Chicarell Cemetery,
Harrison County, WV

Submitted by Marilyn Kettlewell

                               NOTE:  Cemetery is approximately 1 and 1/2 miles out of Lumberport on Jones Run Rd. It was once known
                                     as the Harbert/Chicarell cemetery, but it's known as the Chicarell Cemetery now.  Some readings
                                     were taken from a map of Chicarell Cemetery which was sent to Marilyn by Randy Crumpler.  Gary Harbert,
                                     who lives across from the cemetery, has told Marilyn that many more Harbert family members are buried in
                                     this cemetery, but no records exist for them.

Chicarell Cemetery Map-  Titled "Chicarell Cemetery Plot Plan", this map was dated 7-24-82,
  and the Paul C. Chicarell Association was listed on the bottom corner.

Listings as found on map & readings taken by Marilyn:


                                  KEY                      NAMES                                  BORN                                               DIED

A Sarah Hall Harbert, w/o Elmore 3/29/1861 (stone shows 1864) 11/27/1921
B Elmore Harbert 10/11/1846 (stone shows 
C Sissy Fortney, 1st w/of Elmore no records -
D Samuel Harbert, Rev. War 1760 1847
E Jesse Harbert 5/3/1890 1919
F Mabel Florence Harbert 1/20/1898 1/1905
G Martha Gay Harbert Straley, w/o Frank 2/28/1896 1961
H Baby Straley 1914 1914
I Frank Straley no records -
J Benjamin Harbert 10/22/1804 1887
K Catherine Carothers Harbert 3/2/1806 12/29/1882
L Thomas Harbert - 3/3/1778
M Cecelia Harbert - 3/3/1778
N 3 Indians & 7 Children - 3/3/1778



                            KEY                NAMES                                                                      BORN                DIED

A Franklin Chicarell 4/10/1814 7/1/1933
B Lawrence Chicarell 10/16/1909 1/12/1946
C Adrian Emme 9/19/1911 1/31/1970
D Frank Calvin Chicarell 12/1/1885 1/4/1967
E Ora May Harbert Chicarell, w/o Frank 11/9/1891 7/28/1986
F Paul Charles Chicarell 1/13/1914 2/10/1983
G Terry Childers 4/23/1922 8/18/1976
H Carl Chicarell 4/2/1928 5/26/1980
I Genevieve Chicarell Emme, w/o Adrian 3/31/1911 5/13/1983
J Esther May Chicarell Burgess 12/6/1922  1/31/1983
K Rosella Chicarell Childers, w/o Terry 2/24/1921 12/8/1984