Harrison County Photographs, pg. 2

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Photograph of Oakdale, WV, taken in the 1930's.
Donated by Sally Hill.

Home of Edward Carson "Cars" Griffin, Oakdale, Harrison Co.,
after the 1944 "Shinnston" tornado. Both Cars and his wife, Bertha,
were killed.  Photo by Clifford Griffin, donated by Cathy Friedl.

Adamston Grade School, Adamston, WV
Donated by Ruby McFarlin

Industrial Home for Girls,
Jones Cottage, Salem
Donated by Larry Jones

"New Lumberport High School", picture from
"Semi-Centennial History of West Virginia" by James Morton Callahan,
1913.  Donated by Cathy Friedl.

Lumberport High School after it burned down;
pictures dated January 22, 1924.
Donated by Mike Vincent.


Lost Creek High School, 1922
Donated by Larry Jones
Lost Creek High School Gym, 1922


Donated by Larry Jones

Wallace oil field, postcard marked 1920.
Donated by Sally Hill.

Oil wells on Coon's Run, near Adamsville, ca 1913.
from "Semi-Centennial History of West Virginia" by
James Morton Callahan.   Donated by Cathy Friedl.

Rinehart WV ca 1904
Donated by Barbara Charles.

On the back is written:  "Prospect Valley, W. Va. Sunday School, 1909 at
"The Stone Pile" built in 1857.  (Return to Marshall W. Ogden, 303 Third St Fairmont, WVa)";
donated by Patty Helms.

1. Charles Flowers, Agness Harbert, Ida Flowers, Earnest Morgan,
Mr & Mrs Homer Rextine, Bessie Ashcraft, Tally Haggerty

2. Elsie Hardesty, Emma Robinson, Amanda Drummond, Weyman Robinson,
Howard Flowers, Paul Weekley, _______Ashcraft.

3.  Lorna & Alma Shreve, Blanche Cunningham, Maggie Drummond,
Rosalee Coffman, Sarah Cunningham, Mary Hardesty, Carrie
Davis, Paul Ogden.

4. George Coffman, Tena & Clinton Dawson, Ernie & Willie Flowers, Jane Drummond,
Della Martin, Ira Ogden.

5.  Vera Robinson, Ruby Drummond, _______ Martin, Amos Harbert, Ferrille Ogden,
Jeremiah Harbert, Dalphin Cunningham,_______, Ralph & Raymond Davis,

6. _________, Bill Ashcraft, Leonard Ashcraft, Arthur Drummond

Cunningham's Run school, ca 1904.
Donated by Sally Hill.

Lumberport Junior High School, ca 1915.
Top row on right, 2nd to the left, Hugh Brown.
Front row, 3rd from left, Tom Vincent.
Next to him is Johnny Satterfield and then Eugene Robinson.
Directly behind Johnny is Maxine Fortney.
Front row, first one on the left side is ? Sakert.
Donated by Mike Vincent- thanks, Mike!

Haywood Grade School, early 1900's.
Donated by Mike Vincent.

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