Guide to the families included in Richard Miller's
"The Hall Records, Genealogical & Biographical"

This guide was generated by Dave Steven's for his own research use.  Dave
passed it onlong to me in hopes that it would help other Thomas Hall researchers.
This guide includes all children mentioned by name

Page numbers are shown as 9/21, first number refers to Dave's own
reformatted version, the second to the original version which appears online.

g1 Thomas Hall m Rebecca Story [Lane? See p 38/67 (dfs)] 9/21

    g2 Parthena Hall m Isaac Mason 10/23 g3 Mary (Polly) Mason m William Dugan 12/26 g4 Parthena Dugan m Randall McKinney g5 William J. McKinney g4 Elizabeth Dugan
g4 Sally Dugan m Thomas Malugin
g4 Nathan Dugan m Lettice Hamilton 12/26 g5 William Allen Dugan
g5 John Belle Dugan
g5 Mary Dugan
g5 Thomas Dugan
g5 Joseph Dugan
g5 Martha Dugan
g5 Louisa Dugan
g5 Sally Dugan
g5 Udorah Dugan
g5 Parthena Dugan
g5 Lulu Eleanor Dugan
m2 Mrs. Rebecca Berry
g5 Allen Gary Dugan
g5 Isaac Hill Dugan
g5 Willey Nathan Dugan
g5 Fanny Elizabeth Dugan
g3 Abram Mason m Margaret (Peggy) Currey 12/26 g4 Parthena Hall Mason m Nelson Tarver 12/26 g5 Thomas Tarver
g5 Green Smith Tarver
g5 Susannah Tarver
g5 Mary Ann Tarver m ??? Trutt
g5 William Brooks Tarver m Martha Currey
g5 John Wesley Tarver
g5 Sara Elizabeth Tarver
g5 Nancy Jane Tarver
g5 Rebecca Mason Tarver
g4 Ezekial Brown Lee Mason m Camden Hubbard Walden (dau John & Sarah Walden) 12/27 g5 Joseph Reese Mason
g5 John Walden Mason m Elizabeth Phillips g6 Tennessee Camden Mason
g6 Franklin Lee Mason
g5 Abram Hall Mason
g5 Green Hill Mason
g5 Sally Martha Jane Mason
g5 Franklin Mason m Harriet Ann Atkins
g4 Elizabeth (Betsy) Mason m Benjamin F. Collingsworth 13/27 g5 Robert Mason Collingsworth
g5 James Monroe Collingsworth m Martha Sorrow
g5 Margaret Elizabeth Collingsworth m James Cox
g5 Susan Jane Collingsworth m Thomas Cradock
g5 John F. Collingsworth
g5 Sarah Ann Collingsworth
g5 Benjamin Franklin Collingsworth
g5 Martha Parthena Collingsworth m Samuel Dunaway
g5 Mary Caroline Collingsworth
g5 Andrew Jackson Collingsworth
g5 Nancy Rebecca Collingsworth
g4 Isaac Hall Mason m Rebecca Ferguson 12/27 g5 William Mason
g5 Benjamin Chesterfield Mason
g5 Abram Hall Mason
g5 Frances Mason
g5 Margaret Parthena Mason m Green Wortham
m2 Mary A. E. Cox
g5 Thomas Mason
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Parthena Hall/Isaac Mason g3 Abram Mason/Margaret Currey
g4 Isaac Hall Mason/Mary Cox (cont): g5 Lycurgus Mason 13/28 g4 Green Hill Mason m Frances C. Wood 13/28 g5 Robert Wood Mason m Martha Heron
g5 Margaret Ann Mason
g5 Abram Currey Mason
g5 Sarah Eveline Mason m Dr. Benjamin F. Watkins
g5 Parthena Mason
g5 Martha Rebecca Mason m John Heron
g5 James Mason
g5 Mary Camden Mason m ??? Stovall
g5 William Hall Mason m Laura Hudgeroy
g4 Mary (Polly) Mason m George P. Lane 13/28 g5 Sally Elgin Lane m James R. Brown
g5 Martha Emily Lane m Samuel Wilson
g5 Mary Elizabeth Lane
g5 Laura Lane
g5 Sarah Eliza Lane
g5 Thomas Lane m Jane Corten
g5 Milton Taylor Lane
g5 Margaret Ann Lane
g4 Sally Mason m James R. Brown
g4 Martha Henneger Mason m Andrew McCleary 13/28 g5 Prudence McCleary
g5 Samuel McCleary m Sally Warren
g5 Margaret Parthena McCleary
g5 Elizabeth Ann McCleary
g5 Andrew Currey McCleary m Elizabeth Hamilton
g5 Martha Frances McCleary m Willis Bennett
g5 Robert Hill McCleary
g5 Mary Abigail McCleary m Charles Fitzgerald
g5 Nancy Rebecca McCleary m William Powell
g5 Isabella McCleary
g4 Nancy Mason m Thomas Dungan 13/28 g5 Mary Jane Dungan m Robert Burns
g5 William Abram Dungan m Mary Adams
g5 Isaac Andrew Allen Dungan
g5 James Dungan
g5 Thomas Hill Dungan m Rebecca Clanton
g5 Sally Martha Frances Dungan
g3 Isaac Mason m Sally ??? 13/28
g3 Jacob Mason m Martha Currey
g3 Catharine Mason m Timothy Twigg
g3 Rebecca Mason
g3 Joseph Mason m Edith McClure
g3 Thomas Mason m Eleanor Guthrie 13/29
g3 Elizabeth Mason
g3 Rynear Hall Mason m Elizabeth Moss 14/29
m2 ??? Bennett
m3 ??? ???
