Old O’Neil Cemetery
Formerly known as Fittro Graveyard
Circa 1823

Read and submitted by:  Machelle Maxwell
                           June, 2006

Location:  Wilsonburg Road, across from the Wilsonburg IOOF, off Route 50 west from Clarksburg.

Condition: Poor:  Fenced; almost gone; grass was knee deep; not mowed or trimmed.

Note:  A few years back, this cemetery was undergoing a restoration of sorts. When visited on June 07, 2006 the cemetery was in very poor condition. The headstones had been moved from their graves and arranged in a different order.   Some stones are readable, but most are not. Many stones were broken. There are several field stones.

This cemetery was dedicated on July 14, 2001. There are 4 markers that are placed throughout the cemetery and have the names of those who are buried there, but no dates.  I have researched some of the names and verified the dates of burial.

Marker #1

H.M. Cowgill
Jackson C. Criss
Laurence C. Criss

Cora Dawson
Lawrence Dent

John Eddy
Annie Edwards- 28 Feb 1890- Age 3Yrs.

Baby Girl Gowers- 13 Apr 1896- Age 1 Day
Nellie Gowers- 15 Aug 1893- Age 3 Months
Charlie Greaver

Nellie Hopkins- 12 May 1902- Age 1 day
Ettie Hustige- 12 Oct 1896- Age 13 yrs.

Nellie Leeson- 15 Jul 1904- Age 2 yrs, 2m, 1 day

Cecil Matheny
Florence Matheny- 16 May 1904- Age 2 yrs, 7m
Infant Matheny

Lizzie Randal
Baby Girl Romine- 23 Mar 1902- age 2 days
Ida C. Romine- 22 Mar 1902- Age 39 Yrs.
Mary Ross

David Edward Scott
Donald E. Scott
Anna Shrader- 4 Mar 1894- Age 14m.
Lillian B. Shrader- 17 Jan 1894- Age 5 yrs.
Grover Strickler
Homer Strickler

Jane Towles- 9 Ma r1864- Age 5 Yrs.

Unknown Baby Boy

Charles Wilcox-1 Mar 1905- Age 4m.

Marker #2

Catherine Fetro
Elizabeth Fittro
Martin Fittro- 1 Sep 1886- Age 77 Yrs.
Sarah Fittro
Alma Fittro
Elbridge Fittro- 16 May 1855- Age 5 Yrs. 4M- s/o Martin & Catherine.
Daytone Fittro
Dorcas White Fittro
Agnes Fowler- 5 Jul 1900- Age 9M- d/o Stewart & Tabitha
Tabitha Fowler- 27 Apr 1904-Age 37 Yrs .11M .2D.
Andrew J. Flanigan
Eliza A. Flanigan
John T. Flanigan
Nancy Flanigan

Nancy Fittro Hammond
Catherine Fittro Hurst
Shadrack Hurst
Mathew Hurst
Mary May Hurst

AI J. McAtee- 21 Sep 1893- Age 49 Yrs. s/oGeorge & Ann. Husband of Amanda.
William McAtee
Ivy Plumb- Feb 1901- Age 6 Yrs.10D.

Jeriah Ellsworth Swiger- 9 Sep 1928- Age 66 Yrs. 1M. 2D. s/o Norval & Jane.
Minerva Spies- 13 May 1928-Age 30 Yrs. 27D.- d/o J.E.

Swiger and Mary Wickenhofer.
Eliza Windon
Harvey Windon- 8 Nov 1904-Age 15 Yrs. 4M. 5D
Jack Windon-2 Dec 1901- Age 35 Yrs
Norman Windon-3 Mar 1905- Age 23 Yrs. 4M. 1D
Paul David Wolf- 13 Aug 1928- Age 9Yrs. 7M. 2D-s/oRobert E. & Alta Mossburg.

Marker #3

Ann Eliza Cork
Mary C. Cowan

Dexter Gain- 10 May 1897- Age 21 yrs.
Webster Gain

Infant Babe Hardesty
Henry Hardman- 22 Dec 1869- Age 89 Yrs- h/o Prudence
Mary Hardman- 02 Feb 1905- Age 40 Yrs. 5M. 1D.
Oley A. Hardman- 7 Jul 1902
Prudence Hardman

James James- 21 May 1878- Age 65 Yrs- s/o Joseph & Eliz-h/o Mary.
James E. James

Enoch Fenton Lawrence- 29 Dec 1901- Age 45 Yrs.
A.D. Lindsay
Charles F. Lindsay- 24 Jun 1895- Age 20 Yrs- s/o Orville & Mary.
Jennie B. Lindsay

Harry Maxwell- 10 Jun 1898- Age 2 Yrs. 3M. 5D.
Mary M. Morrison- 26 Aug 1891- Age 64 Yrs.
Margaret Veronica Munday

Elizabeth Ocheltree

Baby Boy Pitts
John G. Pultz- 9 Aug 1865- Age 45 Yrs. 9M- s/oMichael & Nancy.

Lucy Rollins

Mary Catherine Skinner

David Williams- 28 Nov 1904- Age 15M. 4D.
James B. Williams
Baby Boy Williams
Lena Williams- 8 Feb 1905- Age 6Yrs. 4M. 11D.
Jos Wright

Unknown Baby Girl

Marker #4

Frank Barnes
John Barnes
Baby Boy Brown
Ceila Bremmer
Werington Bremmer
Joseph Boggess 

Ann Eliza Heaton- 25 Mar 1854- Age 2 Yrs. 10M
Joseph Heaton
Mary Heaton

Daffy D. Lang
George Lang
Sarah Ellen Lang

Almeda J. McNemar
Harvey Ray McNemer
Alfonzo Mills- 27 Jan 1855- Age 9M -s/o Henry & Caroline
Emily Mills
Elias Murphy
J. Murphy

Drusilla Payne
Francis Payne- 16 Oct 1865- Age 11 Yrs. 1M- s/o Drusilla
Francis B. Payne- 14 Feb 1868- Age 58 Yrs- h/o Drusilla
Infant Payne
Mary Virginia Payne
Thomas J. Payne- 26 Oct 1864- Age 1 Yr- s/o Drusilla 
Turner Payne- 13 Mar 1861- Age 84 Yrs.

A. Rosier
George W. Rosier

Unknown Baby Boy

Alie Yost