Levi Morgan, Frontiersman, Indian Fighter, and
Government Officer, 1766 West Virginia - 1826 Kentucky

By:  Pat Sheegog-Vinson & J. Anne Hoffpauir of Austin Texas
Date: 6/27/98 (revised 2/1/1999)

     Levi Morgan, born 26 June 1766 in Morgantown, West Virginia,  was the grandson of the first 
white settler of West Virginia, Colonel Morgan Morgan. The Colonel was named Morgan Morgan 
(actually old world style: Morgan ap Morgan or Morgan of Morgan) because he was the son of two 
Morgan parents. The Colonel was born in Wales in 1688 and died November, 1766.   Levi was 
born June, 1766.   The assumption was that Levi never knew his grandfather,  only his grandmother, 
Catherine Garrettson.   She died in 1773 when Levi was seven years old.

     Levi's father was Colonel Zackquill Morgan,  a man very prominent in the history of
Virginia, especially during the Revolutionary period.  Colonel Zackquill was born 1735
at Bunker Hill, Virginia (now Berkley County, West Virginia), where his father (Col Morgan
Morgan) was a colonial fur trader and wealthy land owner.   He is said by many to be the
first white settler in West Virginia area.   Col Zack's wife (and Levi's mother) was Drucilla
Springer; her Prickett-Springer family was also very rich in the history of Virginia-West
Virginia area.   Col.  Zack was an acquaintance of General George Washington, who thought
of Zackquill when a County Lieutenant was needed to settle what became Morgantown,
Monongalia County, West Virginia.  The Colonel owned the land with rights to sell and settle
(there are many deeds  found in various published books to prove this statement). His wife
and children each owned portions of this area, and they were also found in the deed books of
both Harrison and Monongalia counties (found by Jae and Dr. Tom Breitweiser on trips to
Virginia and West Virginia).   After many years, most of this land is not owned by family
members, but there are many allied descendants living in this area.

     Levi Morgan is one of my favorite ancestors in over 25 years of research.  Several
"cousins" from this family line have worked to find the first wife of Levi and as
of this date, no avail. The wedding date is known and the person performing the
marriage is also known. [The Justice of Peace William Haymonds (who married them)
was with Levi in the Militia, and his son wrote in his book that "Captain Levi Morgan
was married 10th July 1793 by my father."] The place was West Virginia at possibly
Fort Kerns, a stockade during the Indian troubles. He was often called "Spy Man" in

     My daughter, Anne had not been very interested in genealogy until several years ago;
she helped by entering data into the computer until this report. The Morgan line
(also on my father's side) and Sheegog line really began to interest me as I continued
reading about the rich family history (most interesting is the Colonial, Frontier,
French, Indian and Revolutionary periods).

     Levi's education was unknown; however in the Draper Manuscripts (compiled by Lynman
Draper and found by Jae Breitweiser) a letter survives which Levi wrote and signed as
"an Officer of the Government."  He informed the local governor of some horse thieves
and the pursuit of retrieving them; this letter was well written.  It was known that
he, unlike the typical frontiersman, could read and write.  Therefore he had some sort
of education, possibly with tutors.  His grandfather, Col Morgan Morgan, was educated
in London, and it was obvious that all his children could read and write.  There are
wills, deeds, and other public records that survive this group as proof.  Levi (according
to Draper information) could fluently speak the Delaware (Indian) language.

     Levi grew up around the Delaware Indians (his parents and grandparents were from the
Delaware area and this is possibly how he learned to speak their language).  He was an
Indian Fighter most of his adult life, and several of his stories (including those
crediting Simon Kenton in the Frontiersman) were included in the Allan W. Eckert books
about this era.  Eckert also used the Draper Manuscripts as one of his primary sources,
such as the story about Levi and his brother James, when their Uncle David Morgan
(an Indian Fighter) came to visit their father (Col Zack).  In the book The Frontiersman,
Eckert adapted this story about Simon Kenton. [We have the document directly from the
Draper MSS about Levi, which proves that this is the same story!]

