September 9, 2004

Dear Mr. Stealey,

These pictures of the Point Pleasant Methodist Episcaple (sic) (ME) Church was found in the treasure chest of Larry & Greg Ritter.  The ancestors of Greg and Larry were very prominent in the history of this church.

The church had stained glass, frosted windows, sported a 2 story high cathedral ceiling with a round frosted, stained glass in each side for ceiling light and a sloped auditorium for easy viewing of the minister.

The church had been located at the intersection of Rt. 50 West and Jarvisville Road.  It was built in 1856 on the property of Williams Burnside Lynch and his wife, Mary Catherine Lambert Lynch.  Built to replace the log church which was torn down to make room for the railroad.

This church was dismantled in 1965, and taken to Buckhannon for the Heaston Church wihich was destroyed by fire.

Persons in the pictures are unknown.

Work is underway to clean, fence, and restore the cemetery around the old church which has been destroyed by neglect and the ravages of time.

Bertha Webb
(Twin Houses)



Twin Houses, M.E. Church and Cemetery
Courtesy of Hiram Lynch, IV, via Bertha Webb