Index to the 1930 Census of Eagle District ED #28
Taken May 1930 by Emory F Monroe

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

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I’ve done the best I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t sure of the initial,
I put a __.  I have not corrected any spelling errors in the Census) ~ Mariana

Heads of Household only

Page 1A
Shreve, William A
Murray, Hershal
Heldreth, Benjamin
Stark, Russell C
Robinson, Ransler G
Harbert, John C
Harbert, Charles S
Luther, Zirkle
(Zirkle, Luther)

Page 1B
Dennison, Ailey W
Rogers, Lewis C
Moore, Lonnie
Nay, John W
Hustead, Lloyd S
Boggess, Charles A
Boggess, Chelsea S
Pitts, Elias L
Barker, Goldie M
Lowe, A Wesley
Moore, James M

Page 2A
Shreve, Vincent W
Robinson, Delbert G
Swiger, Hoddie E
Rogers, Curtis R
Martin, Wilda J
Allen, William G
Robinson, Brently L
Coffman, Phiffs W
Martin, Charles H
Pigott, Mary F
Rogers, F Harl?


Page 2B
Stark, Gideon M
Lyon, Sylvester
Buck, Ellsworth
Baker, Charles
Edgell, Wesley C
Michael, Iris R
Baker, Jefferson
Fluharty, William M M
Lowe, Henry C
Lowe, Philip S
Lowe, Andrew C
Gifford, Tillman A
Ashcraft, Steven V

Page 3A
Webb, George W
Starkey, Enoch
Copenhaver, David E
Stewart, Spencer M
Bennett, Floyd A
Ashcraft, John B
McDougal, Gordon
Duncan, Arlie C
McDougal, Deward B
Shriver, Daisie B

Page 3B
Shriver, Orie E
Baker, Aubrey
Copenhaver, James E
Shaw, Edward B
Shrader, Lorenza D
Moore, Effie D
Kerns, Joseph C
Hall, Dola B
Rogers, Arles Q
Dawson, William L
Williams, Lloyd
Fogg, Anna


Page 4A
Heldreth, Carl
Pulliman, O Cecil
Harvey, Charles
Morris, Lola D
Koon, Carlett J
Dawson, James H
Griffin, William O
Robinson, Dallie D
Ashcraft, Dallie D
Robinson, Ralph D
Looman, Rose

Page 4B
Hess, Okey R
Ashcraft, Roy C
Robinson, Inez
Murphy, Edward
Eliott, Susan F
Halfenny, Charles F
Halfenny, James S
Bock, John W
Hayhurst, Gail W
Robinson, Cary L

Page 5A
Robinson, Denzil L

End of Eagle District ED #28

This information is copyrighted 2002
Mariana Zuelsdorf

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