strother, Edgar E
Hartman, Joseph J
Barrick, Glenn
Ford, Estel
McClung, Greta?

Page 10A
Brown, C A
Copenhaver, Adam
Amsler, L F Jr
Shingleton, C E
McAtee, Albert
Rollins, Joe
Palmier, Samuel
Simmerman, Clarence
Long, George H?
Ragr, Petro
Hanter, Samuel
Garrett, Earl
Harris, Ralph

Page 10B
Lynch, Kemper C
Johnson, Roscoe
Burr, Molly
Courtney, G W
Strother, R B
Stuart, Agnes C
Godfrey, R Wilson
Laffey, Timothy
Shaver, J Stephen
Shunk, Blanch
Bain, Clayton
Callicoat, Ortha
Woodford, Ona
Johnson, Bernard
Norman, Richard H

Page 11A
White, John M
Baker, Orval R?
Jeffers, Nanny
Wycoff, Elden D
Cottrill, Dorener
Clapsaddle, May
Cozad, Lula
LeMasters, Rose E
Martin, George
Cottrill, Beatrice
Hankey, David B
Shaffer, W W
Alman, Howard

Page 11B
Phillips, Viola
Keough, John F
McCloud, John
McMillan, Dorsey I?
Kelley, Horace G
Miller, Ray/Roy R
Lyons, Leo
Osborne, A Campbell
Goldsmith, Mary
Orr, Lenerna?
Collins, Elmer H
Walden, Joseph W

Page 12A
Siegrist, Ora E
Thompson, Garold J
Moran, W W
Cross, Thomas
Freze, Charles
Hill, William H
McKinley, Henry J
Goff, Clay H
Ramsey, Raymond
Clemm, Britt
Boomer, J H
Kelley, Grace

End of district


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