     Levi participated in many great battles and was also a Captain at Fort Paw Paw in Marion
County, West Virginia. In November of 1791, Levi was with General St. Clair when he was
defeated by the Indians. Over 600 of the 1,400 General Harmer's men were killed and 271
wounded. The Frontiersman (probably including Levi) tried to tell the generals how to
fight the Indians (which they had done for some time successfully) but they would not
listen. The formal British soldiers were used and of course, the battle lines did not
hold. In some cases the British soldiers panicked as the Indians came at them howling
loudly with painted faces and hatchets.  Many were hacked to death or beheaded and many
of the woolen uniformed British soldiers ran instead of retreating as a group.  The result
being the greatest defeat in America at that time.

     The next year (1792) Kentucky became a state, and Levi and his two sons (David and John)
came to this area some time before the 1820's.   It seemed that the first (and possibly a
second) wife was killed or died in West Virginia.  Levi's oldest son, David, was named
after Colonel Zackquill's brother, David the Indian Fighter, and is our ancestor who
married Martha Bunch.   They later lived in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., Indiana (about 1832).

     During the next several years Levi was in various military or militia battles.  He possibly
trained under Samuel Brady and Lewis Wetzel and became a "Spy" with General Anthony
Wayne, who became known as "Mad Anthony".  In 1795 his father, Col. Zackquill Morgan, died.
From both Harrison and Monongalia Counties of West Virginia, various court recorders
record Levi in these areas as a bail bondsman; he owned a grist mill in Catawba.
Levi also testified in many court trials as a character witness; so apparently, he was
well respected in these communities.  He did not move from Monogalia to Harrison County;
Harrison was formed from Monongalia in 1784.

     One of the most interesting court cases (found by Jae And Tom in Morgan vs Stealy, OS
82, NS28 in January 1802) this was the result of the entire Morgan family (of siblings
etc.) being sued by Levi to regain his Morgantown property and cabin.   Levi in 1799 had
"gone down the river to New Orleans" with some boats belonging to a friend, but could
not return until 1802.  His family and others thought he had died . He sued, but over
several years of court battles, gave up the lawsuit and eventually left West
Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Graham in 1815. They moved to Kentucky, but in 1813,
he was in the Kentucky militia and in the Battles of Vincennes.

     In 1813 Levi's mother, Drucilla Springer Morgan, signed a deed in Morgantown, which
was the last time a document with her signature appeared.  She may have died about this
time.  Levi left West Virginia soon after this time.  However, some documents show that
he was still in West Virginia until 1818-22.  His child with Elizabeth (Melinda, her
first) but often called Solinda in old records, was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky,
in 1818 and the other two children (sons, Springer Newton and Elias Graham) born within
several years.

     The last known record which concerned Levi was a marriage bond in September 1825.
He signed for his niece Catherine (daughter of his favorite brother James) to marry her
cousin John H. Morgan in Jefferson County, Kentucky.  John is the son of James, who's
father was David the Indian Fighter, Levi's cousin.   A lot of the Morgans had come to the
Kentucky Indiana area by that time.  Many other went to Illinois, others later to Oregon.

     Levi hunted and trapped most of his life and may have lived on 650 acres near Salt River
and Ohio River. This was apparently one of his hunting grounds. In 1825 (sometime after
September) he was hunting in this area and an early blizzard caught him unprepared.   He
was found later "frozen to death in a favorite tree," a camp hideout.   In those days,
Sycamore trees were large enough inside for a person to make camp.

     Levi was fifty-nine when he died.   His last child, Elizabeth was born nearly eight months
after his death.     According to our ancestor, David, in the account he gave to Lynman
Draper in 1850, "Levi was 5'9", stocky built with black hair and had seven children."  In
the various accounts, Levi was buried near the spot he was found dead.  Jae and I think
that his death is as interesting as his life. He was always a frontiersman, hunter, government 
spy, militiaman and Indian Fighter; and he died the way he lived- hunting and communing 
with nature.  I think Levi really is one of our most interesting ancestors and because of him, 
we have been able to explore the time and history in connection with his life.