g2 Asa Hall m Sophia White (dau James & Margaret White; another dau m Elisha Bratton) 14/30 g3 Thomas Hall m Jane Bennett (dau Abraham & Catharine Roberts Bennett) 15/31 g4 Asa Hall m Elizabeth Stewart (dau William & Elizabeth Stewart) 21/41 g5 Thomas Bennett Hall (fam 53) m Sarah A. Tibbs 33/59 g6 Isabella Brandon Hall
g6 William Tibbs Hall
g6 Emma Jane Hall
g6 Louisa Anna Hall
g6 Mary Lulu Hall
g6 Charles Mortimer Hall
g6 Gertrude Russel Hall
g6 John Richard Hall
g6 Edward Ruthven Hall
g6 Kittie McKelvey Hall
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Asa Hall/Sophia White g3 Thomas Hall/Jane Bennett g4 Asa Hall/Elizabeth Stewart
g5 Thomas Bennett Hall/Sarah Tibbs (cont): g6 Harry Jesse Hall 33/59 g5 William Stewart Hall m Margaret Amos 33/59 g6 Virginia Rose Hall m J. Wilson George
g6 Charles Homer Hall
m2 Harriet E. Artis
g6 Maggie Frances Hall
g6 Nannie A. Hall
g6 Nellie Jane Hall
g6 George Willis Hall
g5 Reuben Hall m Sarah J. Thomas 33/59 g6 Ardella Hall m Amos W. Rigby
g6 Alonzo F. Hall
g6 Dollie Ann Hall m James Rolofson g7 Allen Earl Rolofson g6 Millie Belle Hall
g5 Elizabeth Dorothy Hall
g5 Martha Anna Hall
g5 Arela Jane Hall m William Thornton Baker 34/60
g5 Alcinda Hall m Joseph Denning 34/60 g6 Charles Alvah Denning
g6 Nellie May Denning
g5 John Newton Hall m Annie Smith 34/60 g6 Mary Belle Hall g5 Sarah Emeline Hall
g5 David Calvin Hall (fam 59) m Elizabeth A. Sabin 34/60 m2 Mrs. Martha Lamb
g4 Catharine Hall
g4 Reuben Hall m Anna Stewart (dau William & Elizabeth Stewart; sis of wife of g4 Asa) 22/41 g5 Syelus Hall (fam 60) m Lucinda M. Hawkins 34/61 g6 Charles E. Hall (fam 110) m Mary E. Musgrave m2 Catharine Greggs g6 Florence A. Hall m Morgan R. Prichard
g6 Ardenia L. Hall m Simon E. McDougal
g6 Leonard S. Hall m Mary Jane Veach
g6 Lavernia B. Hall m Thomas S. Chipps
g6 Cordelia Alice Hall m Charles Nutter (fam 115)
g6 Wilbert E. Hall
g6 Ishmael S. Hall
g6 Stewart L. Hall
g6 Elza C. Hall
g5 Louisa Hall m John E. Cole 34/61 g6 Frances O. Cole
g6 Frederick R. Cole
g6 Reuben F. Cole
g6 James S. Cole
g6 Annie F. Cole
g6 Mary F. Cole
g6 Minnie C. Cole
g5 Strother I. Hall m Julianna F. Roberts 35/61 g6 Benitha C. Hall
g6 Richard C. Hall
g6 Reuben A. Hall
g6 Sarah A. Hall
g6 David W. Hall
g6 Strother F. Hall
g6 Harry C. B. Hall
g6 Thomas R. Hall
g5 Lavinia Hall m William Thornton Baker (wid g5 Arela Jane Hall) 35/61 g6 Raydo Baker
g6 Lawrence I. Baker
g6 Annie M. Baker
g6 Charley Baker
g5 Julia A. Hall
g5 William S. Hall
g5 Frances Laura Hall m George Amos 35/62
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Asa Hall/Sophia White g3 Thomas Hall/Jane Bennett
g4 Reuben Hall/Anna Stewart (cont): g5 Ashby Hunter Hall (fam 65) m Olive M. Zumbro (dau George B. B. & g4 Mary Hall Zumbro) 35/62 g4 Isaac Hall
