1930 Census of Grant District, Harrison County,
West Virginia ED 31

Taken April 1930 by Mrs. Mary Matheny
Heads of Household Only

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

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I’ve done the best I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t be sure
of the initial, I put a __ ) ~ Mariana

Mt Clare Town
Page 1A
(Matheny Addition)
Mills, Ralph J
Dawson, Aaron G
Thompson, Lafette
Conner, Howard
Matheny, Frank -?
Starkey, Orris
Thompson, Lee
Cunningham, Lettie
Starkey, John H
Thompson, Claud
Hacey, Marion F

Page 1B
(Matheny Hollow)
Dye, Virginia
Harlan, Daisey 
Fros, Robert
Barnes, Guy
Tucker, Dennis
Palmer, David
(Alpha Addition)
Johnson, Oakie
Slate, Nick
Lamb, Angus -?
Lamb, Anges Jr

Page 2A
(Alpha Addition)
Rowe, Frank
Farley, John
Farley, Louis
Murphy, Annie
Bragg, Samuel
Groves, Irvin
Miller, John
Wagner, Fred
Shaw, Newton
Rhinehart, Lee

Page 2B
(Alpha Addition)
Combs, Luther
Moor, James
Wine, Florence
Yackquint, Dominic
Wash, Pasco
Wash, John
Romano, Russel
Bragg, Lloyd
Romano, Rock

Page 3A
(Alpha Addition)
Rouch, Wesley A
Carr, Harry C
Bonnell, John
Murray, Samuel
Hartley, John Sr
Hartley, John W
Hartley, Linton
Hartley, Hobert
Cotrill, Jerome F
Rowell/Powell, Mary
Kittle, Mary

Page 3B
Mike, James
Hawkins, Oma
Whitsell, Bruce
Simon, Earnest
Syrain, Sam
Gower, Grover
Wagner, Dorsey/Darsey

Page 4A
Whetsell, Dave
Whetsell, George
Malindajak, John
Woodcore?, George
Murphy, James
Murphy, Preston
Bragg, Charley
Bragg, Robert L
Wagner, John
Hardman, Clint
Gaston, William A
Pluto, John
Henline, James H

Page 4B
(Hutchinson Addition)
Nay, Lenore
Davis, John
Everetts, Ed
Gingiel, Mike
Johnson, Robert L
Mano, Joe
Koch/Kock, Thomas
Miller, William G
Mitchell, Homer

Page 5A
(Hutchinson Addition)
McGraw, Clyde
Perry, Tony
Stutler, Dennis
Welch, George
Marue, Jimmie
Sperance, Tony
Crawford, William
Laurie, Dominic

Page 5B
(Hutchinson Hollow)
Starr, Edward
McAtee, Ray
Snyder, William
Owens, Arney
Shaffer, Calvin L
Miller, Archie
Wilburn, Norman
Wright, Charley
Greaver, Harry

Page 6A
(Hutchinson Hollow)
Musgrave, Gilbert
Starr, Clyde
Bacevick, Tony
Naylar, Warren
Harris, Fred
Franks, John T
Williams, Benjamine
Keater, Hearld (sic)
Davis, John
Popovich, Steve

Page 6B
(Hutchinson Hollow)
Trevison, George
McAtee, Robert
Starr, Hoyt
Toothman, Harry
Swingle, Mary
Rosa, Nick
(Mt Clare [Car Stop])
Mihick, Fred
Coffman, Clark G
Price, Novel?
Smith, Archie
Matheny, Joseph
Riggs, Worthy
Gregary?, Elias
Petitto, Antonio

End of Mt Clare Town

Page 7A
Hodkins, Susan
Blake, William
Robinson, Presly B
(Fort Clark)
Cogis, Pete
Edmonde, George
Dodd, Lawrence
Stout, Sarah A
Stout, French
Bohn, Sam

Page 7B
(Bond Summit)
Swiger, Austin
Boyles, Carl
Stout, Jessie C
Dean, Perry
(Town of Lost Creek begins)
(Traction Line)
Harnor, William
Vanhorn, Herbert C
Webb, Edith
Hyre, Charles
Holden, Charles
Proudfoot, George
Murphy, Albert
Queen/Iveen?, Rezin
Douglass, Fred

Page 8A
(Traction Line)
Spencer, Martha
Regester, Frank
Romine, Theodore
James, William
Reed, Orson
Westfall, Bud
Ward, John
(Main Highway)
Allmare, Emory
Greathouse, Arthur
Past/Post, Bledcort?

