Hall Records (Part Two). 41


ASA HALL,Thomas and Jane (Bennett) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall, Thomas and Rebecca (Story) Hall: was born June 3, 1800, and married March 17, 1825, Elizabeth, daughter of William and Elizabeth Stewart, who was born June 1, 1806. He was a farmer, and many years ago went to Bloomington, Illinois, where he died October 31, 1858, aged 58 years, 3 months, 22 days. His wife died May 12, 1874, aged 67 years, 11 months, 11 days.

Children were:

1. Thomas Bennett, b. December 31, 1825.---Family 53

2. William Stewart, b. October 12, 1827.---Family 54.

3. Reuben, b. June 17, 1829.---Family 55.

4. Elizabeth Dorothy, b. May 14, 1831, d. October 6,1851.

5. Martha Anna, b. March 12, 1833, d. November 21, 1851.

6. Arela Jane, b. November 24, 1824.---Family 56.

7. Alcinda, b. June 9, 1837.---Family 57.

8. John Newton, b. August 24, 1839.---Family 58.

9. Sarah Emeline, b. October 28, 1841, d. February 28,1843.

10.David Calvin, b. January 1, 1845.---Family 59.

REUBEN HALL, pedigree as before: was born October 25, 1803, and married Anna, daughter of William and Elizabeth Stewart, March 22, 1827. She was a sister to his brother Asa's wife, and came of highly respectable people. They moved at once, after their marriage; to a place now called Gray's Flats, in Marion county, where he still lives (1886). They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She died March 9, 1872, aged 63 years, 8 months, 29 days. When he was married, the entire wedding party went to his new home, and lived in a small house for two days, while they put up a log house for his home. It was right in the woods, no neighbors near, and early and late he was felling trees and clearing his new land. These are some of the hard times our ancestors had in preparing homes for their children.

Reuben Hall is an intelligent man ; not finely educated, but he has always tried to keep up with the times, and has succeeded well. His unmarried daughter, Julia is at the old home and takes every care of her aged father.

Children were:

1. Syelus, b. September 16, 1828.---Family 60.

2. Louisa, b. June 22, 1832.---Family 61..

3. Strother I., b. July 20, 1835.---Family 62.

4. Lavinia, b. October 1, 1837.---Family 63.

42 Hall Records.

5. Julia A., b. December 5, 1840.

6. William S., b. February 8, 1843, d. August 18, 1863.

7. Frances L., b. June 3, 1850.---Family 64.

8. Asby Hunter, b. April 25, 1854.---Family 65.

EMMA HALL, pedigree as before: was born December 20, 1809, and was married to Jesse Pigott, September 6, 1837. He was born March 21, 1811. They moved to Hessville, Harrison county, where they still live. Old age has overtaken both, and they await the summons to go up higher. They have been called to mourn the death of all their family but two, some of them when seemingly entering upon a grand career. Mrs. Pigott is a remarkable woman. Her education is limited, but such is her natural acuteness of understanding, that she draws close attention to all she says. Her husband is a well-to-do farmer. I believe they belong to the M. E. Church.

Children were:

1. Elam F., b. December 29, 1839.---Family 66.

2. Elizabeth J., b December 22. 1841.---Family 67.

  1. Almira F., b. December 10, 1843, d. January 5, 1843.
4. Thomas Golden, b. July 11, 1846, d. December 12, 1876. The obituary is so complete, I published it in full: At the residence of his father, near Hessville, Harrison county, Prof. Thomas G. Pigott, M.D. Mr. Pigott was born in this county, July 11, 1846, making his age, at the time of his death, 30 years, 5 months, and a day. He attended school under the old system in the winter season, when opportunity afforded, and made great progress in the various branches taught. He then attended select school at various points, then taught school for several terms; then went to Oberlin, O., where he attended College for two terms; then returned and entered the University of West Virginia, at Morgantown, remaining two years, but was prevented from graduating by the long continued illness and death of a younger brother., who received his constant care for a year and a half. Having been thwarted in his purpose of graduating at Morgantown, he determined to adopt the medical profession and attended Lectures at Cincinnati in the winter of 1874-5, and again in the winter of 1875-6, where he graduated with honors at the head of his class, and was chosen by the College Faculty to deliver the student's valedictory. Returning to this county he established a large practice.

In June last he was elected to, and accepted a Professorship in his Alma Mater to fill the chair of Physiology, Toxicology and Hygiene, made vacant by the resignation of Prof. E. Anthony, M. D.

 Hall Records (Part Two). 43

 Deceased was from earliest youth a moral, industrious boy, and was converted to Christianity at Oberlin, in 1868, and united himself with the M. E. Church, at Morgantown, in 1870. He lived a consistent and useful member under all circumstances of life, either at home or abroad. He bore his severe illness with wonderful christian fortitude and patience, and died in the faith once given to the Saints.

His disease was typhoid fever, superinduced by over work, both mentally and physically. He looked at his diploma a few days before he died, and said:  "It is the price of my life" He is gone! Taken away just upon the threshold of usefulness to his fellow men. He was visited during his illness by numerous friends from far and near; and the large concourse at the funeral attested their respect in very marked manner. But our loss is his eternal gain. He is gone to that bright home above the skies, to meet a dear brother and two sisters gone before, whose angelic forms from the portals of eternal bliss, becken us home.

Dear brother, friend, farewell! [The above beautiful tribute was penned by one of the professors, to whose daughter he was engaged, and who visited him during his last illness]

5. Annie E., b. December 1, 1848, d. January 15, 1871.

6. Luther C., b. May 2. 1851, d. November 6, 1873.

JAMES S. HALL, pedigree as before, with Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall for his mother: was born, November 25, 1813, and was married April 11, 1844, to Sarah, daughter of Esquire Thomas Rhea, who was born May 9, 1821. They lived for over 30 years on a large farm near Winfield, Marion county. Afterwards they moved to Fairmont where she died suddenly, October 3, 1885, of paralysis, aged 64 years, 3 months, and 22 days. She was a consistent member of the Fairmont Presbyterian Church for nearly 50 years. Her husband still lives with his two unmarried daughters..

Children were:

1. Thomas Rhea, b. February 10, 1845.---Family 68.

2. Lee Roy, b. August 13, 1846.---Family 69.

3. Francis Marion , b. February 1, 1849.---Family 70.

4. E. Helen, b. June 15, 1850, d. February 9, 1861, aged 7 months , and 23 days.

5. Samantha Jane, b. August 14, 1853.

6 Harriet Ann, b. February 15. 1855.

JANE HALL, pedigree as last given : was born January 19, 1815, and was married February 5, 1835, to Andrew Lough. They live three miles from the Fairmont and Morgantown

44 Hall Records.

pike, near Laurel Point. He is a farmer. They are Presbyterians, and attend the Sugar Grove Church, near their home.

