Harrison County Photographs, pg. 3

Postcard of Shinnston, showing the "New Bridge".
Donated by Sally Hill.

Haywood, picture taken on Dec. 1, 1904
Donated by Mike Vincent

     Shinnston Schoolhouse, ca 1891,
   donated by Mariana Zuelsdorf

     The Blue Boar Tavern, Shinnston, WV; ca 1900
           Donated by Cathy Dorson.
       Dr. Emory Strickler on horse; Quillen Carder second from left;
  Lloyd Moore Harmer next; child is Frank R. Harmer.

Marker in front of "Levi Shinn House" in Shinnston, WV;
taken by Mariana Zuelsdorf June 5, 2000:
"Built 1778 by Levi Shinn who came from New Jersey in 1773, and claimed tomahawk
rights.  Returned with family and brothers, Clement and Jonathan, and settled.
Sold part of land to Jonathan, whose son, Levi, deeded it for the site of Shinnston."

"Levi Shinn House", built 1778, in Shinnston, WV.
 Picture taken by Mariana Zuelsdorf, June 5, 2000.

Donated by Sally Hill.  The Shinnston Power & Light Company
closed down in the early 1900's.

WWII Bond Book; Donated by Mike Vincent.

Burial Receipt from Shinnston, dated 1918.  Donated by Mike Vincent.

Donatede by Bill Boggess.

Donated by Bill Boggess.

Donated by Bill Boggess.

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