Harrison County Marriage Records
Miscellaneous Harrison County Marriages, Book 12
     Copied at Harrison County Courthouse by N.L. Kotowski

(NOTE:  Individual single unless -d or -w follows the name of bride or groom)
  Marriages are listed in the order that they appear in Marriage Book 12; please use your
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Groom's Parents
Bride's Parents
Marriage Date/Loc
Morgan, Willie K
b. Catawba Co, NC
P.K. & J.C. Morgan
Hagerty, Della M
b. Harrison Co
H.L. & E.F. Hagerty
Jan 30, 1902
Heldreth, Willie
b. Harrison Co
John J. & Amelia C
Stires, Emma B
B. Harrison Co
J.H. & Luena Stires
Feb 20, 1902
Ashcraft, Howard
b. Harrison Co
Jefferson & Rachel Ashcraft
Lindsay, Columbia
b. Harrison Co
Mat & Elsie Jane Lindsay
Mar 22, 1902
Phillips, Harry A
b. Armstrong Co,
Samuel & Mary Phillips
Martin, Wilda
b. Harrison Co
A.C. & ?? Martin
Mar 27, 1902
Hurley, Peter
b. St. Clair Co, MI
Michael & Kate Hurley
Ashcraft, Mary E.
b. Harrison Co
Delbert & ?? Ashcraft
April 2, 1902
Evans, Daniel Eli
b. Green(e) Co, PA
Alfred & Elizabeth Evans
Burns, Clara May
b. Jackson Co, WV
Joseph T & Deborah Burns
April 8, 1902
Martin, Will
b. Lewis Co, WV
William & Margaret Martin
Walker, Lummie
b. Harrison Co, 
Lummie Walker
July 1, 1902
Parrish, Lee O
b. Marion Co
Edward & Elizabeth Parrish
Haught, Sallie M.
b. Marion Co
Peter & ?? Haught
July 3, 1902
Harrison Co
Hargerty, Lloyd E.-d
b. Harrison Co
A.A. & Louisa Hagerty
Ashcraft, Lillie
b. Harrison Co
Jno. N & Martha Ashcraft
July 4, 1902
Cunningham Run, Harrison Co
Lyon, Porter-w
b. Harrison Co
Eby & Julia Ann Lyon
Heldreth, Ida J.-w
b. Harrison Co
Burgus & Clara Robinson
July 13, 1902
Harrison Co
Allen, Henry Allen
b. Harrison Co
Elbert & Mary N. Allen
Robey, Savanna
b. Harrison Co
Jermiah H & Mary S. Robey
Aug 10, 1902
Harrison Co
Heldreth, Omer E
b Harrison Co
B.H. & Sarah E. Heldreth
Dean, L. Verda
b. Harrison Co
Isaac & ?? Dean
Sep 3, 1902
Harrison Co
Moore, Milton
b. Marion Co
Archie & Lucinda Moore
Bock, May
b. Ritchie Co., WV
Greenberry & Ellen Bock
Oct 18, 1902
Harrison Co
Shrader, J.R.
b. Marion Co
(no parents listed)
Ashcraft, Alice M
b. Harrison Co
(no parents listed)
Oct 18, 1902
Harrison Co
Watson, Thomas W.
b. Harrison Co
Abraham & Lucinda Watson
Ashcraft, Nettie
b. Harrison Co
Ferd & Hellen Ellen Ashcraft
Oct 25, 1902
Harrison Co
Wilkinson, Frank M
b. Harrison Co
H.P. & Mary C. Wilkinson
Shreves, Nancy Agnes
b. Harrison Co
J.S. & Mary M Shreves
Nov 16, 1902
Boothesville, Marion Co
Hildreth, Arles Bruer (?)
b. Marion Co
J.L. & Rosa Hildreth
Nay, Flora
b. Harrison Co
Edgar J. Nay
Jan 18, 1903

Submitted by Ralph Lotshaw
Harrison County Marriage Book 4

Shaver, Hiram
Latshaw, Charlotte 
Oct 13, 1825
Harrison Co


Submitted by Nancy

Hymes, William Howard
b. Harrison Co
James R & Oma Hymes
Ashcraft, Ester Mae
Dec 29, 1944
Harrison Co
Ritter, John Statue
b.  Harrison Co
22 years
George Calvin Ritter & Almira Bird Davisson Ritter   Hendrix, Edna Geneva 
b. Wetzel Co
 18 years
George W. Hendrix & Susan Geneva
Harrison Hendrix
July 11, 1911
Harrison Co
 Ritter, Harold Webster
27 years
John Statue Ritter and Edna Geneva Hendrix Ritter  Laffey, Beatrice Elizabeth
24 years

Timothy A. Laffey and Mary Elizabeth
Shaughnessy Laffey.
Sept.  27, 1939
Harrison Co


Submitted by Marlene

 BK 5, pg. 6 Coleman G. Brown, 20 yrs, 9 mo, 
     13 da
William F. & Elizabeth Brown Emily Jane Lee,
16 yrs, 9 mo, 
    19 da
William & Louisa
June 10, 1855,
Harrison Co