Children were:

1. Martha E., b. January 20, 1836.---Family 71.

2. James H., b. May 14, 1837, d. October 22, 1837.

3. Thomas H., b. February 17, l839.---Family 72.

4. Clarinda. b. April 3, 1841.---Family 73.

5 Ellery J., b. September 13, 1843.---Family 74.

6. J. Marshal, b. June 11, 1845.---Family 75.

7. Harriet C., b. May 10, 1848.

Dr. THOMAS ENOS HALL, ped. as before : b. May 24, 1817, married Louisa Caroline Duran, October 1, 1846. He studied medicine with Dr. James M. Lazzell, the noted physician of Fairmont and established himself at Blacksville, Pennsylvania, were he made for himself a reputation and established a large practice. In 1874 he went to Foote, Iowa county, Iowa and began farming on an extensive scale. He still practices some, but is devoted to his farm. His wife is a most lovable woman.

Children were:

1. Frances A., b. May 15, 1847.

2. Lemon Elza, b. July, 29, 1848.---Family 76.

3. Edward L., b. March 7, 185l.---Family 77.

4. Harriet Josephine, b. September 4, 1854.

5. Charles W., b. June 15, 1859.

6. J. Willis L., b. December 25,1869.

IRA CONDIT HALL, pedigree as before : was born May 22, 1821, and was married first to Catharine W. S. Barker, November 16, 1854. She was born November 22, 1832, and died October 24 1856. His second marriage, to Cynthia Glenn, occurred October 18, 1860. She was born June 22, 1833. he now lives near Cairo, Ritchie county. He is a farmer.

Children were:

1. Emma Jennie, b. August 15, 1853.---Family 78.

By his second wife:

2. Kate L., b. February 12, 1857.---Family 79.

NANCY JURITTA HALL, pedigree as before: was born July 11 1823 and was married October 21, 1847, to William Edmund Miller, who was born in Pennsylvania, July 29, 1822. They have always lived near Fairmont. He is now the Superintendent of the Barnsville Manufacturing Company, which position he has held for many years, with entire satisfaction to the company. He is great a Bible student, and one of the best posted Bible scholars in this section. He is one

Hall Records (Part Two). 45

of the trustees of the Jones cemetery. He has taught the young men's class, in the Sunday School of the Methodist Protestant Church for over 20 years. He was a delegate to the General Conference of the M. P. Church, which met in Princeton, Illinois, in 1875.

Children were:

1. Thomas Condit, b. July 19, 1848.---Family 80.

2. Charles Albert, b. April 13, 18522 He learned the trade of blacksmith, in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania, and followed it for several years, and then began teaching, which he still follows during the winter months, and the remainder of the year he is engaged as finisher, in a woolen mill.

3. Annie Belle, b. July 12, 1854. She was educated at the Fairmont High and Normal Schools, and is a teacher. She is classed among the best teachers of this State.

4. Buena Vista, b. March 3, 1857 To my sister Buena, am I indebted for many of the items which appear, which I culled from her ''scrap book,’’ She is blessed with a very good memory, also, which aided me much.

5. Richard Samuel, b. August 31, 1858. The author of this hook, was educated in the Fairmont schools, and learned the trade of finisher, under his father, in the Barnsville woolen mill, and afterwards taught in the country schools of Marion county, with some success. He has had considerable experience in writing for the press, and in assisting in publishing commencement dailies.

6. Mattie Abigail, b. October 16, 1863.

Rachel and Harriet Hall:   Before passing from this brotherhood, I must make mention of the two maiden daughters---Rachel and Harriet. After all the rest of the family had married and gone to different places, they remained at home and took care of their father, until his death. After the farm was sold, they bought property in Fairmont where they now live. They have visited many of our relatives in the West. They preserved the old hand loom, on which the family linen was woven for many years, and now use it for weaving carpet. They are devout members of the Presbyterian Church, of Fairmont, and are noted for their hospitality to God's ministers, and, in fact, to all their friends.

[Family 17.] Sophia White Hall, Elislia and Catharine (Bennett) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) Hall:  was born March 27, 1808, and was married August 27, 1828, to. They had two

46 Hall Records.

Children; one dead in childhood, and the other, a daughter, married John F. Martin, (Family 81) of Brown’s Mills, Harrison county, West Virginia, and had a large family. She is now dead.

[Family 18.] PHEBE ANN HALL, pedigree as before: was born July 14, 1812, and was married January 15, 1835, to _______ Swiger, She had no family and died January 31, 1842. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church

[Family 19] RUTH ELIZA HALL, pedigree as before: was born April 10, 1815, and was married first to James Gifford, March 7, 1833. By this marriage they had six children. He died April 19, 1852. She has been very kind helping me on the record. Second marriage was to Enos Smith, October30, 1866. He died August 22, 1877. Her post-office address is Sardis, Harrison county.

Children were

1. Catharine Mary, b. February 25,1835, and was married first to Christian M. Smith, October 21, 1856.---Family 82.

2. Nancy Maria, b. September 7, 1837, and was married April 5, 1860 to Peter Harmon. ---Fami1y 83.

3. Ermina Deborah, b. March 2, 1839, and was married February 21, 1861, to James E. Martin.---Family 84.

4.  Phebe Ann, b. December 31. 1840, and was married October 5, 1858, to Alex. Lamb, who was b. June 17, 1828, in Armagh, Armagh county, Ireland. He was a stone mason. They belonged to the United Brethren in Christ Church.---Family 85

5. Elisha Hall, b. June 18, 1844, d. September 18, 1863.

6. Eliza Jane, b. February 20, 1849, d. June 5, 1865.

[Family 20.] SILAS J. HALL, pedigree as before: was born November 25, 1832, and was married August 27, 1857, to __________, Post-office address, Brown's Mills, Harrison county, West Virginia.

Children were:

1. M. A., born April 5, 1861.

2. Huldah J., born February 21, 1864.

3. B. A., born November 26, 1868.

[Family 21.] SAPHRONA P. HALL, pedigree as before: was born February 18, 1839, and was married May 21, 1868, to Lang

Children were:

I. Sarah Begina, b. June 25, 1869.

2. Mary A., b. December 1,1870.

 Hall Records (Part Two). 47

 3. Theresa C., h. September 14, 1873.

4. Charlotte B., h. September 30, 1875.

5. Eleanor V., b. June 5, 1875, d. May 9, 1881.

[Family 22.] ELISHA P. HALL,pedigree as before: was born January 12, 1839, and was married to Elizabeth Nay, March 27, 1859. She was born October 16, 1839.

1. Nancy A., born January 2, 1860, and married Andrew J Moran, June 5, 188l.---Fami1y 85.

2. Sarah E., born March 29, 1861.

3. Fabius E. Mc., born August 12, 1862.

4. Mary L., born October 31, 1864, and married Charles M. Lang, March 27, 1884.---Family 87.

5. John E., born July 27, 1866.

6. Charles S., born March 7, 1868.

7. Julia Ann, born February 24, 1870.

8. Emmanuel, born February 10, 1872.

9. James L., born April 26, 1874.

10. Benjamin, born April 6, 1877.

11. Ida B., born December 3, 1878.

12. Emily, born November 19, 1880, and died the same day.

[Family 23.] FABIUS E. HALL, pedigree as before: was born January 20, 1841, and was married December 3, 1863, to Sarah Jane Nay. 1. Saphrona S., born March 28, 1866.

