Family Histories


Adams Family & Adamston Addition:  Article from the 1929 Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram regarding the Adams
   family of Harrison County, and the history of the Adamston Addition of Clarksburg.  Transcribed & donated by
   Sandy Adams

The Ashcraft Family Files: This file was transcribed from the long form Tetrick questionnaires. Each individual who
   heads a section was the respondent of the information associated with his/her family.  Although these individuals
   in this collection seem to be representative of various counties in WV, the Ashcraft family has a long history in
   Harrison Co.  Transcribed and donated by Nanci Headley Kotowski; thanks, Nanci!

William Ashcraft family history:  Article from the 1934 Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram, regarding Ashcraft family
  history.  Transcribed and donated by Dave Fowler; thanks, Dave!

Life, Including His Escape and Struggle for Liberty of Charles A. Garlick, Born a Slave in Old Virginia, 
  Who Secured His Freedom by Running Away from His Master's Farm in 1843:  Fascinating account of 
  "Abel Bogguess" (sic), a former slave of Richard Boggess. Submitted by Mariana Zuelsdorf- thanks, Ghouls!

Nicholas and Mary Wolfe Carpenter:  A history of Nicholas Carpenter, who was an early 
  settler of Harrison County.  Submitted by Sandra Carpenter Samoyedny; thanks, Sandra!

The Hall Records, Genealogical and Biographical",by Richard Miller, 1886.  Scanned, and generously submitted by
   David Fowler, this book covers the Thomas Hall family from Delaware.

Family guide to "Hall Records, Biographical and Genealogical":  Dave Stevens has generated his own outline
   descent tree for the descendants of Thomas Hall, as found in Miller's book, "The Hall Records". Because he found
   the original version to be a bit confusing.  Dave also reformatted the book for his own research use.  This 
   reformatted version, along with a much more detailed index, is available as a word document.  If you would like a
   copy, or have any additional information or corrections to make to this guide, please let me know, and I will pass
   it along to Dave.

Family Stories: by Olga Hardman.  Olga has written some wonderful stories regarding the Caussin and Stenger 
  families, as well as giving us a glimpse of the Clarksburg of yesteryear.  There is a listing of early Northview 
  residents, and information on the glass factories.

Jesse Hughes, Indian fighter:  Article from Clarksburg Exponent Telegram, 1/23/2002

Greathouse:  Rick Greathouse has compiled a listing of all Greathouse males from the 
  1785 - 1808 Harrison County Tax Lists.  Includes links to original document images
  (source:  Harrison County, VA, Personal Property Tax List 1785-1808, microfilm, MI63/4, roll 31);
  Thanks, Rick!

The Lynch houses:  Articles from Clarksburg Exponent Telegram, July 14, 2000.  Donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

Point Pleasant Church and the "Twin" Lynch Houses:  Donated by William S. Boggess

The Fate of John McIntire and Wife", from Mound Builders, Indians and Pioneers by William B. Price; Donated by
   Chris Morgan

Levi Morgan articles & photographs from the Wetzel County Chronicle.  Donated by Mary Jo Vredenburgh.

"Levi Morgan:  Frontiersman, Indian Fighter, and Government Officer",by Pat Sheegog-Vinson.  This gives an account of the life of Levi Morgan, son of one of West Virginia's first settlers,Colonel  Zachquill Morgan.  Pat is still actively researching Levi Morgan.

John Thomas and Sarah Owens:  Some early history on the families of John Thomas & Sarah Owens Thomas.
   Donated by Lois Fairfield.

"Dr. Wyatt"- namesake of Wyatt, WV; article from Clarksburg Exponent Telegram, October 2, 2002

Rollins Family Oral History: by Beverly Rollins.  An account by four Rollins siblings on growing up in Harrison County
  during the depression.

Viriginia Maude Wood:  d/o John & Jessie Wood, 1895-1992: an account written in 1973 of how 
   she began her art career in the early 1900's.  Contributed by Carolyn Wood Kaeser; submitted by Bill

Geneologies:  I've decided to put genealogies online.  If you would like to submit your's, please let me know.
  PLEASE NOTE:   If you submit information on living people, MAKE CERTAIN that you have their permission: 
  people have a right to their privacy.   Invasion of privacy is NOT justifiable in the name of research.  No
  information other than names will be listed for living people; folks born after 1950 will not be put online. 