g4 Maria Hall
g4 Emma Hall m Jesse Piggott 22/42 g5 Elam F. Piggott (fam 66) m Amanda H. Boggess 35/62 g6 Laura May Piggott
g6 Chester Livingston Piggott
g6 Ernest Llewellyn Piggott
g6 Wilber Jesse Piggott
g6 Effie Leonora Piggott
g6 Luther Wesley Piggott
g5 Elizabeth J. Piggott (fam 67) m Jeremiah B. Cunningham 35/62 g6 Corrinna Lavinia Cunningham
g6 Iva Eliza Cunningham
g6 Cecil Warren Cunningham
g6 Clark Leslie Cunningham
g6 Stella Florence Cunningham
g5 Almira F. Piggott
g5 Thomas Golden Piggott
g5 Annie E. Piggott
g5 Luther C. Piggott
m Elizabeth Stewart (dau John & Mary Robes Stewart) g4 James S. Hall m Sarah Rhea (dau Thomas Rhea) 23/43 g5 Thomas Rhea Hall (fam 68) m Amanda M. Kincaid 36/62 g6 Alice Hall
g6 Willie Hall
g6 Belle Hall
g6 Jimmie Hall
g6 Wilbert Hall
g5 Lee Roy Hall m Mary Clayton 36/63 g6 Clarence Hall
g6 Lucy Hall
g6 Dick Hall
g5 Francis Marion Hall (fam 70) m Melvina Vangilder 36/63 g6 Thomas Hall g5 E. Helen Hall
g5 Samantha Jane Hall
g5 Harriet Ann Hall
g4 Jane Hall m Andrew Lough 23/43 g5 Martha E. Lough (fam 71) m Amos C. Anderson 36/63 g6 Virginia Anderson
g6 Mary Alameda Anderson
g6 Emma Anderson m J. Clark Cole (fam 116)
g6 Elpha Anderson m Grant Reppert (fam 117)
g6 Ellery T. Anderson
g6 Alfred Anderson
g6 Melville Anderson
g6 Richard T. Anderson
g6 Hiland A. Anderson
g6 Sallie Anderson
g6 Hattie L. Anderson
g6 Eber Clark Anderson
g5 James H. Lough
g5 Thomas H. Lough m Laura Cole 36/63 g6 James H. Lough
g6 Valonia Lough
g6 John A. Lough
g6 Rozella Lough
g6 Thomas C. Lough
g6 Forney Lough
g6 (twins) Hermus Lough and Herman Lough
g5 Clarinda Lough m Mark Weaver 37/64 g6 James E. Weaver
g6 Mattie E. Weaver
g6 Elmer G. Weaver
g6 Spencer C. Weaver
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Asa Hall/Sophia White g3 Thomas Hall/Elizabeth Stewart g4 Jane Hall/Andrew Lough
g5 Clarinda Lough/Mark Weaver (cont): g6 (twins) Lavinia B. Weaver and Hosea B. Weaver 37/64
g6 Arlie Weaver
g6 Nettie A. Weaver
g5 Ellery Judson Lough m Norcissus Neely 37/64 g6 Arah Jane Lough
g6 Buena Vista Lough
g6 Inez Lough
g6 Della Belle Lough
g6 Laura Lough
g5 Joseph Marshall Lough (fam 75) m Ellen Brand 37/64 g6 Emery S. Lough
g6 Sarah Miranda Lough
g6 Strawther Lough
g5 Harriet C. Lough
g4 John S. Hall
g4 Thomas Enos Hall m Louisa Caroline Duran 23/44 g5 Frances A. Hall
g5 Lemon Elza Hall (fam 76) m Mary Catharine Morris 37/64 g6 Winifred Hall g5 Edward Livingston Hall (fam 77) m Alice May McIlvain 37/64 g6 Charles Leslie Gordon Hall
g6 Jay Livingston Hall
g5 Harriet Josephine Hall
g5 Charles W. Hall
g5 J. Willis L. Hall
g4 Rachel Willis Hall
g4 Ira Condit Hall m Catharine W. S. Barker 24/44 g5 Emma Jennie Hall (fam 78) m William J. Lynch 37/64 g6 Eunice Viola Lynch
g6 Ora Ethel Lynch