1.  Index to the Draper Manuscripts
2.  Lynman Draper: Draper Manuscripts
3.  French Morgan: Descendants of Colonel Morgan Morgan
4.  Allan W. Eckert: The Frontiersman
5.  Allan W. Eckert: The Dark and Bloody River
6.  Harrison County (West Virginia) Court Records
7.  Monongalia County (West Virginia) Court Records
8.  Glenn Lough: Now and Long Ago
9.  The History of Carothersville Indiana (commemorative pamphlet)
10. Alvin M. Josephy Jr.: 500 Nations (stories & other facts about Indians by an Indian)
11. Various Census Records of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky &
12. Genealogical Records of Patrica Anne Vinson Hoffpauir of Austin Texas (1978 - 1999)
13. Genealogical Records of Lynda Jae Day Breitweister (Mrs. Thomas) of Madison Indiana
     (who both gathered most of the public records & publications.
14. Levi Morgan Estate Record found 10/1998 by Jae Day Breitweister at the Jefferson
     County Court House (on the first floor room) original tax files in large books
     (other tax roll #38052 1817-25 Louisville Kentucky. Archivist was David Morgan.

LEVI MORGAN ( 1766 - 1825 ) called "SPY MAN"

Most of info from research of Jae Day Breitweiser
of Madison Indiana and Patricia Anne Sheegog-Vinson 
of Austin Texas. 
Draft 1:  4/18/98,  Revised 8/29 & 9/16/98 & 2/12/99

1.     1766    26 Jun 1766 - Born to Col. Zackquill Morgan and wife, Drucilla Springer 
                          Probably Rivesville Virginia area (which became West Virginia) or 
                          Frederick County Virginia.
1a. 1767 - 1780 
              What type of education and where did he go to school? Family tutors? 
                  Most of family probably had some formal schooling by tutors. 

2.     1781   Fort Paw Paw was built and (see 1787) was in Marion Co. West Virginia.
                    Fort in Rivesville area.
2a.   1785  American Treaty Fort McIntosh near Pittsburgh with the Indians, including
                     Delaware*, Shawnee & other Ohio Nations. (source 2a & 2b: 500 Nations
                     p 278 & p 287 by Alvin M. Josephy Jr.) Both treaties were deemed
                     fraudulent by the Indians with British & Americans.
2b.   1786  American Treaty Fort Finney on the Ohio River with Indians (above) also.
                    Levi spoke Delaware language beautifully according to Draper Manuscripts.
                    Where did he learn it?

3.     1786  Levi Morgan (age 20) had lot #87 in Morgantown (Monongalia Co.) West
                   Virginia  in log cabin near the springs on the north half lot. (later part of
                    lawsuit see 1802*)

4.     1787  Levi Morgan was Captain of Fort Paw Paw in Marion County West Virginia.

5.     1787  Levi Morgan was at the Buffalo Settlement as Ensign for Monongalia County
                   (source: Vol. 11 Chronicles of Scot-Irish in Virginia) also with Lewis Wetzel
                   (Col. Morgan Morgan book by French Morgan) killed several Indians.

6.     1887  Levi Morgan served in the West Virginia Militia during Indian troubles
                   through 1795.

7.     1788  Levi Morgan on Monongalia County Virginia tax rolls page 1321 (alone &
                    would have been age 22) His father Zackquill Morgan there also with 3 slaves.
                   We think Col. Z. & family lived in Rivesville and most never lived in
                   Morgantown, only owned property and sold lots there.

8.     1790  Census Monongalia County Virginia "Levy" Morgan on in the District
                    ( Joseph Trickett was the census taker who lived in the same district)

9.     1790  Levi Morgan Captain of Fort Paw Paw in Marion County (W) Virginia.
                    (source: Now and Long Ago)

10.    1791  Nov 4th 1791 Levi Morgan (with General Arthur St. Clair) in the Battle of
                     Harmer's "Defeat" over 600 of the 1,400 men killed, 271 wounded and this
                     was the worst defeat of Americans by Indians. General Harmer would not
                     listen to frontiersman on way to fight the Indians, therefore the British
                     style of formal military fighting was used and resulted in "defeat".

11.    1792  Kentucky became a state.

12     1793  William Haymond appointed "SPY" under Levi Morgan (see Haymond Diary)
                     (see also p 366 in the History of Harrison County)
12a.   1793  Levi Morgan & ______________ married 10 July 1793, probably
                      County (W) Virginia by Captain William Haymond's father. William
                      (a J.P.) at stockade (probably Fort Kerns) during Indian troubles. Source:
                      Letter #8 as found in History of Harrison County p 367. (see William
                      Haymond's letter written 1842 to Lynman Draper of Draper MSS)
12b.   1793  Prior to Wayne's Treaty Levi lived on Buffalo Creek abt. 8 miles 
                  from the Monongalia River near the present site of Farmington. 
                  (on Baltimore & Ohio railroad line.)

