Index to the 1930 Census of Union District ED #17-42
Town of West Milford
Taken April 1930 by Napoleon B Fenell

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

(Use your “find” or “search” options to find the surnames you are looking for.
I’ve done the best I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t sure of the initial,
I put a __.  I have not corrected any spelling errors in the Census) ~ Mariana

Heads of Household only

Page 1A
Cox, Ray
Cunningham, Ben
Yoho, Marion
Ward, Benson L
Wharten, Norman
Crouser, Jessie L
Ward, Porter W
Williams, Icie
Steel, George D
Lasher, Alexander
Douglas, John 
Beachler, John

Page 1B
Nealy, Hamil? E
Davis, Wilson E
Day, Frank
West, Thomas
Haddox, Harbins?
Philops, Jessie L
McElfresh, James E
Winden, Cary
Tolbert, Bentie?
Past/Part, James
Lynch, George
Yohe?, Robert G

Page 2A
Denham, John
Vanhorn, William B
Stevenson?, George W
Dawson, James
Ayers, (illegible)
Farris, Ed M
Harris, Thomas G
Sturms, Nettie
Goldsburrow*, Frank
Sutton, Asher J
McClual?, William J
Gum, Emory

Page 2B
Reed, Whitfield B
Life, Marthy
Ward, George
Lauther*, George
Moffat, Rases?
Lea?, William 
Winden, Rosan?
Winden, Earl
Post/Past, Ruhama
Post/Past, Frank
Holmes, Charles
Lynch, Charles W
Holden, Emma
Cox, James R


Page 3A
Sinclair, Gary
Highland, Scot? G
Highland, Maggie
Senilaw?, Nancy
Romnil/Romine, Thomas J
Smith, Robert R
Lash, Sherman?
Highland, Wade

Page 3B
Highland, Kenneth
West, Fred B
Brooks, Holbert
Hickim*, Allis/Allie M
Morrison?, George W
Past/Post, Thomas?
Flayed*, Samuel S
Benet?, Ernest?
Bonnell?, Alex?
Means?, Hubert?
Fox, Lemuel?
Carter, John
Fandial?, Hary B

Page 4A
Vanhorn, Consance?
Windon, Farlance?
Bell, Truman P?
Ladway?, Mary
Hoff, Susan D
Kennady, Wiliam C
Wright, Asil
Sharps, William?
Sinclair, Virgil
Windom, William?
Robison, John
Ayers, Jack/Josh F?
Davison, Lucy

I’m sorry for all the 
uncertain given 
This was a very 
difficult Census to 
read  because of both 
the spelling and the 
handwriting.  If I was 
certain of a particular 
surname, I put in (* )
       ~ Mariana


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