g6 Howard Homer Lynch
m2 Cynthia Glenn g5 Kate L. Hall (fam 79) m William J. Layfield 37/64 g6 Grace Layfield g4 Nancy Juritta Hall m William Edmund Miller 24/44 g5 Thomas Condit Miller (fam 80) m Drusilla Hamilton (dau Elmus & Louisa Hamilton) 38/64 g6 Archie Hamilton Miller
g6 Dwight Hall Miller
g6 Dana Paul Miller
g5 Charles Albert Miller
g5 Annie Belle Miller
g5 Buena Vista Miller
g5 Richard Samuel Miller
g5 Mattie Abigail Miller
g4 Harriet Newel Hall
g3 Reuben Hall 14/30
g3 Elisha Hall m Catharine Bennett (dau Abraham & Catherine Roberts Bennett) 16/32 g4 Sophia White Hall m ??? ??? 24/45 g5 dau m John F. Martin (fam 81) g4 Rachel Hall
g4 Phebe Ann Hall m ??? Swiger [John? see letter on p 17/34 of Records (dfs)] 25/46
g4 Ruth Eliza Hall m James Gifford 25/46 g5 Catharine Mary Gifford m Christian M. Smith (fam 82)
g5 Nancy Maria Gifford m Peter Harmon
g5 Ermina Deborah Gifford m James E. Martin
g5 Phebe Ann Gifford m Alex. Lamb (fam 85)
g5 Elisha Hall Gifford
g5 Eliza Jane Gifford
m2 Enos Smith
g4 Abraham Bennett Hall
g4 Benoni Allen Hall
m2 Sarah Swiger
g4 Asa V. Hall
g4 Silas J. Hall (fam 20) m ??? ??? 25/46
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Asa Hall/Sophia White g3 Elisha Hall/Catharine Bennett
g4 Silas J. Hall/??? ??? (cont): g5 M. A. Hall 25/46
g5 Huldah J. Hall
g5 B. A. Hall
g4 Erastus P. Hall
g4 Saphrona P. Hall m ??? Lang 25/46 g5 Sarah Begina Lang
g5 Mary A. Lang
g5 Theresa C. Lang
g5 Charlotte B. Lang
g5 Eleanor V. Lang
g4 Elisha P. Hall m Elizabeth Nay 25/47 g5 Nancy A. Hall m Andrew J. Moran (fam 85)
g5 Sarah E. Hall
g5 Fabius E. Mc. Hall
g5 Mary L. Hall m Charles M. Lang (fam 87)
g5 John E. Hall
g5 Charles S. Hall
g5 Julia Ann Hall
g5 Emmanuel Hall
g5 James L. Hall
g5 Benjamin Hall
g5 Ida B. Hall
g5 Emily Hall
g4 Fabius E. Hall (fam 23) m Sara Jane Nay 26/47 g5 Saphrona S. Hall
g5 Emma J. Hall
g5 William Sherman Hall
g5 Loretta B. Hall
g5 Joseph M. Hall
g5 Estelle M. Hall
g5 Mary J. Hall
g5 Ada D. Hall
g3 Nathan Hall m Permelia Stanley (dau Alex. Stanley) 18/35 g4 Minerva Stanley Hall (fam24) m James Shaw 26/47 g5 Enos Marion Shaw (fam 88) m Sarah Jane Ford 38/66 g6 Annie Azelia Shaw
g6 Alice Martha Shaw
g6 Charles Enos Shaw
g6 Edith Marion Shaw
g5 Azelia Permelia Shaw (fam 89) m Henry Groff Tingley 38/67 g6 Harry A. Tingley
g6 Cora Alice Tingley
g6 Fannie E. Tingley
g4 Nabby Melissa Hall m Elmer O. Johnson 26/47 g5 Melissa Johnson
g5 Franklin Johnson (fam 90) m Alice Myers 39/67
g4 Ezra Silas Hall
g4 Elizabeth Phebe Hall m Seymour H. Tillotson 26/48 g5 Julia Sophia Tillotson (fam 91) m Nelson D. King 39/68
g5 Laura Maria Tillotson m Lewis C. Shorno 39/68 g6 Mary Elizabeth Shorno g5 George E. Tillotson (fam 93) m Eve Elizabeth ??? 39/68
g5 Charles V. Tillotson
m2 ??? ???