13.    1794  Lt. Levi Morgan in Nov 1794 at Fishing Creek in Harrison County Virginia
                      took several Indians prisoner. (source: History of Harrison Co. p 134)
13a.   1794  Aug 20, 1795 Battle of Fallen Timbers with ...............?

14.    1795  Jan 1, 1795 Levi's father Col. Zackquill Morgan died.
14a.  1795  Letter from Levi Morgan an "Officer of the Government" (found in Draper
                      MSS section 1E p20) written in Nov 1795. (Jae found at Filson Club) also
                      p 130 History of Harrison County. Excellent written English!
14b.   1795  Levi was with General ("Mad") Anthony Wayne as a "SPY".
14c.   1795  Levi Morgan in military service (1787-95) listed as Captain of Militia
                      during Indian troubles.
                1796 - 1797  .....................?

15.    1798  Levi Morgan signed deed (11 Apr) to John Francisco & other to 100 acres
                     on Prickett's Creek, Deed Bk. Vol. 1 - 4 p 114 Monongalia County Virginia
                     1784 - 1810.

16.    1799 Levi Morgan signed deposition of Abner Harp & his brother Nehemiah
                     (14 Nov) at his house in Monongalia County Virginia. Found: p 81 Vol. 4
                     Monongalia County District Court Records.

17.    1800  Levi Morgan had a grist mill in Catawba, Virginia. I think this is Marion
                     County and may be where the Morgan's Fort (by Fairdale) was, also near Fort
                     Prickett in Marion County, Virginia. Jan 1800 is date of deed (for property
                     given to Levi by his parents in Morgantown.)
17a.   1800  Census...............
17b.   1800  Levi Morgan summoned to answer plea of debt for Monongalia County Court
                      to John Stealy's store for women's sewing things in "past due account" p 16.
 17c.   1800  May 1800 Levi Morgan summons for District Court Grand Jury, excused
                      (this maybe when he went to New Orleans?)

18.    1801  Levi Morgan Tax list Joseph Trickett District Monongalia County Virginia
                     p 68 records of District Court. Listed 1 black age 16+, 2 horses, 1 male
                     over 16. (p 16 Monongalia Co. Records)

19.    1802  January 1802* Levi served lawsuit (Morgan vs Stealey) OS 82 (NS28),
                     Monongalia County Virginia. Levi served John Stealey for the return of his
                     property in Morgantown given to him by his father & mother in 1786. "He
                     was in New Orleans for 2 years (1799 - 1802) w/John Laidley boats." Later
                     he appears to have left the area and is not in attendance for appeal, probably
                     gave up the fight.

20.    1803  Levi Morgan in Harrison County Virginia, Harrison County was formed in
                     1784 from Monongalia County Virginia.
20a.   1803  11 Feb 1803 Levi Morgan testified against Jesse Barnett, laborer who was
                      indicted for counterfeiting Spanish coins (and tendering them to pay his
                      debts) in Harrison County District Court (Monongalia County District Court
                      Records.) Barnett was found not guilty.

21.    1804   Levi Morgan and wife #1 Unknown  had son, David Morgan (my ancestor),
                      whoppers to have been named for his father's brother, (David Morgan the
                     Indian Fighter of White Day Creek in West Virginia.) Where was our David
                     Morgan born?
                      His mother is still not Known...........?
21a.   1804  8 Oct. 1804 Levy Morgan "Power of Attorney" for Col. Zack Morgan (his
                      father) for deeds and rents.

22.    1805   Levi Morgan summonsed in slander suit to testify for James West Jr.
                      against Jeremiah Wilson. p. 30 Monongalia County District Court Records.
22a. c1805  Levi Morgan and wife #1  Unknown  had 2nd son, John Morgan (b. 1805 to
                     1814) Where was John Morgan born??...............West Virginia.

23.    1806   Sep 11, 1806 Levi Morgan (p.126) Levi Morgan on jury. Case Robert Harper
                      charged with stealing silver dollars. p. 113 Monongalia County Court
23a.   1806  26 Dec 1806 Levi Morgan was security for James Collins. P.123 Monongalia
                      County Court Records.