2. Emma J., born August 8, 1867, died October 30, 1878.

3. William Sherman, born April 13, 1869.

4. Loretta B., born June 15, 1872.

5. Joseph M., born February 9, 1874.

6. Estelle M., born July 24, 1877

7. Mary J., born December 13,1879,

8. Ada D., born October 26, 1882.

[Family 24.] MINERVA STANLEY HALL, Nathan and Permelia (Stanley) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall, Thomas and Rebecca (Story) Ha11 : was born in Monongalia county, Virginia, April 19, 1816, and was married by Rev. Ansel Brainard, D. D., February 18, 1838, to James Shaw, who was born May 29, 1816, in Hampshire county, Massachusetts.

Children were:

1. Enos Marion, born December 26, 1838.---Family 88.

2. Azelia Permelia, born December 2, 1847.---Family 89.

[Family 25.] NABBY MELISSA HALL, pedigree as before:   48 Hall Records.

was born December 24, 1817, at Chatham, Medina county, Ohio, and was married February 10, 1836, to Elmer 0. Johnson, by Esquire Samuel Ovet, Jr.

Children were: 1. Melissa, born October 2, 1839.
2. Franklin E., born November 23, 1835.---Family 90.

3. Louisa M., born March 30, 1854.

[Family 26.] ELIZABETH PHEBE HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born April 9, 1821, in Ohio and was married 1st, to Seymour H. Tillotson, August 6, 1847 by Hiram Tillotson, Esquire.

1. Julia Sophia, born September 8, 1850.---Family 91.

2. Laura Maria, born January 14 1852.---Family 92.

3. George E., born April 26, 1855.---Family 93.

4. Charles V., born March 28 1857.

[Family 27.] ESTHER CLARINDA HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born October 11, 1823, in Ohio, and was married 1st, to Sydney Miller, October 20, 1841, by Rev. Ansel Brainard, D. D. He was born in Plainfield, Massachusetts, August 8,1815. Post-office address, S. E. Corner 20th and Grace Sts., Omaha, Nebraska.

Children were:
1. Lydia Melvina, b. September 3, 1843.---Family 94.

2. Silas Nathan, b. September 5, 1846.---Family 95.

3. Emma Elizabeth, b. November 27, 1849, d. Sept. 25, 1870.

4. John Edwin, b. October 29, 1852.---Family 96.

By second wife: 5. Ettie Aurelia, b. February 20, 1867, at La Port, Indiana, and died January 24, 1868.
[Family 28.] JOHN EDWIN HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born May 3, 1825, in Ohio, and was married May 3, 1860, to Lucy A., daughter of Ira S. and Caroline Hamilton, who was born in Hamden county, Massachusetts, March 22, 1841, by Rev. John Boyington.
Children were:
1. Ernest Sylvester, b. August 24, 1861.

2. Emmett Ellsworth, b. March 9, 1863.---Family 97.

3. Helen Marmarion, b. October 9, 1864.

4. Cora Idell, b. August 11, 1866.

5. Hattie Amanda, I). June 8,1868.

6. Albert Sylvanus, b. January 5, 1870.

7. Guy Eugene, b. October 15, 1873.

8. Vesta Amelia, b. July 11, 1877.

9. Nathan, b. March 9, 1884.

Hall Records (Part Two). 49.

 [Family 282 .] JONAS ALLEN HALL, pedigree as before was born October 30, 1827, and was married April 27, 1855, to Rebecca A. Stanley, by John G. Freeman, Esquire. He is a farmer; one of the pioneers in Michigan. The engravings of himself and wife are good. His daughters are teachers. The two who married were also teachers.

Children were: 1. Esther J., b. January 17, 1856.---Family 98.

2. Alice M., b. May 19, 1857.---Family 99.

3. Ella M., b. February 2, 1863.

4. Eli D., b. May 11, 1864.

5. Ida C., b. July 7, 1866.

6. Emma L., b. May 12, 1868.

[Family 29.] AMOS CHARLES DRELINCOURT HALL,Ã pedigree as above: was born December 13, 1831, and was married 1st, to Alice L. Dundas, April 9, 1857, by Esquire JamesLewis, Jr. She died January 8, 1874, and he married again, November 25, 1879, to Mrs. Lucy Ann Skillen, daughter of Foster S. Green, at Sheridan, Nebraska, by Rev. J. Keeler. She was born in Pennsylvania. He is a farmer.

Children were:

1. James Abiff, b. June 16, 1858.---Family 100.

2. Ray Clinton, b. January 11, 1863.

3. Mary Alice, b. September 29, 1864.

By his second wife 4. Glen Amos, b. May 12, 1881.

5. Frank Leslie, b. January 7, 1885.

The following items I have gleaned from the interesting correspondence which I have had with the members of the above family, and I give them all together, as they properly belong to the family history. They each have been kind in aiding me in preparing their family history, and I return them my sincere thanks.

Mrs. Brewer writes: "When my parents came through the county seat of Medina county, there was not a stick of timber amiss, and on a big beech tree, about where the Courthouse now stands, was marked ‘county seat.’ My second sister was the first white child born in Medina county. Mother was chased by wolves, while on horseback, and with one of the children in her arms. The horse jumped the yard fence, and the wolves were checked by a shot from the sick husband and father, who had gotten out of bed and stood tottering in the door. They went four miles to church. For one whole summer and until December they cooked out

50 Hall Records.

of doors, and hung quilts up for doors and windows. They borrowed a stove of a neighbor. John Courtney, a cousin, of Virginia, visited them in 1835. Father was sick in the summer of 1834, and mother went out and helped roll logs, and they sowed some wheat and had a good crop the next year. Mother drove the oxen, to harrow it in. The night mother died she said she felt better, and had them put out the light. Sister Elizabeth lay down on a bed close by, and near enough to touch her, and about 10 o'clock she did not hear her breathe, and when she sprang up and spoke to her, she was dead. I have heard father tell how they had to run to the block-house for fear of Indians. Once some one discovered the Indians coming, and Levi Morgan ran to alarm the neighbors, and the rest would run to the block-house. A little girl was sent to one house---I think it was one of father's nieces. She was a little one, and she ran to the house and all she could say was, 'Injuns come, Levi run,' but that was enough for the family to know. I have heard father speak of the Flemings, especially uncle Benoni Fleming, and of the Morgans, and Pricketts, and Barns'. Old Dr. Barns was out to Ohio once, and I remember seeing him. He had a cancer on his face, and the bandages become loose, and he stopped at father's and mother fixed them on again. I think he must have been some relation to the Barns' who lived near us in Canaan at that time---William, Nathaniel and James Barns."