g4 Esther Clarinda Hall m Sidney Miller 26/48 g5 Lydia Melvina Miller (fam 94) m Edward M. Shipman 39/68
g5 Silas Nathan Miller m Alminda Dundas 39/68
g5 Emma Elizabeth Miller
g5 John Edwin Miller (fam 96) m Jennie Jones 39/68
g4 John Edwin Hall (fam 28) m Lucy A. Hamilton (dau Ira S. & Caroline Hamilton) 26/48 g5 Ernest Sylvester Hall
g5 Emmet Ellsworth Hall (fam 97) m Cora Belle Yarwood (dau Norman B. & Lizzie Yarwood) 39/68
g5 Helen Marmarion Hall
g5 Cora Idell Hall
g5 Albert Sylvanus Hall
g5 Guy Eugene Hall
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Asa Hall/Sophia White g3 Nathan Hall/Permelia Stanley g4 John Edwin Hall/Lucy Hamilton (cont): g5 Vesta Amelia Hall 27/48
g5 Nathan Hall
g4 Jonas Allen Hall m Rebecca A. Stanley 27/49 g5 Esther J. Hall (fam 98) m William Corbitt 39/69
g5 Alice M. Hall (fam 99) m Elias Shults 39/69
g5 Ella M. Hall
g5 Eli D. Hall
g5 Ida C. Hall
g5 Emma L. Hall
g4 Joanna Maria Hall
g4 Amos Charles Drelincourt Hall (fam 29) m Alice L. Dundas 27/49 g5 James Abiff Hall (fam 100) m Ella M. Gait 39/69 g6 Varro Eugene Hall g5 Ray Clinton Hall
g5 Mary Alice Hall
m2 Mrs. Lucy Ann Skillen (dau Foster S. Green)
g5 Glen Amos Hall
g5 Frank Leslie Hall
g3 Elizabeth Hall m Moses Shinn 18/37 g4 Jazamiah Shinn g3 John Hall m Dorcas Snyder (or Snider) 18/37 g4 Aseneth Hall (fam 30) m Scott Hess 29/51 g5 John Hess (fam 101)
g5 James A. Hess
m2 Maria C. Hare
g4 James Alvah Hall (fam 31) m Edith Ann Hughes 29/51 g5 Laura Louisa Hall
g5 Homer Theadore Hall
g5 John Hughes Hall
g5 Virginia Agnes Hall
g5 Winter Lee Hall
g5 Marcus William Hall (fam 102) m Ida Lowe (dau Robert Lowe) 40/69
g4 Silas Warwick Hall m Cecelia B. Jackson 29/52 g5 Willey Hall g4 Martha Eleanor Hall m William E. Drummond 29/52 g5 Mary Drummond m ??? Hall (fam 103)
g5 Lloyd L. Drummond
g5 Ila L. Drummond
g4 Ashbel Green Fairchild Hall m Mattie C. Williamson 29/53 g5 Edgar M. Hall
g5 Harry O. Hall
m2 Malian Dorsey
g4 Ozias Wilber Hall
g4 Ellery Robinson Hall m Celinda V. Fleming 30/53 g5 Carrie Maria Hall
g5 Annie Laura Letetia Hall (fam 104) m Gustavus A. Vockrodt 40/69 g6 Franklin Albert Vockrodt g5 Frank Pierpoint Hall
g4 Festus Brooks Hall 30/55
g4 Sylvanus Wilson Hall m Mary Isabella Gantz 31/55 g5 Lola Bird Hall
g5 Willey Harrison Hall
g5 Mary Isabella Hall
g5 Charlie Wilson Hall
g5 Georgia Ella Hall
g4 John Lowry Smith Hall (fam 38) 31/56
g3 Silas Hall
g3 Allen Hall m Elizabeth Ice (dau Frederick Ice) 20/38 g4 Elmira Hall (fam 39) m T. F. Conaway 31/56 g5 Nora Conaway m Madison F. King
g5 Harry Conaway
g4 Izri Hall m Margaret Dodd 31/56 g5 Frederick A. Hall g4 Mary Hall m George B. B. Zumbro 31/56 g5 Lucretia J. Zumbro m M. C. Young (fam 105)
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Asa Hall/Sophia White g3 Allen Hall/Elizabeth Ice
g4 Mary Hall/George Zumbro (cont): g5 Olive M. Zumbro m g5 Ashby Hunter Hall (fam 106) 35/62
g5 Carrie Zumbro
g4 Andrew Ice Hall m Virginia Cramer 31/56 g5 Ambrose Cramer Hall
g5 Louis Allen Hall (fam 107)
g5 Thomas Franklin Hall m ??? Gould (fam 108)
g5 Frances Hall
g4 Jabez L. Hall
g4 Elizabeth S. Hall m Samuel N. Whoolery 32/57
g4 John Allen Hall m Julia Starchman 32/57
g4 Roxamma [or Roxana] M. Hall m Rev. James A. Lancaster 32/57 g5 James Lancaster
g5 Minnie Lancaster
g4 Jesse C. Hall (fam 46) m Elizabeth Holland 32/57