24.    1807  15 Sep 1806 Thomas Laidley summoned Thomas Grayham (is he related to
                     future wife Elizabeth Graham?) Levi Morgan secured the appearance bond on
                     p. 152 District Court of Monongalia County (W) Virginia.

25.    1808  6 Jun 1808 Levi Morgan signed conveyance bond (with brothers) p.318 6 Feb
                     1808, listed all of Col. Zackquills children (with daughter of wife #1 Nancy
                     Ann and her husband, William Stevenson.) Monongalia County (W) Virginia
25a.  1808  Nov Levi Morgan suit John Stealey Judgement of horse and property, resulted
                     in loss.

26.    1809 

27.    1810  Census Monongalia Co. p.41 Index # 1051 shows Levi Morgan with 1 female
                     age 16-26 and 3 males ages 16 plus (Jae thinks these arr Levi with his three
                     youngest brothers and a younger sister. Had wife #1 died and is two young
                     sons, David and John gone to live with relatives. Who?............

28.    1811  Levi Morgan summoned to testify for Joseph Severns p. 243 Monongalia
                     County Court Records Vol. 8.
28a.   1811  9 Mar 1811 Levi Morgan secured appearance bond for .......... Vol. 8 (same
28b.   1811  Levi Morgan signed bond for Arch Wilson to act as Constable Vol. 8 p. 290
                      Monongalia County (W) Virginia.

29.    1812  War of 1812..................Was Levi a soldier??......

30.    1813  Levi Morgan lead the Kentucky Militia troops to Fort Vincennes. (source......)
        30a.   1813  Last time Levi's mother, Druscilla Springer Morgan signed for land deed in
                      Morgantown. When did she die??..........................

31.    1814  30 Mar 1814 Levi Morgan paid bail bond for Richard W. Smith, p.3 Vol. 8
                     Monongalia County (W) Virginia.

32.    1815  15 Feb Levi Morgan at Monongalia Superior Court swore his personal worth
                     to be $328 after debts. He signed an injunction bond for brother, James
                     Morgan who owed their Uncle Henry Dun $140. (see p.207-8 Monongalia
                     Superior Court Records)
32a.  1815  14 Sep Levi Morgan married Elizabeth Graham, daughter of Elias Graham &
                     Margaret Brewer. They were married in Jefferson County, Kentucky.
32b.  1815-18 Were there other children who died??? Did wife #1 die in child birth??
                     was Levi gone??.........................................

33.    1816  .......................................................

34.    1817  ............................................................

35.    1818  Levi Morgan signed bond for James Collins (Appearance Bond) p.249 Vol 8,
                     Monongalia (W) Virginia County Court Records. (Ours' or another Levi???)
35a.  1818  Melinda Ann Morgan, daughter of Elizabeth Graham & Levi Morgan born in
                     Jefferson County, Kentucky. (Conceived about nine months before Jan 1818,
                     so Levi in Kentucky at that time. Solinda often given as name)

36.    1819  May 6 Levi Morgan signed Bail Bond for John Carter in Monongalia County
                     (W) Virginia (Vol 8 p. 165)

37.    1819  - 1822 Date of Jefferson Straight (son of Levi Morgan and Temperance
                     Straight). Info given to me by Mary Johnston of California late 1870's. (Is this
                     our Levi or a different one who was in Buffalo Creek area of Va)
                     Temperance never married Levi (or is this because he had left West Virginia
                     area for Ky. by time she was pregnant with Jefferson and Levi never knew
                     about child??)

38.    1819  Oct 1819 Springer Newton, son of Elizabeth Graham & Levi Morgan born.
                     Conceived about Jan 1819, so Levi was in Jefferson County at that time.

39.    1820  Census.......................................................................

40.    1821  ...............................................................................

41.    1822  Nov 9, 1822 Elias Graham, son of Elizabeth Graham & Levi Morgan (named
                     for Elizabeth's father, Elias Graham and conceived about Feb. 1822)
41a.  1822  Jefferson County, Kentucky tax list (first time on) Levi Morgan, lived near
                     John May, value of land $8 per acre (rental). Fishpool......? John, Elias,
                     Andrew, James & Thomas Graham on same tax list with James Morgan.
                     ( pg.22 Jefferson County Kentucky Tax Records)

42.    1823  Levi Morgan Land F(loyds') Fork Jefferson County, Kentucky (1st rate $150,
                     2nd $700) Flemming (is this a neighbor or land owner??) pg.26 Jefferson
                     County, Kentucky Tax List 1823-35.

