by Patricia B Hickman



AHLENFELDT, Leopold   33y  b GERMANY  No parents given; brother, Charles BOWIE, 
        informant       died 8 Jan
ASH, Coonrod             84y    b HC    No parents given         d Mar--
ASH, Nancey   34y 1m 8d  b HC d/o James & Harriet DAVISSON; wife of C H Ash     died 12 Apr
ASH, Z M        39y  2m         b HC     s/o Coonrod & Elizabeth         d 30 Jun

BARNES, F A     5y  11d      b HC     s/o E F & Florindia      d 17 Jun
BENSON female     No age/birthplace given   d/o William H & Olive I      d 20 Jun
BOGGESS, M A     No age  b Washington Co PA  d/o Charles & Charity A; wife of 
           John Robert Boggess          No date
BROWN, John H    3y  2m  5d       b HC    s/o Waldo & Elizabeth          d 27 Nov

CAIN, James     80y         b HC   No parents/spouse given         d Sep--
CARDER, Frona     16y  9m  16d   b HC   d/o A S & Martha P        d 2 Apr
CARSON, D B     2y  4m        b HC   child of William J & Mary J            d 6 Jun
COTTRILL, Alexander    59y   b HC  No parents given; wife, Ann             d 4 May
COTTRILL male       1d          b HC    s/o David & Frances        d 5 Jun
COTTRILL, Nuter      5d          b HC   child of Isaac & Mary      d 28 Mar
COVINGTON, Vander   1y  No birthplace given  s/o Samuel & Catherine  d 2 Sep
CRISS, Harriet      No age      b HC   d/o   James & Sarah BARTLETT; w/o George  Criss 
          died Dec-- 
CRISS, Rebecca      83y    No birthplace/parents given; son, William;     d Nov--

DAVIS, Angeline L     54y  b Upshur Co (W)V  No parents given; son, A W Davis, 
           informant         died 28 Jan
DAVIS, Daniel J   43y   b HC   s/o William & Sarah      d 13 Nov
DAVIS, James O       1y  2m    b HC    s/o S O & Lucinda             No date
DAVIS, Samuel        82y   b Allegany Co MD          No parents given       d 25 May
*DAVIS male   No age   born HC s/o Marion H & Emily; died 5 Oct
DAVISSON male        9d      b HC   s/o  C A & Mary A        d 24 Oct
DESPARD, Burton   58y   b New York NY s/o Richard; son, Burton, infor; d 2 Oct

ELLIS, Mary Jane    32y   b Marion Co (W)V   d/o William F & Charlotte SKINNER;
           wife of Edgar Ellis    No date
EVERETT, Charles E    26y  6m   b Piscat Co ME  s/o Charles A & Augusteen M;
                 wife, S Naomi NORTHCOTT       died 13 Oct
EVERETT, Charles William    2m  4d    b HC   s/o   Charles E & Naomi    d 3 Nov

FISHER, Isabel L      30y   b PA  No parents given; wife of Robert D Fisher; d 25 Apr
FORD, Margret         14d   b HC    d/o  James & Mariah    d 10 Aug

GOLDEN male         10d   b HC    s/o  Judson & Rulina      d Nov--
GOLDEN, Curtas     1m  14d       b HC    s/o  W P & Mary         d  17 Jul
GOODWIN, Sarah    65y  7m  4d      b HC   d/o  Eppa & Rebecca BARTLETT; wife of John 
            Goodwin     died 3 Sep
GREYNOLDS, Jacob     18y   No birthplace given   s/o William; brother, Joseph, informant 
            died 27 Nov
GREYNOLDS, Sarah J    21y  No birthplace/parents given; wife of Joseph; d 8 Jul
GREYNOLDS, William M   2m  No bp given  s/o Joseph & Sarah J            d 24 May

HALEY, Honor     61y  b IRELAND d/o Thomas & Jane REYNOLDS          d 10 Dec
HARBERT, F A     6y    b HC   child of Franklin & Pheoba    d 21 May
HARBERT, F O     1y  3m    b HC  child of Franklin & Pheoba        d 3 May
HARBERT, M L     4y          b HC   child of Franklin & Pheoba    d 23 May
HARMAN?, S A     9m         b HC  child of P T & Margaret      d 18 Apr
HAYMOND, S A   9m         b HC  child of Peter T & M H        d 28 Apr
HICKMAN, Fay     5y          b HC  child of J W & Mary E      d 25 Dec
HOLT, Mary M     23y  21d   b Augusta Co VA  No parents given; wife of Edmund O Holt 
             died 5 Apr
HORNOR, Boyd Coats    20y       b HC   s/o  F T & E A   d 12 Oct
HOWE, Patrick                  50y             b IRELAND   No parents given    d Apr--
HURST, M M        4y  2m  5d          b HC   child of G L & G Hurst        d 15 Sep

