July 7, 1985

(Letter to Uncle Danton on his 90th birthday.  As I write this on April 9, 1999, 
he is 103 and going strong, heading for 104 on July 7, 1999.

Olga S. Hardman

Dear Uncle Danton:

When I opened my eyes this morning, my first thoughts were of you. Since I myself am a mother, I thought of the immense pride your mother would feel if she could know what an influence for good you have been over the last four generations. In every succeeding generation of our family since your birth on that July 7 in 1895, a male child has been named in your honor. This fact alone is surely testament to the fact that God has entrusted to you a unique message to deliver.

There is an old Christian tradition that says God sends each person into this world with a special message to deliver, with a special song to sing for others, with a special act of love to bestow. No one else can speak your message, sing your song, or offer your act of love.

So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say this to you: Please believe that you have an important message to deliver, you have a beautiful song to sing, and a unique act of love to warm this world and to brighten its darkness. And when the final history of this world is written, your message, your song, and your love will be recorded gratefully and forever. 

Thanks for sharing your lovely messages, songs, and love with me and mine. We love you.

Olga & family