   Descendants of David Nutter

Genealogy of Owen Family

  Genealogy of Thomas Family

700 West Virginia Families by Don Norman. These records are stored at the Hackers Creek website at Rootsweb.
  Don Norman has compiled a massive group of genealogies on families located in and around Harrison County. These
  make a great starting point in research.



Ash, Irvin Oda
Langfitt, Frank V.
Ash, Roy F.
Law, James Edward
Bates, Clarence Silas, MD
Lawson, Jesse G.
Boggess, Arthur
Lee, Thomas Elkins
Boggess, John
Lohm, Albert Lafayette
Boggess, Sarah Wood
Boggess, Samuel
Louchery, Charles W.
Boggess, Samuel
Louchery, Daniel Carson, M.D.
Bond, S. Orestes
Lucas, Charles Fletcher
Boughner, James Vance, MD
Martin, Rev. D.M.
Brennan, James Thomas
Maxwell, Hon. Edwin
Burnside, Guy H.
McCann Family
Carlisle, Hon. John S.
McDermott, Rev. Patrick H.
Carter, David J.
McDonald, Orville L.
Clifford, James Phillip
McGuire, John Patrick, M.D.
Coffman, Hon. Charles Gordon
McManaway, James C.
Cole, Irving D., MD
Meredith, William A.
Coltrane, Joseph N.
Merendino, Biagio
Coston, Isaac J.
Miller, Wilbert S.
Davis, James Horner
Norman and Shumate Families
Davis, Hon. John James
Nutter, Roscoe James, M.D.
Davis, Hon. John James
Ogden, Chester Ruhl
Davis, Hon. John William
Oyster, Lamar Cecil
Davisson Family
Parks, Noah S.
Delbridge, Frederick Ernest
Parrish, Roy Earl
Duck Creek Pioneers
Parrish, Thomas Jefferson
Duncan, George Lee
Piggott Family
Elliott, Charles S.
Post, Cecil O.
Faris, Samuel S.
Pritchard, Alpheus
Farland, Richard Ashville
Prunty, Curtis E.
Fletcher, Andrew Jackson
Randal, Lloyd
Fortney, John Washington
Rodney, James Seraphin
Gaston, William, M.D.
Saint, Benjamin F.
Goff, Nathan
Sappington, Kenneth Neil
Goodwin, John T.
Sheets, Harry
Gordon, George Harry
Shinn Family
Griffin Family
Shinn, Hugh B.
Griffin, James S.
Showalter, Ulysses Woodward, M.D.
Hall, Belle Jane
Shuttleworth, Guy Allen
Hammer, Walter Paul, M.D.
Smiley, Charles Stratton
Harmer, Harvey Walker
Smith, Edward Grandison
Harmer, William J.S.
Smith, Hugh G.
Haymaker, Frank B.
Smith and Romine Families
Hays, Samuel
Smith, Watters
Hess, James Noah
Stout, R.F.
Hickman, Charles Lewis
Strosnider, Homer
Hornor, James David
Tidler, James O.T.
Hornor, James Hood
Toompasek, Edward K.
Hornor, Vance Leslie
Van Horn, Moses Hoffman
Howard, Daniel
Vanscoy, Howard William
Jackson, Hon. John C.
Varner, Harry V., M.D.
Jackson, Stephen G.
Werninger, William Augustus
Jackson, Col. T. Moore
West, George M.
Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall"
Wilkinson, Jasper N.
Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewell"
Williams, Glenn F.
Jarvis, Benjain Bassel
Williams, Perry C.
Johnson, Hon. Joseph
Williamson, William T.
Johnson, Louis A.
Willis, Carson Allen
Johnson, Ransel
Willis, Floyd Templeton
Johnston, Jacob Welton, M.D.
Wilson, James Edward
Kidd, Robert Edward
Wood, Edward John
King, Kirk
Woodell, James Walker
Koblegard, Peter Hansen
Woofter, Emery Judson
Kyle, Karl Byron
Wyatt, John Benjamin
Young, Laco Loy