Harrison County Photo Album

If you have any Harrison County pictures/postcards you'd
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Engraving of the Village of Clarksburg, 1895.
Donated by Cathy Friedl

Bird's eye view of Clarksburg, ca 1900
Donated by Sally Hill

Clarksburg, 1905.  Donated by Ruby McFarlin.

Clarksburg, 1912.  Donated by Ruby McFarlin

Clarksburg; Donated by Cathy Friedl

Clarksburg, Third Street looking south.  Donated by
Cathy Friedl.

County Courthouse, Clarksburg
Donated by Sally Hill

Elks Home, ca 1925
Clarksburg, Donated by Larry Jones

Clarksburg City Hospital, ca 1900.  Donated by Bill Rector

St. Mary's Hospital, Clarksburg, which was built on the site of the old Clarksburg
Hospital.  St. Mary's was torn down in the early 1970's.  Donated by Bill Rector.

Clarksburg Train Depot
Donated by Sally Hill

Glen Elk viaduct & Interurban Station, Clarksburg
Donated by Ruby McFarlin

Washington Irving HIgh School, Clarksburg
Donated by Larry Jones

Goff Building, Clarksburg
Donated by Larry Jones

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