Index to the 1930 Census of Eagle District
ED #26, Lumberport Town
Taken April 1930 by Mrs. Emma Stackpole

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

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I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t sure of  the i
nitial, I put a __.  I have not corrected any spelling
errors in the Census ~ Mariana

Heads of Household ONLY

Page 1A
Repass, James A
Skidmore, Edwin H
Alkire, Doyle A
Hanaw, Julius
Ober, Edwin __
Criss, Samuel C
Chesson, John J
Watkins, Odus B
Whitman, Orvil D
Shreves, James C
Hardesty, Harmon D
Dodd, James E
Harrison, Fenton B

Page 1B
Hess, Elizabeth
Harbert, Noah M
Harter, George W
Pethhtel?, John V
Lindsay, Luther C
Vincent, Locke D
Hewitt, George A
Grogg, Alva W
Jefferies, James E
Swiger, Corl/Carl A
Booth, Eugene

Page 2A
Zinn, Ervin S
Koon, Isaac C
Coffman, George F
Robinson, Charlie
Edgell, James C
Flowers, Boyd C
Ogden, William F
Bayless, Wilson C
Powell, Roscoe P
Kerappe?, Samuel O
Holt, Meredith J

Page 2B
Wilson, Nelson N
Kroley, Mike
Stiers, Ferd
McIntyre, Fred R?
Vickers, George
McCrutcheon, John
McKee, Albert

Page 3A
Barker, William
Snodgrass, Frank S
Wright, Argil B
Wise, Samuel S
Duty, Alf C
Crecikshank, Dwight
Smith, Mattie M
Quinn, Owen
Swiger, William P

Page 3B
Muster, Arlie F
Sprout, George W
Hayhurst, Lee R
Hayhurst, Clarence
Moore, George L
Parson, Calvin J
Purdue, Rebecca
Hupp?, William A
Ashcraft, Ed F
Bryan, Charles E

Page 4A
Craig, Jason H
McKinney, Oliver C
Swiger, Joe
Gallaher, Asa B
Copenhaver, Russell 
Kapis, Mike
Knight, Obevle?
Talkington, Cleminy
Bates, Clarence __
Harbert, Emory S
Wagner, Mike J

Page 4B
Sprout, Earon F
Corbin, Frank
Bowers, James H
Boggess, Mary F
Stier, Frank E
Moore, Floyd M
Moore, Sarah
Sprout, Guy O
Nay, Thomas
Smith, Albert M

Page 5A
Shreve, Paul P
Shreves, James F
Powers, Alva S
Donley, Benejamine
Sprout, Henry J
Shreves, Clarence
Riblett, Jennie M
Swisher, Daniel M
Dean, Andrew
McIntyre, Robert L
Varca, Samuel C
McDonald, Ernest
Coltrane, Joseph M
Dean, Warder
Cross, Clair E

Page 5B
Lawis?, Lawrence
Shreves, Charles
Frankhause, Clell N
Secreto, John B
Secreto, Antonio
Stier, Colonel E
Griffin, Charles C
Foreman, Arthur B
Brooks, Clinton G
Satterfield, Robert B
Jett, Ida L
Stout, Lessie

Page 6A
Burke, John L
Hamilton, Mack A
Lewis, John T
Stackpole, Enious C
Griffin, Ellis E
Oyster, Lamar C
Margret, William __
Tiano, Sam
Shawhan, John
Work, James
Angotti, Samuel
Work, Paseo
Hurst, Jesse

Page 6B
Leasure, James M
Margret, George R
Alkire, Earl A
Schaffner, Herbert J
Swearingham, Jasper?
Long, Russell
Butler, Walter J
Hines, Osborne H
Cunningham, John J
Bowers, James __
Robinson, Golden P
Dawson, William S