Page 8B
(Main Highway)
Vanhorn, Leslie
Bassell, Alvin
Past, Edward L
Swisher, Claude
Douglass, Warren
Fogg/Frogg, Homer
Yost, Bell
Starrick, Lindsy
Paugh, Loney
Stealey, Haymond
Cookman, John M
Bates, W
Davis, William
Hardway, Jacob A
Swisher, Lloyd
Maxwell, Nancy

Page 9A
(South End)
Johnson, William
White, Zacahria (sic)
White, Jim I
Thomas, Thomas
Combs, Henry
Ferllman?, Berkley J
Cartright, Mary
Mount, Mable Lavina?
Prince, George
Toms, Charles
Bassel, Steven
Lauria, John

Page 9B
(South End)
Groves, Margaret
Flannigan, Columbia
Randolph, William
Kennedy, Wilson
Stout, Russel R
Adams, Grover
Snyder, -choman
Adams, Arthur
(End of Lost Creek Town)
(Weston Road)
Rector, Jarret N
Edwards, George
Davisson, Floris

Page 10A
(Weston Road)
Boyles, Richard
Curry, Manley
Wagoner, Jesse
McWharter, Don
McWharter, John C
Miller, Fred B
West, Araminta
West, Eldo?
(McWharter Town-west side)
McWharter, Iden
Barret, Charley
Ellisberg, Ellis E
Matick, John

Page 10B
(McWharter Town-west side)
Gillespi, Leason R
McWharter, Nathan
Henline, Ellen
Crack, (none given)
Sims, Susan
Prince, Thad
Curtis, Jean R
Fitzpatric, Walter
Cooper, Andrew
Morrison, Edward

Page 11A
(McWharter Town-west side)
Morris, George
Prince, Floyd
Rogers, Jess A
Ellis, William
McWhorter, William
Wagoner, Olie
Zarbaugh, Cloyce
Ashcraft, Luther
Sands, Frederick
Nutter, Okie

Page 11B
(McWharter Town-west side)
Lough, Susie
Woofter, Gulielme
Harris, Okie
Halterman, Willis
Halden, Frances (male)
Ocheltree, Oscar
Jacobs, Okey J
Thompson, Charley
Nolan, Dudley
Bartlette, Lauder
Hardman, Ivlon?

Page 12A
(McWharter Town-Weston Road)
Lawson, Martha
Davis, Orlando
End of McWharter Town
(Duck Creek Road)
Moffet, Mary E
Duty, James
Wagner, Alvin
Moffet, Nathan
Bailey, Howard
Cheveront, Pauline
Windon, Frank
Windon, John

Page 12B
(Duck Creek Road)
Windon, Marguerite
Windon, Wilson
Hickman, Wilbur
McKonkey?, James
Ward, Worthy
Myers, Dorsey
Strother, Jackson
Malcomb, Fred
Ward, Martin S
Wilson, Carl
Smith, Alexander
Harvey, William
Gaston, Flora

Page 13A
(Duck Creek Road)
Thompson, Arthur
Gaston, George
Young, Jennie
Goodwin, Cleophus
Edmonds, Everett
Gaston, Wade
Smith, John B
Smith, Edward S
Smith, Floyd
Mezzeiz, Frank
Snyder, William
Miklich, Jasper
McWhorther, Albert

Page 13B
(Duck Creek Road)
Smith, Cecil B
Duncan, Joe/Jol
Sandy, Nora
(Wires Run)
Gains, Harley
Robinson, John
Freeman, Thomas
Smith, John D