43.    1824  Levi Morgan Jefferson County Mill Creek, 1 white mare, 2 horses, value of
                     land $75. (see #42 above for source)
43a.  1824  Levi Morgan, same place and info as above (source: same)

44.    1825  Mar 25 Levi Morgan signed the Marriage Bond in Jefferson County,
                     Kentucky of niece (daughter of Levi's brother James Morgan & wife, Dorothy
                     Prickett) bride: Catherine Morgan to 2nd cousin groom: John H. Morgan
                     (son of James Morgan, son of David Morgan Indian Fighter with wife
                     Margaret Jolliff ) . Descendants moved to Oregon.
44a.  1825  Sep 1825 Levi Morgan died in an early blizzard (found in large hollow tree
                     said to be one of his favorite places to camp near Salt River, while hunting. )
                    He was 59. He was buried near spot. Was this on Bullitt County or Jefferson
                     County, Kentucky side???? Where is he buried now, in the Fort Knox sealed
                     area????.  ( lands taken in Ft. Knox "eminent domain" area.)

45.    1826  12 May 1826, Last child of Levi and Elizabeth Graham born, named Elizabeth
                     Morgan. She was born after the death of her father and died 1854.
45a.  1826  16 Sep 1826 Appraisal of Estate of Levi Morgan Listed (Jae got copy of this
                     record Jefferson County, Kentucky. Jefferson County tax files 1811-14 roll
                     #8052 1817-25. I saw these in 10/1998 at the Jefferson County Court House
                     in Louisville Kentucky with Jae Day Breitweiser. They were in a room on the
                     first floor, shown by Kat Kadlec & archivist, David Morgan?? Could he be

46.    1830  Elizabeth Graham Morgan on Census Jackson County Indiana
                     (Carothersville/Grassy Fork) with children: 1 male-5, 2 females -5, 1 female
                     age 20-30 (widow) (where was the other child....?) Her brothers were in
                     Jackson County 1820.

47.    1833  Elizabeth G. Morgan married James Washington Fisher on 15 Jan in
                    Jefferson County, Kentucky she had another son, James Washington Fisher II.

48.    1855  Articles written about this Morgan family in Morgantown (W. Va.) American
                     Union newspaper and re-written in 1885.

49.    1867  Levi had one sister alive & living in West Virginia (see letter Draper MSS)
                     from Drucilla Morgan Swisher) written May 5th, 1867. She had P.O. address
                     of White Day Creek, Monongalia County, West Virginia. (have photocopy of
                     info given to Draper from Zack Morgan, a nephew)
49a.  1867  James Evans letter written to Draper May 18th, 1867. He stated brothers Levi
                     & James Morgan both moved & settled in Jefferson County, Kentucky, about
                     15 miles from Louisville. "Both in St. Clair's Defeat 1791" letter stated he
                     "knows nothing of Levi's children and that James Morgan had two sons living
                     in Jeffersonville, Kentucky."
49b.  1867  June 5th letter from J(oseph) H. Powell (......) letter to Draper (source: Draper

50.    1868  Levi's son David Morgan (my ancestor) was interviewed by Lynman Draper
                  about his father. David stated "Levi was five feet ten inches tall, robust form,
                   was twice married and had seven children." A copy of this interview was found
                   in the Draper MSS (section: 25 S p168-183)

51.    1868  Letter written April 20, 1868 by J. H. Powell (.....) stated (Levi's brother)
                     James Morgan's son Alexander Morgan lived in Indianapolis, Indiana
                     ( Thomas his brother there also) Draper MSS.

52.    1902  Monument (statute with Levi in frontiersman suit) erected in the Court House
                     Square at New Martinsville (Wetzel County) West Virginia by the State of
                     West Virginia.

53.    1998  October 13-18, I visited Indiana and Kentucky and saw for my self these
                     area's where Levi and his family lived. Thanks to Anne Hoffpauir,    Sarah
                     Vinson Baggett, Margaret Sheegog, Jae Day Breitweiser, Anne Sheegog
                     Jones ( Mr. & Mrs. Nelson), Bobbie Lou Sheegog Cravens and others in


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