Page 7A
Dawson, Pearle
Foutty, Clerance
Mahoney, David
Phillips, Crawford
Swiger, Freeman
Temblin, Albert
Hall, Arland B
Wadsworth, John W
Stansberry, Luther
Williams, Velva G
Williams, Frank
Little, William
Swiger, Fannie A
Harter, John L
Thorn, Arlie H

Page 7B
Martin, Arling R
Strother, Salvester P
Wright, Thomas B
Stackpole, Birchie
Cramer, Jack H
Longwell, Charles F
Yeater, Ray L

Page 8A
Harbert, Chester C
Ogden, Paul G
Dye, Ray
Venmarie, Joseph
Davis, Clyde A
Pedgainey, George
Willis, Elizabeth
Nigh, Edward G
Ayers, Benjamin

Page 8B
Knox, Carl
Evans, Lloyd
Johnson, Lloyd S
Swiger, William A
Schrader, Virgil
Quickle, Oley C
Work, Tony
Fileppo, Caliste

Page 9A
Nutter, Cecil
Oliverio, Sam B
Terango, Sam B
Tonqinto, Sam B
Lopez, John
Bankhead, Thomas
Taylor, Ersal C
Robinson, Gail
Woodfield, John M

Page 9B
Stackpole, Lotus R
Cambric, Gordon
Fenton, John A
Mick, Robert S
Vincent, Ingle F
Scott, Claud G
Lawson, Mary C
Zirkle, Stanley
Shreves, Lester C
Hedrick, Lester
Horner, Vance L

Page 10A
Yost, Richard O
Fortney, Ernest D
Keller, Jos. J
Luptroni, Lui
Cameron, John E
Lanham, Ondas
Winans, Charles
Ice, Orland B
Mathews, Carl E
Flowers, James J
Robinson, William
Gorby, Guy G
Preston, Charles W
Moore, Walter L

Page 10B
Lawler, Truman
Horner, James H
Parks, Ben F
Nunley, Phillip S
Brown, Quilla E
Crimm, Charles
Robey, George H
Lindsey, James F
Eskew, Charles
Bailey, Claude
Smith, John W

Page 11A
Knight, Hubert
Goodwin, Clerance
Dennison, Worthy
Kelly, Hirum G
McCracken, Harry
Hudson, Ted
Kellison, Arizona
Rice, Harrison R
Manning, Brice E

Page 11B
Harbert, Homer L
Johnston, Charles A
Knight, Truman
Swiger, John D
Shreve, Ray O
Horner, Flora E
Crim, John M
Fortney, John L
Smith, Kempette? M
Calisti, Phillip
Bumbaugh, H___? L
Umphrey, Samuel
Gray, Anthony

Page 12A
Hess, Henry C
Sarten, Okla R
Sharp, Amos B
Griffin, Edward C
Alfred, Carl G
Manear, Fountain
Straight, Jacob W
Kelly, Sarah E
Griffin, Loyd D
Robinson, Wayman
Steven, Harly? J

Page 12B
Wagner, Lloyd B
Robinson, Emma Z?
Romine, Etta S
Lindsy, William A
Reynolds, George F
Law, Minter B
Stark, Paul B
Hannah, John B
Smith, Millard F
Vanhorn, May
Nay, Joseph H
Nay, Herbert D
Watkins, Luther C
Anderson, Clark
Charles, Charles E

Page 13A
Robinson, Samuel
Heldreth, Curtis
Griffin, Mary S
Lindsey, George F
Swiger, Charles R
Hall, Harmer P
Martin, Isaac
Hall, Palmira
Stout, Jacob R
Lawlis, Ray

Page 13B
Carn, Paul A
Harbert, Virgil R
Knight, Jefferson H
Weekley, Harrison
Odell, Lovell D
Richardson, Edwin U?
Rogers, Spray
Swiger, Omar W
Monroe, Lauton E
Monroe, Emory F
Ather, John D

End of Eagle District #26

Page 14A name added to Census sheet by Enumerator
Hammer, Walter P


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