JAMES female            1m     b HC   d/o George F & Rachel         d 16 Dec
JOHNSON male          1d     b HC   s/o George A & M M 
   d Jul--

KELLEY, Jesse         56y                b HC   No parents/spouse given       d Feb--
KEYSER, Martha E      23y  4m       b HC   No parents given            d 16 Dec
KING, Alley E A    5y  b Doddridge Co WV d/o George W & Louisa            d 6 Jan
KING, Luella L      4y   b HC   d/o   George W & Louisa     d  8 Jan
KYLE, L J          2y  3m      b HC   child of John & Elizabeth    d 10 Mar

LAUGHLIN, John     2y  3m     b HC   s/o  Barney & Juley  d 13 Mar
LAWSON, Jane E A    34y  b Preston Co (W)V     wife of William M      d 24 Feb
LAWSON, Virginia      8m       b HC    d/o  Jesse A & Elizabeth J   d 10 Aug
LEWIS, David        68y       b VA      No parents/spouse given   d Apr--
LYNCH, Freeman       2y       b HC     s/o Isaac & Mary Jane  d 30 Jan

MCDONALD, J P     24y  10m     b HC   d/o Nathan & Mary BARNES;  wife of   W M McDonald 
           died   30 Apr
MCINTIRE, Elias     60y       b HC    No parents given   d Jun--
MCINTIRE, M J      6y  5m   b HC   child of John & Milley; brother, Jesse, informant    died  4 Sep
MCMANAWAY, John       57y         b IRELAND    No parents given            d 15 Oct
MCMILLON, William     55y 11m  b HC s/o John & Elizabeth; wife, Jane      d 29 Jul
MCWHORTER, Eliza       58y     b Lewis Co (W)V     wife of Levi  d 29 Nov
MARTIN, A A         21y  7d    b HC child of John & Phoeba  d 11 Aug
MARTIN, C J          1m  11d   b HC  child of William & W J  d 16 May
MARTIN, L V          2y  6m    b HC  child of Albert & E G  d 12 Oct
MARTIN, R S         2y  4d     b HC  child of John & Phoeba A   d 11 May
MATHENA, Virginia    16y  3m   b HC   d/o   John & Mahala  d 22 May
MAXWELL, Irvin     22y    No birthplace given     s/o Thomas Maxwell  d Aug--
MORRIS, Ida B      5y  6m     b HC    d/o  Elias & Sarah  d 16 Dec
MORRIS, L B        4y  1m  5d    b HC   child of  Elias d 27 Dec
MORRISON, Isham A     42y  5m  6d     b HC    s/o David & Nancy       d 27 Sep
MOUNT, Arrena    5y  2m      b HC     d/o   Franklin & Tabitha   d 25 Dec
MYERS, John C   33y  b HC s/o Jacob & Barbara   wife, Laura A  d 3 Sep

NEWLON, Harriet  32y  b Taylor Co (W)V d/o James & Anna BAILEY; wife of William J Newlon 
          died 13 May
NORMAN male      14d      b HC      s/o  James M & Harriet d 12 Oct

OWENS, Marven      2m          b HC     s/o  A M & Bell A  d 10 Jul

PATTON, Arthur       9m          b HC      s/o  A D & C F   d 27 Aug
PELTZE, Mary F      19y         b MD    No parents given   d Sep--
PERRILL, James W     9m      b HC       s/o Joseph & Hannah V   d 21 Mar
PINKARD, Samuel     2y  24d       b HC     s/o  J W & Nancey   d 12 Dec
POST, Edith       No age    b HC  d/o Isaac LYNCH; wife of Enoch Post      d  Jan--
PRIM, Nannie        4m       b HC  d/o John D & M E   d Aug--
PROPST, Mary A      37y    b Highland Co VA    No parents given    wife of  Henry J Propst 
           died 21 Jun

QUEEN, Icie May      10m        b HC       d/o Anthony & Lucy   d 27 Jul
QUEEN, Sarah    61y  b Upshur Co (W)V  No parents/date given; wife of James N