g3 Phebe Hall m John Jones (son Joshua & Jane Jones) 21/39 g4 Elizabeth Maria [or Marie] Jones (fam 47) m Larkin Pierpoint 32/57 g5 J. Edwin Pierpoint
g5 Julia A. Pierpoint
g5 Z___ Pierpoint
g5 Kate Pierpoiont
g5 Ella Pierpoint
g5 Rosie P. Pierpoint
g5 Ollie Pierpoint
g5 George B. Pierpoint
g4 Minerva Adaline Jones
g4 Ella Sophia Jones m g4 Ephraim Benoni Hall 32/57
g4 Ann Eliza Jones m g4 John Newton Hall 32/57 g5 Willie Arthur Hall
g5 Charles Homer Hall
g5 Ann Eliza Hall
g4 Mary Jane Jones m Rev. Hugh O. Rosborough 32/58 g5 John J. Rosborough
g5 Frank A. Rosborough
g5 Annie P. Rosborough
g5 Ella E. Rosborough
g4 Newton Baker [or Baxter] Jones m Clarissa J. Barns (dau Norvel Barns) 32/58 g5 Lucy A. Jones m James B. Watkins (fam 109)
g5 Elmer F. Jones
g5 Ella P. Jones
g5 Arthur M. Jones
g5 Brent H. Jones
g5 Fred C. Jones
g4 John Luther Jones (fam 52) m Adelia E. Hall 32/58
g2 Jordan Hall m Nancy Neal 40/73 g3 Rebecca Hall m Joseph Brummage 40/74 g4 Nelson Brummage g3 Rynear Hall m Susannah Lowe 41/74 g4 Jordan Hall m Mary Salina Morris m2 Elizabeth Swiger g4 Asa Lowe hall
g4 Elizabeth Hall
g4 Charles Swearingen Hall m Sarah F. Arnold
g4 Ephraim Benoni Hall m g4 Ella Sophia Jones (dau John & g3 Phebe Hall Jones) 32/57
g4 John Newton Hall m g4 Ann Eliza Jones (dau John & g3 Phebe Hall Jones) 32/57
g4 Rebecca Hall m Joseph S. Morris
g4 (twin) Nathan Harrison Hall
g4 (twin) Moses Allen Hall m Fidelia Martin
g4 Robert Felix Hall m Sarah J. Hayhurst
g4 Rynear Milton Hall m Sarah A. Duvall
g4 Seth Enos Hall
g4 Isaac Courtney Hall
g4 James Nelson Hall
g3 Mary Hall m Abram Barnes 40/74 g4 Peter Barnes
g4 William Barnes
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story
          g2 Jordan Hall/Nancy Neal
                          g3 Mary Hall/Abram Barnes (cont): g4 Thomas Barnes 40/74 g3 Asa Hall 40/74
g3 Fannie Hall m Daniel Holland 4174 g4 Isaac Holland g3 William N. Hall m Elizabeth Courtney 41/74
g3 Jordan Hall m Matilda Snell 41/74 g4 Edgar M. Hall
g4 Eugeas F. Hall
g4 Joseph I. Hall
g3 James Hall m Elizabeth Yates 42/76 g4 Oliver C. Hall m Jane Medry
g4 Nancy M. Hall m Michael Deck
g4 John C. Hall m Laura Willey
g4 Rebecca Hall m Daniel Arnett
g4 Matilda Hall m David Bice 42/76 g5 Flora A. Bice m T. B. Cross g6 Spurgon Blair Cross
g6 Diana Ward Cross
g6 David Franklin Cross
g4 Fanny Hall m Samuel Knight
g4 William Harrison Hall
g4 Martin Hall
g4 Jordan Clay Hall m Louisa Hall
g4 Mary Jane Hall m James K. P. Yates
g2 Rynear Hall m Eleanor Haymond 43/77
g2 Nathan Hall m Elizabeth (nee George) Robinson 45/81 g3 Mary Hall m William Warder
g3 ???(dau) Hall m ??? Williamson g4 ???(dau) Williamson m A. G. Hall g3 Jesse Hall m Sarah Bryan 45/81 g4 Matthew R. Hall
g4 Elizabeth Hall
g4 Nancy B. Hall
g4 Nathan Hall
g4 Frances Hall
g4 George B. Hall
g4 Ashford Hall m Mary Blume 45/81 g5 Flora Hall
g5 Luella Hall
g4 William Hall
g3 Nathan Hall m Mary Means 46/82 g4 Isaac Hall m Catharine Jones m2 ??? Reade g4 Lucy Ann Hall m Jacob Miller
g4 Jesse Hall
g4 Cyrene Hall m William Kincaid
g4 Jacob M. Hall
g4 Elizabeth Hall m Israel Forman
g4 William K. Hall m Abalone Knotts g5 James K. Hall g4 Wilbur F. Hall m Priscilla Marquis
g4 Nathan Hall m Maria Marquis
g4 Mary C. Hall m Lucas Forman
g4 Sarah Hall m Jacob J. Shroyer
