Harrison County Virtual Cemetery

If you have any tombstone photographs you'd like to
contribute, we are now using the USGenWeb Archives Tombstone Photographs Project.
Please upload photographs using this form.  I am the coordinator for the Archives,
and will place a link on this page also.  For actual cemetery readings,
please check the county "Cemeteries" page.
We have the information for many of these pictures in those readings!

Photographs generously contributed by:

Susan Chism
Darlene Clark
Judith Davis
Sheryl Gaines Ginn
        & Bob Ginn
Marilyn Kettlewell
Douglas King
Nanci Kotowski
Helen McKeown
Chris Morgan
Jack Petty
Mickey & Ann Parado
Susan Ritter
Gary Roby
Robert Sapp
Vanessa Jane Gooden Shaw
Jewel Wellborn
Joseph Wood
Mariana Zuelsdorf

More cemetery pictures on "Out-of-Towners" page

More cemetery information and images at "Find A Grave"

Benedum Airport Cemetery, Simpson District:
Aurora Fernandez
Merrills Family Stone
Minnie M. Merrells
Patience Merrells
William G. Merrells
Wm & Margaret Merrells
C C Mckinney
Merle J. McKinney
John McQuaid
Martha A. McQuaid
O'Brien Family Stone
Olof W. Pyles
Kenneth Sherrill
Wood Family Stone
Cecil K. Wood
Edna E. Wood
Ellen J. Wood
Helen L. Wood Sherrill Aschraft
Irene Wood
Jean H. Wood
John H. Wood
Patricia Wood Sturm

Bridgeport, Simpson District:
Bridgeport Cemetery
Entrance to Bridgeport Cemetery
Ida Mae Boggess
Coughlin Marker
Coughlin, James, Stephen, Katherine
James Gordon Coughlin
Katharine Nixon Coughlin
Samuel Griffin
Martha Griffin
Sarah Griffin
James Madison Griffin
Harriet A. Griffin
John Basil Lucas
Nixon Maker
Pearl Clelland Nixon
Roy S. Nixon
Roush, Leeora & Harold
Elizabeth Shinn
Thomas Stout
Benjamin & Lovey Stout
Dorothy Lee Turner
John & Ona Turner

Brown IOOF , Sardis Dist:
Lucille Griffin
Marsena J. & Sarah E. Rogers
Oris K. Cunningham
Cline and Della Griffin
Hallie L and Sylvia D. Harbert
James S. Swiger
Almira Griffin
James & Rosetta Griffin
Ai & Mary Bennett

Chicarell/Harbert Cemetery, Eagle Dist:
Chicarell/Harbert Cemetery
Esther May Chicarell Burgess
Carl Chicarell
Frank Calvin Chicarell
Franklin Chicarell
Lawrence Chicarell
Ora May Harbert Chicarell, w/o Frank
Paul Charles Chicarell
Rosella Chicarell Childers, w/o Terry
Terry Childers
Adrian Emme
Genevieve Chicarell Emme, w/o Adrian
Debi Lynn Childers Grotie
Elmore Harbert
Jesse Harbert
Martha Gay Harbert Straley, w/o Frank
Sarah Hall Harbert, w/o Elmore

Clarksburg IOOF Cemetery, Clark Dist:
Wilbur Morrison
Nora Hoff & George W. Albright
John Bassell
Warren, Alice & Virginia Albright
John, Susan, and Iva Cunningham
Martha Ann Lewis
Edgar Bowers
Susan Gordon Bowers
James L Butcher
Susan Gordon Butcher
Nancy Lewis Cunningham
Col. Richard Fowkes
Goodwin Family Stone
Alice Goodwin
Elizabeth Goodwin
Mary C Fowkes Goodwin
Peter M Fowkes
Gordon Family Stone
Corpl. Samuel Gordon
George Henry Gordon
George Samuel Gordon
Joseph Pollard Gordon
Mary Frances Gordon
Samuel, Ursula, & Mary Gordon
Ursual Waters Gordon
Wilbur W. Gordon
Boyd Gordon
Ellen Hoff
John Hoff
John, Boyd, Ellen & Maude Hoff
Laura Hoff
Lydia Hoff
Marie Hoff
Marie S. & Laura G Hoff
Maude Hoff
Rosalie W. Hoff
Rosalie Hoff
Silas & Lydia Sophia Hoff
Silas Hoff
Ann Lewis
John Rawle Lewis
Monimia Wallis Lewis
Charles Little
Edward Little
Edward & Mary Little
Laura Little
Mary Little
Maude Robinson Little
Bertha B. Stout Maxwell & 
Lovey Ann Stout Wolfe
Loretta & Edwin Maxwell
Florence L. Miller
William Miller
Caroline S. Fowkes Robinson
John H. & Leah Robinson
Mary Amelia Robinson
Ira J & Clenton B Smith

