Researcher's Homepages

Mariana Zuelsdorfdetailed genealogies on early Harrison County families- Harbert, Loofbourrow, Robey, Allen, and Griffin.

DNA Cain Surname Project:  Shirley Cain Evans has a website through Family Tree DNA for the Cain/Caine surname.
          She also has another website devoted to more historical information regarding the Cain surname. 

Nanci Headley Kotowski: genealogical data about Martin, Nay, Odle/Odell/O'Dell, Ashcraft, Halpenny, Headlee/Headley, Drain,
    Davis/Dawson, and Glover families as well as cemetery readings, courthouse records, and more.

Bill Rector: many Harrison lines including Crim and Rector.  Bill has spent many hours recording cemeteries and county records.

Harrison (& Doddridge) County "My Family" website.  Contact Timothy Sutton or Kay Nixon for an invitation.

Asturian-American Migration Forum:  Between 1900 and 1924, thousands of Spaniards emigrated from Asturias to the US. 
    Many of those immigrating were skilled workers who followed the zinc, coal, and other heavy industry to the new world.  Quite 
    a few families settled in WV, OH, and PA.

Boggess Family:  World Connect genealogical information on the Boggess, as well as, Long, Martin, Robinson, and
           Wood families of Harrison County.  Use "search" feature in order to find other Harrison County lines.

Stella Cotrill

Casto Connections : Danita Smith's website on the Castro surname.

Linda Cunningham Fluharty

Joyce A Fluharty- Fluharty Ancestry;  follows the descendants of Stephen Fluharty.

Penny Ginnery

Harbert Family Homepage by Dick Harbert; Harberts and allied families.

Bill Higginbotham: Higginbotham surname 

William Martin:  website covering surnames Martin and Tennant, among others.
     For anyone interested in more Nutter family information, please visit the Nutter Homepage. They have been compiling Nutter 
     family histories that have been donated, and there is a photo of those people who attended previous reunions.

Snodgrass Resource Books: Made available by Linda Fluharty, these books list all resources by state and county 
    for the surname Snodgrass.

James Swan

Lisa Watson:

Wood Family:   World Connect genealogical information on the Wood family of Harrison County.