REAGER, Angus M              64y       b HC        No further info
ROGERS, E N           1m  5d       b HC     child of Benjamin & Nancey  d 2 May
ROGERS, Guin      60y       b HC   d/o David & Elizabeth DENHAM           d  20 Oct
ROMINE, Robert F         77y       b VA         No parents given    d May-
ROSECRANS, William C         1y         b HC     s/o James W & Lucy A     d  12 Jul

SAPP, John       70y       b VA      No parents/spouse given   d May--
SIGLEY, Dolley E      89y  1m  5d    No birthplace/parents/spouse given     d 19 Jun
SKINNER, Joseph H      21y       b HC    No parents given  d Jul--
SNODGRAS, Mary E      18d     b WV    d/o J T & Elizabeth  d 5 Aug
SOMMERVILLE, Elizabeth E   No age given     b HC d/o John BINEGAR; w/o WJ MSommerville
        No date 
STEALEY, Rezin L        36y       b HC    s/o James Stealey  d Mar--
STEWART, Judith C      32y       b HC    d/o John S & Catharine DEVER; wife of 
         Robert M Stewart     died 13 Oct
STOUT, Lydia     62y  10m  2d      b RI d/o John -----; wife of Benjamin  d 20 Oct
STROTHER, Sarah J     37y  5m     b HC   d/o James & Elizabeth MORRISON;
                    wife of Thomas Strother       died 17 Jul
STUTLER, Clarence     1y  6m    b HC   s/o Aaron & Eliza  d 10 Jun
STUTLER, Stephen James    11y       b HC    s/o  William P & Esther A     d 10 Jun
SWISHER, Eunice      49y   b HC  No parents given   wife of Owen Swisher; son, S G Swisher, 
                informant       died 10 Mar

THOMAS female       14d       b HC         No further info
THOMPSON, Hugh    91y  b IRELAND   No parents given; son, H K Thompson, informant 
              died 7 Jun
THORNHILL, John     70y     b PA       No further info
THORNHILL, Joseph G       21y   b HC   s/o Joseph & Elizabeth  d 20 Jun
TITCHNEL, Mary       64y   b HC d/o John SMITH; son, T E Titchnel, infor;  d  10 Dec

VANSCOY, Susan    43y        b VA      No parents given  d Mar--

WALLEN, Florence     8m       b HC   d/o  George W & Sarah  d 8 Sep
WEBB, Rebecca       70y  5m  15d      b HC   d/o Richard & Sarah MOORE; wife of 
             George Webb           died 10 Dec
WERNINGER, Martha E     64y     b HC   d/o William & Susan MARTIN; w/o  A Werninger 
            died 6 Jun
WHETZEL, William E     1y  11d      b HC    s/o  Thomas & Catharine        d 16 May
WILLIAMS, Jane E      8y     b HC    d/o  Enoch & Mary  d Mar--
WILLIAMS, Joanna     3y      b HC    d/o  Enoch & Mary   d Apr--
WILLIAMS, John E      46y   b HC    s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth  No date
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel   73y   b HC   No parents given; grandson, John M;    No date
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel L    No age      b HC    s/o Charles Williams  d 5 May

YEARKEY, Enoch W    21y     b HC    s/o Elias & Elizabeth   d 19 Nov

*Newly added or changed information


ADAMS, Brown     30y   b East VA   No parents given   wife, Martha       d 23 Dec
ALEXANDER, Margaret      56y     b Clark Co VA  No parents given; w/o 
         William Alexander        died 15 Jul
ALLEN, Stephen    68y     b VA    No parents/spouse given        d Jan--

BARNES, O J       16m    b HC   s/o Joseph & J C                     d 5 Aug
BARTLETT, Lela F      16y      b HC   d/o Abel & Elizabeth     d 12 Jan
BOYLES, Caroline      33y      b HC   d/o Jonathan BELL               d Feb--

CLEMENS, Alda V     29y  b Berkeley Co (W)V  No parents given;  w/o Blackwell Clemens 
                   died 5 May
COFFMAN, A B     35y      b HC   d/o A G & Acksha           d Mar--
COFFMAN, Emily J     30y     b HC   d/o Absolem HARBERT       d  Jan--
CUNNINGHAM, Ed      83y  b HC   No parents given; wife, Mary; son-in-law, L HAGERTY, 
         informant      died 10 Mar
CUTRIGHT, Craig P   2y 3m 1d  No birthplace given  s/o Clayton P & Frances L; died 28 Sep

