John Thomas and Sarah Owens

Research and information donated by:  Lois Fairfield

John Thomas was born abt 1763, in Wales.  Sarah Owens  was born Abt 1773,  on a ship coming to the U.S.
Her father was John Owen/s.   Her mother died on the ocean voyage,  and was buried at sea. The Thomas family
was also aboard the ship.  Mrs. Thomas, John's mother, helped care for baby Sarah, and  both families settled
in Harrison Co., Va.

John was a scout during the Revolutionary War. He studied the Bible while he was away, and became a preacher.

From Hardesty's 1882 Biographical Atlas of Harrison Co., in paragraph of Early Settlers:
"Among the first cabins erected, was that of Capt. John Thomas, (Rev. John's father), on the farm now owned
by Samuel Kester, on Booth's Creek, in 1777.   Capt. Thomas and most of his family were massacred on the night of
Mar. 5, 1781, by savages."  John Jr. was the only survivor.   He was captured by the Indians, and later released.

Rev. John Thomas and Sarah Owens were married in Harrison Co., Va. on July 29,1789 *.  The Thomas' then
moved to Ohio ca 1794, after the birth of their 4th child.

*Marriages of Harrison Co., WV, 1784-1800.

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