Mrs. Anway says: "Mother was born in Berkshire county, Massachusetts, August 18, 1794, and her father moved to Connecticut when she was six months old, and when she was 18 or 19, to Trumbull county, Ohio. The following inscription is on her tombstone:

'Lord, she was thine, and not my own,
Thou has not done me wrong;
I thank Thee for the precious love,
Afforded me so long.’"
Amos C. D. writes: "In 1828 father was pressed to get the necessaries of life, particularly proper clothing for the children. He got a job of making oak shingles for a man in the village of Lodi, and he exchanged work with a neighbor and got the tree sawed, but rived and shaved them by the light of the fire in the house, in the evening, the children feeding the fire with shavings. At last he had them all made, and took his ox-team and delivered them. With the proceeds he bought upper and sole leather to make shoes for the children, they being all barefooted, and several inches of snow on the ground. He got home about sun-down, the children running

 Hall Records (Part Two). 51
 out in the snow to meet him, and hurrahing, seeing he had leather to make shoes for them. But just at this time, up came a Constable with an execution and levied on the leather. The execution was in favor of a Dr. Witter, who had made one or two trips six miles to attend the family. Father told the Constable his circumstances, and said he thought that the doctor, if he knew his circumstances, would not take the leather, as he was sure the doctor was in no great need of the money. The Constable said he was sorry to be compelled to levy, but he was ordered to levy on anything lie could find, and he must obey the law. So the Constable took the leather in charge and went home. Father, mother and the children had a big cry over their crushed hopes. But when the Constable got home he told some of father's friends (and they were not a few, and were also the best of society); they concluded that the leather should not be sold, but it should be immediately returned with a receipt in full from the doctor. They thereupon formed themselves into a committee of the whole, and waited on the doctor, and told him that he might take his choice of two things, namely: to send the leather back with a receipted bill in full of all demands, (his account being about $8) or they would apply to him a coat of tar and feathers, and ride him out of town on a rail. The doctor foamed and spouted about lynch law, and made all manner of great threats, but all to no purpose; they would hear to nothing but one of the two alternatives. The doctor at length sent the Constable back with the letter and receipt. But this did not quiet the good people of Lodi; they gave the doctor a severe letting alone, and he was soon obliged to remove for want of practice. But father, as soon as he got able, paid the doctor the whole bill, except the costs. Father died at last at my house in Prairieville, Barry county, Michigan, a poor but much respected man."

[Family 30.] ASENETH HALL,à John and Dorcas (Snider) Hall, Asa and Sophia White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born Apri 21, 1815 and was married to Scott Hess, November 3 1831. She died 0ctober 29 1871 aged 57 years, 6 months and 8 days She had a family one of whom, John (Family 101), lives at Mannington; but he has not sent me any record. One son James A. died April 1, 1865, aged '27 years 9 months, and 29 days.

[Family 31.] DR. JAMES ALVAH HALL,Ã pedigree as before, with Maria C. (Hare) Hall for his mother : was born December 21, 1822, and was married to Edith Ann Hughes, February 17, 1846. She was born April 27, 1826, and died

52 Hall Records.

November 7, 1859, in her 34th year. He died July 10, 1873. He was a graduate of Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio, in 1850. Up to the opening of the war, he was a practicing physician at Weston, where he was active in speaking and working for the Union cause. Dr. Hall was a prominent physician during the years of his manhood, prior to his affliction, ---having for a period of three years filled the position of assistant physician in the Kirkbridge Insane Asylum, at Philadelphia, Which position he resigned to accept the same position in Longview Asylum, at Cincinnati. His failing health, however, prevented his serving in the latter position, and compelled his resignation. He also at one time served as U. S. Examining Surgeon, at Weston. For the last five years he was a confirmed invalid; for the last two years being entirely unable to assist himself to the necessaries of life. He suffered a great deal during his illness, being in constant pain for the greater part of the last three or four years. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and of the Odd Fellows' fraternity. He held a membership in the latter organization for twenty years. He died at the residence of his brother, Sylvanus W., of Fairmont, and was buried in the Jones cemetery.

Children were:
1. Laura Louisa, b. July 9, 1847, d. April 6, 1848.

2. Homer Theadore, b. July 18, 1849, d. December 28, 1860.

3. John Hughes, b. January 18, 1852, d. November 26, 1860.

4. Virginia Agnes, b. June 13, 1854, d. June 30, 1881.

5. Winter Lee, b. in 1856, d. December 14, 1860.

6. Marcus William, b. February 20, 1859.---Family 102.

[Family 32.] DR. SILAS WARWICK HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born November 16, 1824, and married Cecelia B. Jackson, December 14, 1852. He is a practicing physician, and is located at Jane Lew, Lewis county.
Children are: Willey, and two who died young.
[Family 33.] MARTHA ELEANOR HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born September 26, 1826, and was married to William E. Drummond, November 15, 1849, who was born March 30, 1823. They live at Farmington, Marion county. He is a farmer and trader, and has been very successful in business. Children were: 1. Mary, b. September 12, 1850, married_____Hall.---Family 103.

2. Lloyd L., b. June 16, 1853, d. July 1, 1878, at Oakland, Md., of consumption.

3 Ila L., b. September 26, 1856, d. February 28, 1862. Hall Records (Part Two). 53

[Family 34.] ASHBEL GREEN FAIRCHILD HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born November 15, 1829, and was married 1st, to Mattie C. Williamson, September 30, 18--. She died April 16, 1877. So modest and retiring was she, that comparatively few knew her real worth. Solomon's description of a "virtuous woman," in the last chapter of Proverbs, is quite applicable to her. Home was her forte---there' her influence was most powerfully felt, making it a delight for husband, children and friends. Her health had been declining for several months; but so uncomplainingly and submissively did she bow to the will of God, whose she was, not only by nature, but by grace also, and whom she loved and served, that scarcely any one suspected, much less knew, that death was so rapidly approaching. She was one of those who remembered her Creator in the days of her youth, and obeyed the divine direction: "Acquaint now thyself with Him; and be at peace," and realized the truth of the remaining clause, "thereby good shall come unto thee." Hence, when she was told "the Master calleth unto thee," there was but little to do. Calmly and deliberately she gave direction concerning her funeral, and expressed her desire regarding the loved ones whom God had given her, while patiently and hopefully she awaited the closing hour; her delight was in the religious services and conversation, conducted by her pastor and christian friends, who felt, as they ministered to her, that of a truth "it is better to go to the house of mourning, than to the house of feasting." With faith unwavering, with bright hopes and glorious anticipations, she bade adieu to earth and fell asleep in Jesus, to awake in his perfect likeness. She is buried in the Jones cemetery.

He wast post master at Fairmont for several years, and now keeps a restaurant there. He corresponded with his uncle Nathan for several years, but all the letters were lost in the fire of 1876. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, of Fairmont. He married Malian Dorsey for his second wife. They have no children.

Children are: 1. Edgar M., b. May 19, 1872.

