"The Fate of John McIntire and Wife"
from Mound Builders, Indians and Pioneers
by William B. Price

   "As John McIntire and his wife were returning home from a visit to a neighbor
in May 1791, they passed through the yard of Uriah Ashcraft.  Soon afterward
Mr. Ashcraft was startled by the growling of one of his dogs, and hastening to the door,
he espied an Indian. Closing the door, he ascended the stairs and endeavored to shoot
the savage from a window, but his gun snapped. Observing other Indians close at hand he
shouted for help, and they retreated.  Three of McIntire's brothers coming up, Ashcraft
explained the situation and the four started off in pursuit.  About a mile from the house,
they found the body of John McIntire, who had been killed and scalped.  Concluding that
Mrs. McIntire (whom they knew to be with him) was taken prisoner, they sent to Clarksburg
for assistance to go to her rescue.  A company of eleven men started shortly afterwards,
in pursuit of the Indians.  Led by Colonels George Jackson and John Haymond, who traced them
as far as Middle Island Creek.  Here six men, William Haymond, George Jackson,
Benjamin Robinson, N. Carpenter, John Haymond, and John Halbert*, were chosen to go
ahead of the horses and follow the trail. They soon came upon the savages and attacked them,
mortally wounding one of them.  After a short encounter the Indians fled, leaving their
plunder behind them and further pursuit was abandoned.  Among the articles which they left
was the scalp of Mrs. McIntire, whose body was afterwards found near that of her husband."
*Please note that John Halbert was probably John HARBERT.