DAVIS, M W   49y  b VA  No parents given; brother, D T Davis, informant  d 14 May
DAY male        1m  12d   b HC      s/o  James A L & Amanda E     No date
DULAND, Ella       23y     b HC      d/o John & Rose     d 18 Apr

GAIN, Joanna   26y  b Barbour Co (W)V  No parents given; wf/o Freeman   d 4 May
GAIN, Julia       58y  b VA d/o Peggy CROOK; wife of J Gain         d 19 Jun
GARRETT, Stephen R         22y      b HC    s/o A J Garrett  d 10 Jan
GOODWIN, Lloyd M    No age/birthplace given  s/o John T & Margaret        d 6 Jan

HARBERT, D L      8m      b VA     child of J A & Sarah      d 11 Jul
HELDRETH, Phoebe    52y     b VA   d/o   Thomas & Drusilla ----------;  wife of Uriah Heldreth
           died  2 Aug
HELDRETH, William     80y      b VA   No parents given         d Aug--

KELLER, Henry      1y  3m   No birthplace given     s/o Jacob R & Susan J    d Apr--
KELLISON, J S      11m  18d    b VA   s/o A J & Amelia A          d 25 May
KENEDY, William S     14y   b Wood Co (W)V s/o Richard E & Mary A      d 1 Mar
KING, George W    1m  No birthplace given   s/o George W & Louisa          d 17 Jun

LANGE, G G      60y         b HC     No parents/spouse given    d Apr--
LEACHMAN, T B          18y      b HC      d/o J D & E H    d 27 Feb
LEACHMAN, T D          20y      b HC  child of J D & E H       d 18 Mar
LITTLE, Fannie             82y      b IRELAND  d/o John G & Margaret        d 3 Apr
LITTLE, Margret            35y      b IRELAND  No parents given; wf/o John    d 25 Feb
LOOMAN, Hilry              1y         b HC      d/o   James & Margaret        d 1 Jan
LOUGHRY, Susan        32y      No birthplace/parents given; wf/o John      d 31 Apr?
LYNCH, Harriet      28y   b HC   d/o Reuben & Catherine SWIGER              d 1 Jun

MCINTIRE, T M       28y        b VA              s/o Zadoc McIntire  d Jan--
MARSH, Lucretia     53y       b HC  No parents given; wife of Isaac  d 4 Jun
MERRIMAN, Mary I B      1y  3m    No birthplace given  d/o Frank C & Catherine R;
                    grandmother, Catherine MATHENEY, informant   died 12 Sep
MICHAEL, Felix       35y   b VA   No parents/spouse given  d Aug--
MILLS, John M     39y  8m   b East VA  No parents given; wife, Catharine  d 2 Oct
MILLS, Mary     70y   b East VA   No parents given; wife of George Mills; daughter-in-law, 
                 Catherine, informant     died 18 Apr
MOORE female      7d      No birthplace given     d/o Lorenzo & Almira A  d Sep--
MULHERON, Ellen     32y   b IRELAND  No parents given; wf/o Thomas       d 5  Apr

OLDAKER, Tora      1m     No birthplace given     d/o  Elzy G & Nancy J  d 7 Feb

QUEEN, Ica Ora     1y  1m      No birthplace given   d/o  Stewart & Nancy E; grandfather, 
            Armstead, informant      died Feb--

SCOTT, Arthur       20y     No birthplace/parents given d 8 Jun
SCOTT, George     22y     No birthplace/parents given d 8 May
SMITH, C W, Sr     65y       b VA    No parents/spouse given d Jan--
STONESTREET, James E     69y   b East VA   No parents given; son, Alex; d 3 Mar
STUTLER, Aaron    35y        b HC      No parents/spouse given d Oct--
SULLIVAN, William J     No age   b HC   s/o  William S & Floride No date
SULLIVAN, William S     40y   b HC   s/o Thomas Sullivan d May-

THORNHILL, Thomas     77y   b PA  No parents given; wife, Mary 
 d May-

WALDO male      2d     No birthplace given   s/o Thomas B & Abagail      d 26 Dec
WEBB, Mary      70y         b VA     d/o John ROSS  d Apr--
WRIGHT, Barbary  53y b Highland Co VA  No parents given; wife of Thomas; d Apr-

YERKEY, Orren H      18y     b HC   s/o Elias & Elizabeth  d  8 May

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