2. Harry 0., b. October 18, 1875.

[Family 35.] ELLERY ROBINSON HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born February 27, 1834, and was married October 27, 1859, to Celinda V. Fleming, who was born June 15, 1840. He died September 23, 1868, and is buried in the Jones cemetery. His widow still lives in Fairmont. During the seven or eight years previous to his death, Mr. Hall had been identified

54 Hall Records.

in various capacities with the public affairs of his people. He was secretary of the convention which framed the Constitution of West Virginia, and, subsequently, upon the resignation of William W. Lewis, Esq., became secretary of the Virginia Senate under the re-organized government. Uponthe inauguration of the new State, he was made secretary of the West Virginia Senate, and held the position with great acceptability till the day of his death. In 1864 he was sent as a delegate to the National Convention which re-nominated Mr. Lincoln; and again in 1868, was a delegate-at-large to the convention at Chicago which nominated General Grant. He was chairman of the Republican State Central Committee at the time of his death; and in every position was always equal to the place and occasion. He was possessed of fine literary taste, and talents as a writer of no mean order. He was an elector-at-large, on the ticket which re-elected Lincoln. In the Senate of West Virginia, resolutions of condolence were passed by that body; also by the Bar Association, of Fairmont.

Mr. Hall was, at his death, still a young man, scarcely thirty-five, I think. He left a widow and three children, and a wide circle of relatives and friends. He was a gentleman of more than ordinary intelligence and capabilities; a lawyer by profession and practice; a self-educated man; a genial and companionable associate; faithful alike in his friendships and in his political convictions, being an ardent and inflexible advocate of equal rights for all men. He sustained an unblemished moral character and died in the christian faith, having been a regular worshiper in the Methodist Protestant Church. Peace to his ashes.

Children were:

1. Carrie Maria, b. October 10, 1860, d. September16, 1875. She was a young lady of great promise--- in the prime of youth, and at an age when she seemed to be more than ever endeared to the widowed heart of an affectionate mother. "Gone in her youthful bloom," she certainly has---gone to that eternal home where there is no age, no time, no suffering, no sorrow, no parting of friends---"where the weary are at rest," and where there is abiding peace, unalloyed. Fold the hands, nevermore to come in contact with life's duties; smooth back the hair from the brow that will no more ache with care; clothe the loved form and lay it away, to await the resurrection, and the life which shall never end; the perfect place which awaits the "spirit of the just made perfect"----the home in "house not made with hands." Remember the 1oved one as a patient sufferer, now released from her weary burden; a faithful disciple, "gone up through sore
Hall Records (Part Two). 55
tribulation and trial;" a dutiful daughter and sister, whose so great affection for all induced the kindest admonition---probation well spent, now clothed in white robes, washed white in the sacrificial blood of him in whose promises she had faith, and to whose words of entreaty she yielded willing obedience. He who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb will not forget those who mourn, and they shall be comforted.

2. Annie Laura Letetia, b. November 12, 1862.---Family 104.

3. Frank Pierpoint, b. July 29, 1864. He is a telegraph operator in the Western Union office, at Fairmont. He is one of their most trusted employes.

[Family 36.] FESTUS BROOKS HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born May 6, 1836. He grew up in Marion county, and went South, where he married in 1868, and has five children. His brother, Sylvanus W., has visited him twice. He lives in New Orleans, La.

[Family 37.] SYLYANUS WILSON HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born June 21, 1838, in Monongalia county, Virginia, (now Marion county, West Virginia,) and lived and worked on his father's farm, on Buffalo creek, near Barnsville, until twenty-one years of age. On the 1st of May, 1860, he was employed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of said county, and remained there until May 1st, 1861, when, on account of the rebellion, business was suspended. On the 14th day of April, 1862, he was united in marriage with Mary Isabella Gantz, in the Presbyterian Church, of Fairmont, by Rev. Henry W. Biggs, and made their home in that place. In December, 1862, under the restored government of Virginia, he was appointed clerk of the District Court of Appeals, which held its sessions in Fairmont, and remained such until the formation of the new State of West Virginia. He was assistant clerk of the Constitutional Convention which framed the Constitution of this State. On the 9th of July, 1863, he was appointed clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals of the State, and continued in office until August 18, 1874. He was also assistant clerk, one session each, of the State Senate and House of Delegates. He is now engaged in the drug business, in Fairmont, in connection with his son, W. H. Hall. He has been successful in business, and owns fine property in Fairmont. His wife was a most estimable lady. She died October 28, 1878, of consumption, aged 38 years, 6 months, and 8 days, after making two trips to Santa Barbara, California, for her health. She was buried in the Jones cemetery.

56 Hall Records.

Children were:
1. Lola Bird, b. Monday, February 9, 1863.

2. Willey Harrison, b. Sunday, January 31, 1864. He is in the drug business, in Fairmont, in connection with his father.

3. Mary Isabella, b. Friday, February 14, 1868.

4. Charlie Wilson, b. Saturday, July 9, 1870. and died on Tuesday, December 7, 1875, of consumption of the bowels, aged 5 years, and 5 months. The paper said : Charlie was a bright little boy of about six years, and was quite a favorite of every one who knew him.

5. Georgia Ella, b. Saturday, August 28, 1875.

[Family 38.] JOHN LOWRY HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born May 2, 1842.---[See supplement to Family 38, Part Two]

[Family 39.] ELMIRA HALL,à Allen and Elizabeth (Ice) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born August, 24, 1817, and married T. F. Conaway. She had children: One daughter, Nora, married Madison F. King, a carpenter, of Fairmont; a son, Harry, is in business in Baltimore.

[Family 40.] IZRI HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born May 8, 1819, and married Margaret Dodd. They had children; one of whom, Frederick A., was killed on the railroad November 3, 1880, aged 26 years, 10 months. A monument was erected by the Davis Light Guards, of which, organization he was a member, in the Jones cemetery.

[Family 41.] MARY HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born November 6, 1820, and was married, October, 9, 1851, to George B. B. Zumbro, who is a plasterer, residing at Fairmont.

Children were:
1. Lucretia J., married M. C. Young, of Greenwood, Doddridge county. He is an agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.---Family 105.

2. Olive M., married A. H. Hall, a merchant, of Ritchie county.---Family 106.

3. Carrie, who was for several years a teacher in the Fairmont Public Schools.

All the above are graduates of the Normal School, and are, with their parents, members of the M. E. Church, of Fairmont.

[Family 42.] ANDREW ICE HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born December 5, 1823, and was married September 20, 1849,

Hall Records (Part Two). 57

to Virginia Cramer, who was born in Frederick county, Md. She died August 10, 1860.

                      Children were:

1. Ambrose Cramer, b, July 29, 1850. He is a saddler, at Charleston.

2. Louis Allen, b. November 25, 1852. He is a brick-mason, of Fairmont.---Family 107.

3. Thomas Franklin, b. September 27, 1853, and married Miss Gould, of Fairmont. He is a saddler, and resides there.----Family 108.

4. Frances, b. August 7, 1857.

[ Family 43.] ELIZABETH S. HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born October 23, 1828, and married Samuel N. Whoolery, May 29, 1857. She died July 28, 1871, in Portsmouth, Ohio, and her funeral sermon was preached in the M. P. Church, of Fairmont, by Rev. D. I. K. Rine. He died in 1873. He was a business man, and was much respected.---[See supplement to Family 43, Part Two.]

