Morning Liturgy

Olga S. Hardman

She does it every morning -

Moves from the foot of the bed

Where she has slept the night through -

Up to the pillow

Where my head is propped for my morning ritual.

Then I hear the little gurgles and sighs

As she wraps herself in a semi-circle

To sleep again - this time at my elbow.

As my pencil scurries across the pages,

Her very presence inspires and ennobles me.

A smile crosses my lips

And all's right with the world.

Her soft black eyes speak messages of love

When she looks up at me.

She revels in the warmth of my body,

As I delight in her gentle quietness.

A presence of snow-whiteness

Has just offered praise to her master;

Taffy, my West Highland Terrier,

Has just said her morning prayers.

And then I sing my hymn of thanksgiving.

© 1994 Olga S. Hardman

(February 10, 1994)