g2 Allen Hall m Nancy Thrapp 46/83 g3 Jordan Hall m Jalianna Stean [Julianna Steen] 47/84 g4 Allen Findley Hall 50/89
g4 Nancy Hall
g4 Julianna Hall
g4 Emma Hall
g4 Ulysses Custer Hall
g4 Mary Hall
g4 Matilda Hall
g4 Eleanor Hall m James Colville 50/89
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Allen Hall/Nancy Thrapp
              g3 Jordan Hall/Julianna Steen
                         g4 Eleanor Hall/James Colville (cont): g5 Della Steen Colville
g5 Desso Vastine Colville 50/89
g5 Darwin Otto Colville
g3 Sarah Hall m Shadrack Ruark 47/86 g4 Malinda Ruark
g4 Parthena Ann Ruark
g4 Milton Riley Ruark
g4 James McKendre Ruark
g4 Caroline Matilda Ruark
g3 Parthena Hall m John Price 47/86 g4 Allen Hall Price
g4 Nancy Price
g4 Rebecca Emeline Price
g3 Delila Hall
g3 James Hall m Cynthia L. Johnson 48/86 g4 Minerva Ann Hall m Christopher Broaddus 51/89 g5 Cynthia Lovernia Broaddus m Hiram V. Crossland 51/89 g6 George Marshall Crossland
g6 Cynthia Venton Crossland
g6 Viola June Crossland
g6 Hiram Edward Crossland
g5 Helen M. Broaddus
g5 James Hall Broaddus
g5 Jessica Harriet Broaddus m Landon H. Tarr 51/90 g6 Winnifred Harriet Tarr
g6 Lamont Broaddus Tarr
g6 Albertus Guy Tarr
g5 Lucy Jane Broaddus m Charles D. Dissonsway 51/90
g5 Florence Emma Broaddus
g5 Marshall Hall Broaddus
g5 Almedia Gayle Broaddus
g5 Alice Virginia Broaddus
g4 Barzilla Hall m Mary A. Long 51/90 g5 James H. Hall
g5 Jesse Quinn Hall m Lizzie Zimmerman 51/90 g6 Katie May Hall
g6 Jennie Adella Hall [m Ben Cory Weaver (dfs)]
g6 Nellie Hall
g5 Charlotte May Hall
g5 Cyntoia [Cynthia?] L. Hall
g5 Barzilla Howard Hall
g5 Mary Adella Hall
g5 Charles Harvey Hall
g5 Alpheus Eddy D. Hall
g5 All. H. Bliss Hall
g4 Jesse Q. Hall m Isabella Shephard 51/90 g5 James H. Hall m Eve E. Holland 51/90 g6 Inez V. Hall
g6 L. Quinn Hal
g5 Eva N. Hall
g5 Carrol A. Hall m William C. Ramsey
m2 Mary Weaklan
g5 Tracy Quinn Hall
g5 Burton Jesse Hall
g5 Mabel Lee Hall
g5 Clifton Vaughan Hall
g4 Aurelia M. Hall m Charles Boys 52/91 g5 Minnie H. Boys
g5 Ida Cynthia Boys
g4 Emily M. Hall m Albert W. Jones 52/91 g5 Julius Charles Jones
g5 James Hall Jones
g3 Samuel Hall m Martha Wamsley 49/87 g4 James M. Hall m Julia Ann Mills (dau James & Eliza Mills)
g4 Emeline E. Hall m George Morehead (son Calvin & Sarah Morehead) 49/87
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Allen Hall/Nancy Thrapp g3 Samuel Hall/Martha Wamsley
            g4 Emeline Hall/George Morehead (cont): g5 Herman S. Morehead m Carrie Sawyer
g5 Sarah M. Morehead m Bert Miles 49/87
g4 Melissa Hall m Eli Henderson g5 Martha A. Henderson m James Gardner
g5 Irene Henderson m Joseph Justice
g4 Fidelia Hall
g4 Allen C. Hall m Jemima Crawfis (dau Otha & Sarah Crawfis) 49/87 g5 Mattie Hall m Perry Stout
g5 Otha Hall m Jennie McCollough
g5 Ella Hall m George Kisserberth
g5 Fidelia Hall
g5 Cora Hall
g5 William Hall
g5 Ony Hall
g4 Jasper Hall
g4 John F. Hall m Nancy Hoglan 49/87 g5 Luella Hall m Lewis Hunter
g5 Jennie Hall m Eugene Townsend
g5 Addie Hall m John Zharnd
g4 Mary Ann Hall m Jerome Yaunkin 49/87 g5 Mary Yaunkin m Jont Darling
g5 Celia Yaunkin m Wilson Conn
g4 Orpha Hall m Orvill Thrapp (son Newton & Barbara Thrapp) 49/87 g5 Daisy Thrapp
g5 Alma Thrapp
g4 Elvira Hall m William McClure (son William & Elizabeth McClure) 50/88