[Family 44.] JOHN ALLEN HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born September 3, 1830, and married Julia Starchman. He owns a fine farm in Ritchie county.

[Family 45.] ROXANA M. HALL,Ã pedigree as before: was born_____, and married Rev. James A. Lancaster. She died February 21, 1870. They had two children, James and Minnie, and perhaps others.

[Family 46.] JESSE C. HALL,Ã pedigree as before: married Elizabeth Holland.---[See supplement Family 46, Part Two.]

[Family 47.] ELIZABETH MARIE JONES.à John and Phebe (Hall) Jones, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born December 17, 1826, and was married to Larkin Pierpoint, July 28, 1846. She died September 25, 1873.

                Children were:

1. J. Edwin;
2. Julia A. ;
3. Z_____;
4. Kate;
5. Ella;
6. Rosie P. ;
7. Ollie;
8. George B.

[Family 48.] ELLA SOPHIA JONES,Ã pedigree as before: was born September 11, 1830, and was married to Ephraim B. Hall, May 10, 1854. They now live at Santa Barbara, California. They visited their friends in 1876.---See Part Three.

[Family 49.] ANN ELIZA JONES,Ã pedigree as before: was born November 19, 1832, and was married, April 5, 1850, to

58 Hall Records.

John N. Hall. She died May 1,1855. He built a vault in the Jones cemetery, in which his wife and three children are buried. He is still living, in the West.

Children were: 1. Willie Arthur, b. February 11, 1851, d. Feb. 25, 1851.

2. Charles Homer, b. December 22, 1554, d. Dec. 23, 1851.

3. Ann Eliza, b. February 17, 1855, d. July 15, 1855.

[Family 50.] MARY JANE JONES,Ã pedigree as before: was born March 7, 1835, and married Rev. Hugh 0. Rosborough, December 12, 1854.

                Children were:

1. John J.;

2. Frank A.;

3. Annie P.;

4. Ella E.

[Family 51.] NEWTON BAXTER JONES,  pedigree as before: was born May 2, 1838, and married October 10, 1861, to Clarissa J., daughter of Norvel Barns, of Fairmont. He was killed August 22, 1877, by falling from a train. He was one of the brightest of men, and was his own greatest enemy. Children were:

1. Lucy A., married James B. Watkins---Family 109.

2. Elmer F.;

3. Ella P.;

4. Arthur M.;

5. John H.;

6. Brent H.;

7. Fred C.

[Family 52.] JOHN LUTHER JONES,Ã pedigree as before: was born August 22, 1840, and was married, June 8, 1885, at Watsonville, California, to Miss Adelia E. Hall, by Rev. W. J. O'Brien, of the Presbyterian Church. He is a member of the firm of Bullock & Jones, of San Francisco. He is one of the foremost business men of the West, having built himself up from comparatively limited means.

Hall Records (Part Two). 59


[Family 53.] THOMAS BENNETT HALL,Ä Asa and Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall,à Thomas and Jane (Bennett) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born December 31, 1825, and was married, September 20 1849, to Sarah A. Tibbs. They live at Bloomington, Illinois. He is a carpenter, and works, on fine work only, in the car shops of that place.

                      Children were:

1. Isabella Brandon, b. July 31, 1850.

2. William Tibbs, b. April 19, 1852. He is an engineer on the C. & A. R. R., Bloomington, Ill.

3. Emma Jane, b. March 30, 1854, d. October 10, 1858.

4. Louisa Anna, b. March 26, 1856. She is principal of Humboldt School, Alton, Ill.

5. Mary Lulu, b. March 13, 1858. She is Librarian of the C. and A. Library and Reading Room, Bloomington, Ill.

6. Charles Mortimer, b. March 25, 1860. He is yard-master of the M., K. & T. R. R., at Savannah, Indian Ty.

7. Gertrude Russel, b. March 23, 1862.

8. John Richard, b. January 31, 1864, d. Sept. 1, 1865.

9. Edwin Ruthven, b. May 15, 1865. He is fireman on the W., P. & St. L., of Springfield. Ill.

10. Kittie MeKelvey, b. April 6, 1868.

11. Harry Jesse, b. July 4, 1871 d. October 3, 1882.

[Family 54.] WILLIAM STEWART HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born October 12, 1827, and was married 1st, September 20, 1849, to Margaret Amos, who was born January 29, 1834, and by whom he had two children ; 2nd, February 16, 1865, to Harriet E. Artis, who was born April 21, 1835. He is a successful farmer, and lives at Danvers, Illinois.

                       Children are:

1. Virginia Rose, b. November 28, 1856, who was married, September 26, 1882, to J. Wilson George, a farmer. They also live at Danvers, Ill., and have a daughter.

2. Charles Homer, b. October 24, 1858.

By his second wife:

3. Maggie Frances, b. March 23, 1866.

4. Nannie A., b. March 8, 1868.

5. Nellie Jane, b. October 28, 1870, d. June 3, 1872.

6. George Willis, b. September 23, 1873.

[Family 55.] REUBFN HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born June 17, 1829, and was married, September 20, 1857, to

60 Hall Records.

Sarah J. Thomas, who was born March 27, 1840. He died March 11, 1882. He was a carpenter by trade, but for 15 years was a grain merchant, a partner of John Geltmaeher. At the close of the war, the great amount of grain he had on hand, and the reduction of prices caused him to "brake up;" after which, he resumed his trade, and bought grain on commission.

                        Children were:

        1.  Ardella, who was married, June 13, 1882, to Amos W. Rigby, of Lancaster, Ohio. He is engaged in the
             grocery business. She is still teaching in the Bloomington, Illinois, Public Schools.
        2. Alonzo F., b. June 9, 1860, who is a farmer, unmarried.

       3. Infant born and died in 1862.

       4. Infant born and died in 1864.

      5. Dollie Ann, b. June 4, 1866, and was married September 17, 1883, to James Rolofson, a farmer, of Wapella,      Illinois. She was in the senior class of the Bloomington High School, at the time of her marriage, and had taught
school one term. They have one child; Allen Earl, b. November 7, 1885.

    6. Minnie Belle, b. January 4, 1868. She is a tailoress.

[Family 56.] ARELA JANE HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born November 24, 1834, and married William Thornton Baker, October 19, 1854, and died October 2, 1863. They had some children. He owns a fine farm, and some fine horses, and also runs a blacksmith shop. He lives near Rivesville, Marion county.

[Family 57.] ALCINDA HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born June 29, 1837, and was married November 26, 1863, to Joseph Denning, of Bloomington, Illinois, where they now reside. He is a dairyman.

                         Children are:

              1. Charles Alvah, b. July 9, 1866.

    2. Nellie May, b. December 22, 1873. [Family 58.] JOHN NEWTON HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born August 24, 1839, and was married, December 31, 1882, to Annie Smith, who was born in Yorkshire, England, January 7, 1856. He is a veterinary surgeon, has fine property in Delavan, Illinois, and takes great pride in his fine horses.


