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Bill Talkington gave Levi Morgan a 100 year bath.  The statue of Levi Morgan is located on Main Street in New Martinsville.  Talkington had at least three ancestors who served under the leadership of Levi Morgan
as members of Morgan's Corp between the years of 1788 to 1804.  Talkington's great-great-great-great-    grandmother was Betsy Dragoo who lived near Prickett's Fort (near Fairmont) which was under the supervision of David Morgan.  In 1786, she was captured on the Dragoo farm near the fort by Shawnee Indians and killed near Pine Grove as what's known as Betsy's Run.  For the next several years, as Betsy's neighbors, James, Henry, and Benjmain Hays reached the age of 16 or so, they joined Morgan's Corp.  Their main priority was for searching for information about Betsy's two year old son, William Dragoo, who was captured by the Indians when his mother was murdered.  It was about 20 years before he was located.  It is believed that James Hays was one of the 19 men under Levi Morgan when he was commissioned to establish a fort by the Ohio River at what would later be called New Martinsville.  In 1782, James married Betsy's daughter, Elizabeth.  In 1793, James and Elizabeth's first born son was named Levi.  Since that time the name was not shown in either family tree, it is likely that James named his first born son for Levi Morgan.  In 1805, James Hays received the rights to 400 acres of land and was the first settler at what is now Jacksonburg.  Bill Talkington is a direct descendants of James' son, Levi Hays, who lived in an area later known as Hays Addition of Smithfield, 
W. VA.


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