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by Olga S. Hardman

The following are stories about members of the Julien Firmin Caussin and John Baptist Stenger families.
Julien F. Caussin was Olga's maternal grandfather, and John B. Stenger was her paternal grandfather.

Both men came to America from France in the late 19th century to work in the flat glass industry.

The Stengers (1892-1926)

A Frenchman in Clarksburg

Two World Wars

Augustine Rapp Caussin (1846-1921)

Maria Boulanger Caussin (1857-1920)

Ma Tante Josephine (1865-1937)

Leah Caussin Stenger (1899-1974)

Frank Eugene Stenger (1895-1967)

Danton Leon Caussin (1895-2001)

Aunt Clarice & Uncle Augie (1885-1950)

Aunt Zula & Uncle Louie (1904-1989)

Aunt Mary & Uncle Danton (1895-2001)

Aunt Julia & Uncle Emil (1892-1911)

New Years' Revelers

Bernadette's Legacy (1906-1992)

Betty Caussin Armistead (1925-1997)

Barbara Richards Allman (1929-1999)

Patricia Sharpe Minehart (1927-1996)

Layfayette Glass Plant (1899 - 1919)

History of Early North View

Old House, Old Friend (1899-1999)

History Clarksburg Cultural Foundation 1972-2001


You may also find other incidental writings dealing with subjects close to Olga's heart,
such as music, music education and philosophy.


Deception (Poem about Buckeye versus Chestnut)

Ivy (Poem about wedding bouquet)

Why I Teach


Do Children Need Music

Peeps (memory of my father)

My Christmas Cookies

Music Soothes

She Moved My World

Unconditional Love


Tribute to Taffy

Notes from a Grandmother

Wardrobe (A Chronology)

Retreat (Vignette)

Pillage (poem about my mother)

1990 Christmas at Cleveland Clinic

Room 505


Acceptance Speech

Examination of Conscience



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