             1.  May Belle, b. December 8, 1883.

[Family 59.] DAVID CALVIN HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born January 1, 1845, and was married 1st, to Elizabeth

Hall Records (Part Two). 61

A. Sabin, November 24, 1870; 2d, to Martha Lamb, who was a widow; in 1875. He did not send a record of his family.

[Family 60.] SYELUS HALL,Ä Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Hall,à Thomas and Jane (Bennett) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born September 16, 1828, and was married April 12, 1849, to Lucinda M. Hawkins, who was born April 12, 1826. They both were raised in what is now Marion county. They live near Pullman, Ritchie county, where he owns a fine farm, He is one of the substantial business men of that county.

                  Children were:

1. Charles E., b. Feb.21, 1850, and m. 1st, Mary E. Musgrave, March 4, 1869; 2d, Catharine Greggs.---Family 110.

2. Florence A., b. Nov. 8, 1851, and m. Morgan R. Prichard, Jan. 18, 1872. ---Family 111.

3. Ardenia L., b. Feb. 22, 1853, and m. Simon E. McDougal March 2, 1871. ---Family 112.

4. Leonard S., b. Nov. 9, 1854, and m. Mary Jane Veach, Feb. 2, 1879. ---------Family 113.

5. Lavernia B., b. Sept. 22, 1856, and m. Thomas S. Chipps, Feb.22, 1874.----Family 114.

6. Cordelia Alice, b. June 28, 1858, and m. Charles Nutter, May 29, 1879.-----Family 115.

7. Wilbert E., b. June 1, 1860.

8. Ishmael, S., b. Mardi 2, 1862.

9. Stewart L., b. Jan. 6, 1864.

10. Elza C., b. Dec. 7, 1866.

[Family 61.] LOUISA HALL,Ä pedigree as before : was born .June 22, 1832, and was married, October 23, 1855, to John E. Cole. They live near Farmington, Marion county.

                  Children are:

1. Frances 0.;

2. Frederick R.;

3. Reuben F.;

4. James S.;

5. Annie F.;

6. Mary F.;

7. Minnie C.

[Family 62.] STROTHER I. HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born July 20, 1835, and married 1st, Julianna F. Roberts, January 28, 1858; 2d, Mary A. Wells, December 20, 1874. He owns a farm near his father, at Gray's Flats, Marion county.

                   Children were:

1. Benitha C.;

2. Richard C.;

3. Reuben A.;

4. Sarah A.;

5. David W.;

6. Strother F.;

7. Harry C. B.;

8. Thomas R.

[Family 63.] LAVINIA HALL, pedigree as before: was born October 1, 1837, and married William Thornton Baker, (See Family 56), October 6, 1864.

62 Hall Records.

                  Children are:

1. Raydo;

2. Lawrence I.;

3. Annie M.;

4. Charley;

5. Infant not named, dead.

[Family 64.] FRANCES LAURA HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born June 3, 1850, and was married, December 22, 1874, to George Amos. He is Clerk of the County Court of Ritchie county, and is regarded as a man of excellent business qualifications. They have no children.

[Family 65.] ASBY HUNTER HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born April 24, 1854, and was married, March 25, 1879, to Olive M., daughter of George B. B. and Mary Zumbro. (See Family 196.) He is a successful merchant, and is located at Pullman, Ritchie county. He was a teacher for several years.

[Family 66.] ELAM F. PIGGOTT,Ä Jesse and Emma (Hall) Pigott,à Thomas and Jane (Bennett) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ was born December 29, 1839, and married Amanda H. Boggess, who was born July 16, 1842, February 22, 1866. He has accumulated a great amount of property. His address is Hessville, Harrison county.

                            Children are:

1. Laura May, b. Dec.11, 1866. She is a graduate of the Fairmont Normal School.

2. Chester Livingston, b. April 26,1867.

3. Ernest Llewellyn, b. Dec. 22, 1879.

4. Wilber Jesse, b. April 16, 1872.

5. Effie Leonora, b. July 29, 1873.

6. Luther Wesley, b. May 12, 1875.

[Family 67.] ELIZABETH J. PIGGOTT,Ä pedigree as before: was born December 22, 1841, and was married, April 2, 1868, to Jeremiah B. Cunningham, who was born April 11, 1847. He is a farmer. Post-office address is Wyatt, Harrison county, W. Va.

                 Children were:

1. Corrinna Lavinia, b. Feb.17, 1869.

2. Iva Eliza, b. Feb. 17, 1871.

3. Cecil Warren, b. July 26, 1874.

4. Clark Leslie, b. April 11, 1876, d. July 5, 1876.

5. Stella Florence, b. July 12, 1879, d. March 2, 1882.

[Family 68.] THOMAS RHEA HALL,Ä James S. and Sarah (Rhea) Hall,à Thomas and Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ :

Hall Records (Part Two). 63

was born February 10,1845, and was married, April 25, 1867, by Rev. J H. Flanagan, to Amanda M. Kincaid. She was born October 22, 1844. He is a farmer, and lives at Winfield, Marion county.

                    Children are:

1. Alice;

2. Willie;

3. Belle;

4. Jimmie;

5. Wilbert, and others.

[Family 69.] LEE ROY HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born August 13, 1846, and was married, September 13, 1869, to Mary Clayton. He is a farmer and lives near Rivesville, Marion county.

              Children are:

1. Clarence;

2. Lucy;

3. Dick.

[Family 70.] FRANCIS MARION HALL,Ä pedigree as before: was born February 1, 1849, and was married, March 10, 1870, to Melvina Vangilder, who was born September 16, 1841. He was a farmer and butcher. He was attacked with typhoid fever while at his father's, in Fairmont, which proved fatal, and he died August 7, 1876, aged 27 years, 6 months, and 6 days.

Child: Thomas. [Family 71.] MARTHA E. LOUGH,Ä Andrew and Jane (Hall) Lough,à Thomas and Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born January 29, 1836, and married Amos C. Anderson, November 15, 1856. They now live at Cool P.O., Cloud county, Kansas. He is a farmer.

                    Children were:

1. Virginia, b. Aug. 27, 1857.

2. Mary Almeda, b. Oct. 28, 1858, d. April 22, 1870.

3. Emma, b. Dec. 12, 1859, and m. J. Clark Cole, July 18, 1880.---Family 116.

4. Elpha, b. Nov. 7, 1860, and m. Grant Reppert, Dec. 24, 1883.---Family 117.

5. Ellery T., b. April 22, 1863.

6. Alfred b. June 11, 1866, d. April 26, 1870.

7. Melville b. Aug. 26, 1867, d. April 24, 1870.

8. Richard T., b. July 17, 1868, d. April 27, 1870.

9. Hiland A., b. Sept.28, 1869.

10. Sallie b. March 8, 1871.
11. Hattie L, b. Dec. 23, 1877.

12. Eber Clark, b. Nov. 25, 1879.

[Family 72.] THOMAS H. LOUGH,Ä pedigree as before: was born February 17, 1839, and was married to Laura Cole,

64 Hall Records.

October 19, 1865. He followed farming for a while, and became interested in milling, which he followed until he died, December 28, 1881. His wife and oldest son still own and run the fine mill property he had at Taylortown, Pennsylvania.