Page 14A
(Wires Run)
Wilkes, Albert
(Browns Creek Road)
Harter, Laura J
Harter, Eddie
Weekly, Charles
(Teeny Lick Road)
Nutter, Albie G
Cheveront, Charles
Vanscoy, Ray
Vanscoy, John
Washburn, Helen
Yuckey?, Harper
Washburn, Charles H?
Patton, India

Page 14B
(Branch of Duck Creek)
Morrison, Thomas
Goldsmith, Arthur
Butcher, Everett
Burkhamer, Ernest
(Bens Run)
Law, Mary
(Davissons Run)
Edwards, Howard
Davisson, Harety (sic)
Davisson, Charley
Gifford, William
Rice, Claud
Kennedy, Gordon
Lease, May
Carder,William A
Carder, Fred

Page 15A
(Davisson Run)
Vanhorn, Newton J
Lyall, Jerry
Hall, Okey
Neville, Sam
Casey, Alby
(Horse Run)
Donohew, James
Smith, Della
(Stove Pot Run)
Sprouse, Haddler?
Stout, Onie
Stout, Clarence
Stout, Emory
McDonald, John

Page 15B
(Stove Pot Run)
Wright, Philip
(State Hwy US 19)
Sommerville, Wade
Hughes, Howard
Hughes, William
Hardman, Charles
Flinn, Clark C
Southern, Sam
Edgley, Noah
Edwards, Clarence
Edwards, Doc
Clevenger, Dorsey

Page 16A
(State Hwy US 19)
Smith, Charles
(Midway Addition)
Hoff, Samuel
Oxer, Alvin
Morris, Adrian
Queen, Gilbert
Steel, George
(Good Hope Community)
Montgomery, George

Page 16B
(Lost Creek Road)
Vanhorn, Harvey
Beveridge, Vernon
Swisher, Marion
Azelvander, Elec?
Small, Ada
Barns, George
Davis, Nannie
Dye, Lon
Wright, Albert
Karsnekik, John
Egart, Frank
Weekley, Warren

Page 17A
(Lost Creek Road)
Yambick, John
Convertene, Joe
Keener, Lee
Cogar, Eskridge
Smith, Carl
Scalise, Pete
Bannish, John
Yazurtz, George

Page 17B
(Lost Creek Road)
Paintiff, William
Paintiff, Walter
Iaquinto, Sam
Chapman, Raymond
Taylor, Brooks
Brown, Ina
Sheets, Sam
Fox, Shelby
Casto, William
Swick, Farliy (sic)
Young, Lee E
Root, John
Rector, James E

Page 18A
(Lost Creek Road)
Wright, Charly E
Bond, Thomas M
Young, Mabel
Croy, Jack
Wolfe, Virginia
Randolph, Halcyon
Thornberry, Opal
Monday, Harry
Hall, Earl
Sheets, Arthur
Wright, Lewis
West, Judson
Lee, Mabel

Page 18B
(Lost Creek Road)
Bond, Orville
Kennedy, Allie
Kennedy, John
Thornberry, Rachel
Daugherty, William
West, Ambrose J
Barnett, Walter
Criss, Altis J
Ayers, John G
(Bond Road)
Vanhorn, James
Curry, John
(Ellis Road)
Ellis, George
(Mt Clare)
Holcomb, Leeta

Page 19A
(Hutchensons Hollow)
Pishner, Alexander
(Lost Creek Town)
Simons, Earl
Harris, Robert
Rice, Goff
Duck Creek Road)
Smith, Edward
McIntyre, Dolph
Wilson, Martha
(Branch of Duck Creek)
Hagerty, George
(Stone Post Run)
Kettle, Guy
(family numbers end at 404)

Page 19B
No entries

(family numbers begin at 415)
Page 20A
(Hickory Flat Run)
Bond, Peter
Law, James W
Wymer, Albert
Frazier, Homer
Wymer, Earl
Cronin, Richard
Ranesburg, Lewis

End of ED #31