g4 Celia Hall m Wilson Bacon (son George & Nancy Bacon) 50/88 g5 Emma Bacon
g3 Jesse Hall m Margaret (nee Guthrie) Marshall 50/88 g4 Newton Hall
g4 Sallie Ann Hall
g4 Emma Hall m Rev. P[hilip?]. A. Drown 52/91 g5 Eva Lulu Drown
g5 Mary Ursula Drown
g5 Wilbur Fisk Drown
g5 Margaret E. Drown
g5 Stella E. Drown
g5 Linneaus M. Drown
g4 Jordan Hall
g4 Matilda Hall m William S. Lenhart 52/91 g5 Lula Lenhart
g5 Netta Lenhart
g5 Adella Lenhart
g4 Filenda Hall
g4 Aurilla Hall m David N. Dukes 52/92 g5 Glenn Hall Dukes
g5 Cecil Dukes
g3 Matilda Hall m Henry Langstaff 50/88
g3 Nathan Quinn Hall m Rebecca Whips 50/88
g3 Rebecca Hall m Thomas D. Fleming 50/89 g4 Nathan Quinn Fleming
g4 Matilda Jane Fleming
g4 Hugh A. Fleming
g4 Cynthia M. Fleming
g2 Rebecca Hall m John Courtney 52/93 g3 Isaac Courtney m Elizabeth Hall 53/94 g4 Louisa Courtney
g4 Thomas Courtney m Annie Gray 53/94 g5 Mary Ellie Courtney
g5 Sarah Evie Courtney
g5 Isaac D. Linn Courtney
g4 Robert L. Courtney
g4 Mary C. Courtney
g4 Parthena E. Courtney m S. F. Malette
g1 Thomas Hall/Rebecca Story g2 Rebecca Hall/John Courtney
              g3 Isaac Courtney/Elizabeth Hall g4 Parthena E. Courtney m S. F. Malette (cont.) g5 Isaac C. Malette
g5 Willie H. Malette
g5 Mary Roberta Malette
g4 Priscilla L. Courtney m E. Merrifield 53/94 g5 Flora B. Merrifield
g5 Leslie E. C. Merrifield
g5 Thomas A. Merrifield
g4 Isaac N. Courtney
g4 Arah Ann Courtney
g4 Nancy Belle Courtney
g4 James W. Courtney
m2 Sarah Lynn
g3 Thomas Courtney
g3 Parthena Courtney
g3 John Hall Courtney m Nancy McDonough 54/94 g4 Arah Jane Courtney
g4 Alpheus Fisk Courtney
g4 Ulysses James Courtney
g4 Mary Emma Courtney
g4 Laura Helen Courtney
g4 Elisabeth Ellen Courtney m N. Sherman Lough (son Matthew Lough) 54/95 g5 Ella May Lough g4 Rebecca Parthena Courtney
g4 Anna Martha Courtney
g3 Rebecca Courtney m Thomas Lazzell
g3 Jane Courtney m Enosh Cheuvront 54/95 g4 Amanda Cheuvront
g4 Carrie Rebecca Cheuvront m Franklin Sommerville g5 Newton M. Sommerville g4 Hattie T. Cheuvront m William F. Miller g5 Maude Miller
g5 Blanche Miller
g4 William Hunter Cheuvront m Lelia McCauley
g3 Arah Courtney m Jeremiah Philipps 55/96 g4 Isaac C. Philipps
g4 Rebecca E. Philipps
g4 Alfred R. Philipps
g4 John H. Philipps
g4 Martha A. Philipps
g4 Sylvanus Philipps
g4 Israel Philipps
g4 Rosell Philipps
g4 Louisa M. Philipps
g4 Orvill Philipps
g3 Mary Courtney
g3 Eleanor Courtney m James Lazzell 55/96 g4 Rebecca Jane Lazzell
g4 Samuel Courtney Lazzell
g4 Thomas Allen Lazzell
g4 Ulysses Bowlby Lazzell
g4 Vitellius Hall Lazzell
g4 Mary Ellen Lazzell
g4 Luther James Lazzell
g4 Isaac Grant Lazzell
The William Hall line (highly conjectural)

c1 William Hall (Judge; of Salem NJ) 7/16

c2 Clement Hall m Sarah Mason 7/17 c3 David Hall
c3 Joseph Hall
c3 Louis Hall
c3 Thomas Hall
c3 Clement Hall c4 Thomas Hall
c4 John Hall
c4 Henry Hall
c4 Morris Hall ???c5 Louis Morris Hall (see below) c4 Margaret Hall
c4 Lydia Hall
c4 Mary Hall
c4 Emma Hall
c2/3? Henry D. Hall [brother of a Clement Hall who died in 1884; same as Sg3 David? (dfs)]
      c2 ??? c3? Sarah Hall m Samuel Acton 7/16
c3? Samuel Hall ("Delaware Samuel Hall") c4? E. K. Hall c5? Acton A. Hall c4? ??? (Morris? see above) c5? Louis Morris Hall

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