Index to the 1930 Census
Simpson District (north),  ED #36
Taken April 1930 by Pearle S Wilson

Transcribed & Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

Use your “find” or “search” options to find the
surnames you are looking for.  I’ve done the best
I can in reading the handwriting.  If I couldn’t sure of the
initial, I put a __.  I have not corrected any spelling
errors in the Census ~ Mariana

Heads of Household

Page 1A
Corpening, Hallie R
Helsley, Ralph S
Robinson, Joseph
Gunran, George
Russell, Elliot
Friend, William
Thompson, William K
Snider, Earnest V
Lazier, William H
Carr, William C
Moore, Albert
Pritt, Arthur
Dumire, Ralph F
Knight, Bruce

Page 1B
Philpott, Fred V
Stevens, Ila H
Monday, Lee O
Nay, Clytie D
Henderson, James F
Wolf, Harvey
Pain?, Harvey
Sayers, Gail W
Kester, Myrtle L

Page 2A
Robinson, Thomas C
Hyson, Earnest R
Skarisky, Jim
McDaniel, Delbert
Prine, John
Atha, Homer E
Sayres, Robert L
Shumen, John L
Smith, Ben
Linville, Charles L
Cropp, Dewey A

Page 2B
Bowman, Frank A
Gains, Otlie E
Brohard, Josome?
Cropp, Ashby E
Gasthrop, Ray B
Brohard, J Allen
Robinson, John N
Harmison, Thomas
Ryan, Margaret
Gawthrop, Perry C
Preston, James C
Lawson, Joseph C
Williams, Otto

Page 3A
Montgomery, Lewis T
Roads, Jehue M
Cropp, William A
Frippet, Loyad F
Lawman, Rose B
Lowther, Ammon B
Cropp, Ai T
Moser, Franklin R

Page 3B
Green, Cora M
Coen, G Francis
Roy, Dever L
Eagle, Herbert L
Moore, W Arley
Custer, Roy
Swiger, James W
Miller, Forest C
Page 4A
Stout, Luther D
Hall, D Lester
Dakon, Elmore B
Parr, George L
Lowther, William E
Cropp, John A
Barnes, Robert L
Powell, Charles H
Matheny, Irvan H
Noland, Elias J
Nutter, Warren A

Page 4B
Crim, Arther
Smith, Frank O
Palmer, Phronia
Day, John D
Hall, Charley
Watson, James L
Post, Arch
William, Marshall __
Hill, Jeddie
Steele, A Harrison
Kern, David A
Tucker, Mary E

Page 5A
Lodge, L George
Martin, Gail W
Lodge, Morgan R
Palmer, W Enoch
Stout, L Homer
Covey, Jerry H
McIntire, Leonard T
Gifford, Chester E

Page 5B
McIntire, Vickles J
Martin, Abia 
Nuzums, Justice T
Wilson, Thomas R
Martin, Herbert
Stout, Henry R
Simms, Lee B
Meek, William H
Smith, Arland
Martin, Virgil

Page 6A
Martin, Phronia P
Dawson, Margaret
Bice, Silas A
Stallman, Albert P
McDonald, Edward
Holbert, David
Pain, John J
Childers, William
Hall, William A
Rector, Elmore
Rector, H Gail

Page 6B
Thompson, Ellis
Frank, Luer?
Thomas, Robert
Gas, Stanley
Patterson, Joseph F
Patterson, Fred E
Patterson, Martha E
Frum, Walter E
Stonestreet, James E
Libscomb, Francis M
Patterson, Lory H
McCauley, John R

Page 7A
Miller, J Walter
Orr, Willard B
McGee, J Herbert
Depola, Frank
Matheny, Okey
Pitzer, Mary I
King, Earnest
Cunningham, Ralph
Gillis, John K
McCauley, Dearing
Cunningham, William P
Marra, John

Page 7B
McCauley, Ben
Deluca, Frank
Secreto, James
Skidmore, Waitman T
Marra, Sam
Stalnaker, George
Pitzer, Emery

Page 8A
Newsom?, Joe
Norris, Joe
Gardner, William
Athey, John
McBrier, Howard
Wyatt, Charles E
Hutton, Lewis
Lake, Alva G
Burg, George

Page 8B
Goots, Tony
Kubinee, Mike
Secreta, Frank
Hunt, Irvan
Penno?, Sam
All, Tony
Gillis, James
Conch, Joe
Frozono, John
Tlaga, Joe
Nadin, Paul
Drummond, Ralph

Page 9A
George, George R
Tucker, Lemuel R
Martin, J Homer
Null, John
Hood, Frank
Myers, William H
Hyde, Bert
Moore, Delbert
Goots, James
Hodkiss, Marcus
Kellison, Cecil G
Cutlip, Ivan E
Conner, Charles A

Page 9B
Hamilton, Charley L
Boner, Bernice
Knight, Murray
Griffin, Cecil
Moore, George
Walter, Solomon
Hodkiss, Harry
Kroche, Joe

Page 10A
Santa, Steve
Shingleton, George E
Skidmore, Junior
Bourn, Andrew J
Horsny?, Andrew
Lenzi, William
McCan, John L
Belcastro, John

Page 10B
Bart, Earnest
Rife, Edd
Russo, Marion
Marro, Tony
Spino, Johnie
Hustead, James C
Knight, Clarence R
Pain, Cam

Page 11A
Davis, Okey C
Craig, James M
Rollins, Thearsa
Rakin, John
Stovick, Mike
Balaestra, Lue?
Stout, Sam A
Kuhe, Raymond
Groco?, Stonto
Meridith, Thomas L
Lamp, James E
Rife, Glen
Hall, Emanuel M
Shackleford, Thomas
Stansky, Lawrence
Slonaker, George
Parson, John C

Page 11B
Hart, George
Ware, Henry C
Reed, John
Hart, William A
Wieneingar, Norman
Hammond, Charles C

End of ED #36