Index to the 1930 Census
Tenmile District ED #40
Taken April 1930 by Frank E Davis

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

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I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t sure of the
initial, I put a __.  I have not corrected any spelling
errors in the Census ~ Mariana

Heads of Household

Page 1A
Dakon, Stillman
Dakon, James W
McGarry, Wert E
James, Albert C
James, Austin
James, Guy
Davis, Noah L
Stutler, Darsy A
Nutter, Russell C
Emerson, Ray
Hurst, Eula
Williams, H S
Lynch, Susie

Page 1B
Dennison, Gaylord
Swiger, Aubry L
Williams, James C
Cunningham, Dan
Reynolds, Frank
Hollister, Charles T
Moran, Alphoes
Veith, Oliver
Anvil, Emery B
Butler, Stanley C

Wolf Summit

Page 2A
Meek, George W
Goff, Arza A
Waller, Nina M
Marrs, Daniel W
Baker, Clifford
Kimmell, Totten
Anderson, John
Bee, Rebbeca (sic)
Sayers, Denzel
Boord, Hazel
Gloss, Harry
Shahan, Harry K?
Myres, Jesse K?

Page 2B
Swiger, Bree A
Beatty, Ulissis
Roppers, William
Snider, Leat? H
Shelbaer, William W?
Cashdollar, Clyde
Merryman, Chas D
Ramage, Frances
Stroup, Henry R

Page 3A
Freeman, Arley
Freeman, Clarence
Wright, Earl/Carl?
Davis, Samuel K
Hurst, Hurbert R
Locke, Archie E
Harris, Charles
Skidmore, Lloyd
Dye, Harrison
Bee, Owen

Page 3B
Pitts, Martin R
Shafer, Ulissis
Pitzer, John
Flowers, Ingaby
Jennings, Andrew
Bates, Glenn H
Donlenlan?, William
Hurst, Glenn D
Mill, Rapbel?

Page 4A
Williams, Morrell S
Williams, Lee
Burnside, Arnett
Pitts, Talmage
Turner, Noah C?
Marritt, Alva

End of Wolf Summit

Page 4A cont.
Bartlett, Vanburen
Fultz, Loyd
Tompson, Cleveland
Frencham?, Robert

Page 4B
Hurst, William
Turner, Harvey
Pitts, Riley W
Mills, Joseph A
Cox, James A
Merriman, Loyd
Armour, Doris?  (male)
Bradka, Henry
Criss, Cashel __?
Roach, Hayward

Page 5A
Swiger, Eli
Thomas, Harry
Moore, Burgess
Golden, John E
Young, William W
Vincent, Tony? T
Norman, Mary S
Stickel, Chas T
Thompson, Ira G
Nutter, Ori B
Nutter, Homer

Page 5B
Nutter, Ross
Blake, William
Goldsmith, Edward
Stutler, Robert F
Brown, George
Barber, Mary
Bacbridge, Sherman?
Merritt, Ward
Merritt, George

Page 6A
Furner, Oda
Furner, Virgil
Furner, Harold
Fultz, Martin J
Myers, Walter
Myers, J M
Hustead, William
Givens, Oathie J
Williams, Homer
Myres, Bresle?
West, Russell G
Williams, Mary F
Hurst, Martha B

Page 6B
Myres, Ralph H
Halterman, W G
Goodwin, Granville
Hursey, Clarence H
Hurst, Homer
Stout, Glen? D
Stutler, Orie L
Hurst, U G
Hurst, Oliver
Heater, George
Williams, Madline
Cottrill, Homer
Williams, W T

Page 7A
Stonestreet, William
Cottrill, Ralph
Johnson, Harry
Hurst, Martin Van Buren
Brooks, Harry A
Moore, Owen
Knight, William B
Harting, Timothy
Flowers, Beverly L
Williams, Fred M
Barnes, Shirley
Rumble, Dipdanie
Stonestreet, Elexander
Glolckner?, Andrew

Page 7B
Layfield, James E
Bennett, William E
Dennison, Ed W
Davis, Blair X
Riley, William T

Bristol (town)

Page 7B cont.
Billingslea, Cephas
Boyce, John L
Nickolas, Alfred
Fox, Tice
Flanagan, Harry W
Timblin, Paul
Bumgardner, H O
Hickman, Marol?

Page 8A
Varner, Hazel
Hursey, Cassel E
Davisson, Gilbert
Fletcher, Arley
Harden, Caroline
Norris, Linzy
Caen, Ansley
Boyce, William
McKerry, Ellen
Moore, Austin
Hurst, Jame J
Matthey, Edgar

Page 8B
Row, Arthur
McCune, Robert
Johnson, Cohan A

End of Bristol

Page 8B cont.
Davisson, Cecil W
Johnson, William
Williams, Thomas
Lynch, Hirum D
March, Worthie
Hickman, Rush
Ross, Orville

Page 9A
Moore, Than
Golden, Florent M
Hurst, Oren J
Childers, John
Holliday, Ida
Carder, William W
Carder, Walter T?
Weekley, Idea?
Meredith, James D
Meredieth, Dwight J
Pratt, Flava
Collins, John S
Meredith, Godfrey

Page 9B
Nutter, Elisha
Pigott, Charles
Davidson, Roy __
Strother, Hirum
Lough, F A
Sadler, Arther
Childres, Lee
Blain, Dayner
Starkey, Peter H
Starkey, Ralph
Markley, Dennis
Hill, Earl L
Bond, Lee S
Bailey, Kelleth?

Page 10A
Norris, Arby T
Nutter, Tilden
Fournoy, Alfred
March, Flaves? F
Ware, Marion E
Carder, Erwin R
Samples, M A
Barr, John H
Maxhan?, John
Robinson, James W
Mason, Wade H

Page 10B
Crites, Cecil E
Crite, Harry
Peaytt?, John
Maxwell, Bert M
Hurst, Melvin
Westfall, Paul
Bennett, William
Hall, Mary E
Baker, Emry D
Wolfe, Luther P
Snider, Willie A
Richards, Phil---?

Page 11A
Davis, Harry M
Harbert, Rebecca
Koonse, Ross
Brown, Paul C
Bailey, Glenn A
Young, John T
Flint, Webster
Carder, Edgar A
Collum?, T R
Freeman, J Warden
Dason, Wilton E
Adams, William M
Robinson, Edward B

Page 11B
Smith, Elizabeth
Meek, Henry
Robinson, Brent
Monroe, Lawrence
George, Worthy
Swiger, Clay
Murphy, William
Nicholson, T W
Snider, Charles E
Snider, Earl
Brown, Smith W

Page 12A
Carrico, William
McClure, James A
Gain, Henry R
Brown, T F
Cottrill, Chas __?
Eddy, Haward J
Pratt, James M

End of ED #40

Copyright 2002
Mariana Zuelsdorf

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