The following unique quilt was made by Ira M. & Martha Harbert
in the 1920's.  The folks listed on the quilt were residents of Rinehart, WV.
 The quilt is a Dresden Plate pattern, with 20 plates or pies.  Each pie contains 22-24
names which make up the wedges. These names were transcribed as
accurately as possible by the owner, Barbara Charles.


The following link will take you to the names listed on the Rinehart quilt.
As shown in the above photograph, there are four columns and
five rows of names:

Rinehart quilt

A special "Thank You" to Barbara Charles, for not only sharing this unique, historical
quilt with us, but for all the difficult transcription work!

Barbara also donated a photograph of Rinehart, WV, ca 1904

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