Maps of Harrison County

Modern maps, as well as historical maps, of Harrison County

Copyrighted 2000, Rand-McNally

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District map of Harrison County

Courtesy of Harrison County Genealogical Society

Harrison County Districts:  listing of the towns, runs, and communities in each of the districts

Map of District of West Augusta:  Including original counties, 1776.

1826 Map of western Virginia:  Historical 1826 map of northwestern VA, including parts of
   Pennsylvania and Maryland.

                          D.J. Lake's 1886 Atlas of all the Magisterial Districts of Harrison County:

This is an atlas mapping not only the districts of Harrison County, but the LAND OWNERS, TOO!
If you had an ancestor living in Harrison (who owned property), this will show you where he lived.
Though I optimized these maps for the internet, they are still very large.  Please allow plenty of
time for loading.  I will add each district as I am able, until all are uploaded.

District Map of Harrison County, 1886

Town of Shinnston, 1886 (Clay District)

Coal & Clark Districts, 1886:  These maps were the fuzziest, so I did the best I could in clarifying them.  Schools are marked in red, cemeteries in yellow, and the "Alms" House (poorhouse) in green.

Clay District, 1886:  Schools marked in red; cemeteries in yellow.

Eagle District, 1886:This map is made up of 2 files that I could not merge.

Elk District, 1886:  Cemeteries & schools listed; I wasn't able to
 merge the two maps, so there is a bit of space between:)

Grant District, 1886

Towns of Lost Creek & Rockford (Grant District)

Sardis District, 1886:  Schools are all marked with red; there weren't any cemeteries listed.

Tenmile District, 1886


Maptech Historical Maps: Online USGS maps from the early 1900's; selection of states to
choose from. They have online maps for 1925 & 1926 for Harrison County.  Fantastic resourse!

1933 map of Harrison County, including districts!- Donated by Art Zoller Wagner

Map of WV Counties Map of counties, as well as formation information; listing of all articles/books the WV Archives & History has regarding the counties.

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