                  Children were:

1. James H., b. Nov. 5, 1866.

2. Valonia; b. July 25, 1868.

3. John A., b. June 22, 1870.

4. Rozella, b, Oct. 8, 1872.

5. Thomas C. b. June 30, 1875.

6. Forney, b. Oct 28, 1878.

7 and 8. Hermus and Herman, b. Feb. 24, 1882.

[Family 73.] CLARINDA LOUGH,Ä pedigree as before: was born April 3, 1841, and married, February 20, 1866, Mark Weaver, a farmer, of Monongalia county. He owns a good farm, and keeps flue horses.

                 Children are:

1. James E., b. March 4, 1870, d. April, 1872.

2. Mattie E., b. June 25, 1871.

3. Elmer G., b. July 25, 1873, d. July 21, 1885.

4. Spencer C., b. June 25, 1874.

5 and 6. Lavinia B. and Hosea B., b. March 25, 1876.

7. Arley, b. April 18, 1879, d. May 2, 1879.

8. Nettie A., b. Oct.18, 1881.

[Family 74.] ELLERY JUDSON LOUGH,Ä pedigree as before: was born September 13, 1843, and married Norcissus Neely, October 15, 1868. He is a carpenter.

                 Children are:

1. Arah Jane, b. Jan.11, 1870.

2. Buena Vista, b. Feb. 12, 1872.

3. Inez, b. Aug. 7, 1875.

4. Della Belle, b. Oct. 9, 1877.

5. Laura, b. March 30, 1880.

[Family 75.] JOSEPII MARSHALL LOUGH,Ä pedigree as before; was born June 11, 1845, and married Ellen Brand, February 10, 1869. He is a farmer, and lives at Coldwater, Doddridge county.

                           Children are:

1. Emery S., b. Feb. 24, 1870.

2. Sarah Miranda, b. Jan. 30, 1872.

3. Strawther, b. Jan. 26, 1880.

[Family 76.] LEMON ELZA HALL,Ä Thomas E. and Caroline (Durant) Hall,Ã Thomas and Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall,Â

Hall Records (Part Two). 65

Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born July 29, 1848, and was married December 25, 1873, by Rev. W. L. Hindman, to Mary Catharine Morris. He is a practicing physician.

Child: Winifred, b. Aug. 31, 1874. [Family 77.] EDWARD LIVINGSTON HALL,Ä pedigree as be-fore: was born March 7, 1851, and was married to Miss Alice May McIlvain, in Iowa, January 6, 1881. He is a farmer.

                   Children are:

1. Charles Leslie Gordon, b. Sept. 2,1882.

2. Jay Livingston, b. July 29, 1883.

[Family 78.] EMMA JENNIE HALL,Ä Ira Condit and Catharine W. S. (Barker) Hall,Ã Thomas and Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall,Â5 Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born August 15, 1853, and was married, October 27, 1875, to William J. Lynch. They now live in the West. He is a farmer.

                        Children are:

1. Eunice Viola, b. Feb. 8, 1877.

2. Ora Ethel, b. July 1, 1880.

3. Howard Homer, b. May 1O, 1882.

4. Infant.

[Family 79.] KATE L. HALL,Ä pedigree as before, except Cynthia (Glenn) Hall as her mother: was born May 17, 1862, and was married, September 1, 1881, to William J. Layfield, who was born February 12, 1857. He is a farmer. They live at Cairo, Ritchie county.

Child: Grace, b. June 12, 1882. [Family 89.] PROF. THOMAS CONDIT MILLER,Ä William E. and Nany J. (Hall) Millerà , Thomas and Elizabeth (Stewart) Hall , Asa and Sophia (White) HallÁ , Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born July 19, 1848. He attended the schools of Fairmont, which were then gotten up by subscription. He went into the army at seventeen, enlisting in the famous 7th Regiment, and served until the close of the war. He began teaching in 1867, in the Pitcher church, about three miles from Fairmont, before schoolhouses were built, under the Free School system. He met with success, and continued there for some time. All his spare time was occupied in improving himself for his chosen work. He was engaged in the Fairmont schools, both Public and Normal, and was highly commended for his work. He attended Adrian College, Michigan, but was prevented from graduating by failing health. He was offered the Principalship of

66 Hall Records.

the Fairmont schools, which he accepted, and still holds with great credit. He has made the school one of the very best in the State. He has been prominently identified with church matters, having been Superintendent of the M. P. Sabbath School, for a number of years, a position he now holds. He was happily married to Drusilla, daughter of Elmus and Louisa Hamilton, September 6, 1876, in the Methodist Protestant Church, by Rev. Conrad A. Sipe. As a friend, Mr. Miller is constant and generous; as a citizen, patriotic, public-spirited, and liberal; as a husband, obliging, affectionate, and gentle; he is ever ready to aid the poor. He was ordained for the ministry, but his voice is not sufficiently strong to engage in regular pastoral labor. He occasionally fills the pulpit of the. pastor, in Fairmont.

             Children are:

1. Archie Hamilton, b. Nov. 4, 1877.

2. Dwight Hall, b. Oct. 5, 1879.

3. Dana Paul, b. Oct. 6, 1883.

[Family 88.] ENOS MARION SHAW,Ä James and Minerva Stanley (Hall) Shaw,à Nathan and Permelia (Stanley) Hall, Asa and Sophia (White) Hall,Á Thomas and Rebecca (Story) HallÀ : was born December 26, 1838, and raised in Medina county, Ohio. He grew up on his father's farm. He was 23 years old at the breaking out of the rebellion. He enlisted in October, 1861, in Company E, 68th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, then being organized in northwestern Ohio, and served with the regiment till the close of the war, being mustered out at Louisville, Ky., July 10, 1865. His Lieutenant-Colonel at the organization of the regiment was R. R. Scott, afterwards Brigadier-General and brevet Major-General, and during the reconstruction period, military Governor of South Carolina, and I believe was afterwards elected for one or two terms to same office in South Carolina. His regiment formed a part of the 2d brigade, 3d division, 17th army corps. He was at the siege and capture of Fort Donelson; at Shiloh through the Vicksburg campaign; on the Meridan trip from Vicksburg; through the Atlanta campaign; with Sherman on the march to the sea, and again through the Carolinas; and was at Raleigh, North Carolina, when Lee and Johnson surrendered. From there he went to Washington and took part in the grand review. He was married, while on veteran furlough, May 1, 1864, to Sarah Jane Ford, who was born in Berkshire county, Massachusetts. He was married in Fulton county, Ohio, but soon went to Cameron, Missouri, where he engaged in the sale of agricultural implements, and where two of their children were born. He bought a farm at Spring

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