Elkview Masonic Cemetery
Eleanor & Clyde Angel

Fortney Cemetery, near Williams Mine*, Eagle District:
B.F. and Margaret J. Lucas
Catherine Marie Lucas
Clifton B. Lucas
Cora B. Lucas
Dellie J. Fortney
Edgar Milton Lucas
Ella Pearl Fortney
Flota Lucas
Gary and Larry Lucas
Gerald L. Lucas
Granville, Rosa, and Ivy Fortney
Jessie Fortney
Katherine Fortney
Luther J. H. Lucas
Martha Ellen Boggess
Mary Lyons
Myrtle A. Fortney
Virginia B. Robinson
Wayman Lucas
Blanche Lucas
Arlie L Fortney
Hiram J Fortney
Jacob Nay Jr
Charles A Boggess
George and Cena J Fortney
Perry and Andrew Thompson
Phoebe and Uriah Thompson
*Williams Mine was an actual coal mine located
 between Wyatt and Enterprise.

Greenlawn Masonic Cemetery, Coal District:
Wilbur M. Swiger
Theodore R Roby
Sarah McIntyre
Okey Rittenhouse
Margaret Swiger
Lueza Rittenhouse
Louesa C Swiger
John McIntyre
Henry Swiger
George Swiger
Florence Griffin
David Swiger
Anna Rittenhouse
E.T. Griffin
George G. Griffin

Hawker-Mason Cemetery, Oakdale, Eagle Dist.:
Robert Mason Heirs (aka Hawker-Mason) Cemetery
Leslie F. & Jesse Mason Mills
James R. and Fannie I. Griffin
Margery & David Norton
James H. & Iona Halpenny
Martha Sue Hall Hayhurst
Private Dallas Looman
Private Arthur J. Looman
John W. & Rosalie Looman
John Mason
Rhea Robinson
Thaddeus & Mary Robinson
Delbert & Inez Robinson
James Humphrey
Mary Mason
Larry Allen Brown
Cecil & Phyllis Brown
Alfred & Cena Mason
Harry & Nora Mason Barbe
Robert Mason
Mary M. Mason
Emsie Robinson Metcalf
Lida Robinson
Waitman E. & Jennie Cunningham
John Leslie Brown
Baron C. Hall

Hall Cemetery, Dola, Sardis District:
Estella M & J. Camisse Swiger
Fabius Hall
Phebe Hall Swiger
Sarah J. Hall
Sebastian & Sophronia Lang
Linnie S. Hall
Silas J. Hall
Madie Marie Swiger
W. S. Hall

Hepzibah Cemetery:
John Titchenal
Mary Titchnal
Moses Titchnal
Prudence Titchnal Morrison


Holy Cross Cemetery, Clarksburg,
Clark District:
Anna V. Burke
Margaret Burke
Thomas W. Burke
William Burke
Mary A. Burke
Thomas Connell, Sr.
Mary McGray Connell
Coughlin Family Stone
Anna B. Coughlin
Anna T. Coughlin
Bridget Coughlin
Nelle A. Coughlin
Helen Gordon Coughlin
James Joseph Coughlin
Lucy C. Coughlin
Margaret M. Coughlin
Margaret Coughlin
Mary Therese Coughlin
Michael Coughlin, Sr.
Patrick W. Coughlin
Rose K. Coughlin
Thomas F. Coughlin
William P. Coughlin
William Paul Coughlin
Anna B. Davis
Joseph A. Davis
Duffy Family Stone
Mary, Ellen, Patrick Duffy
Elizabeth & John T. Flaherty
John T. Flaherty
Thomas & Bridget Francis
Alice Little
McAndrew Stone
Anna Bell McAndrew
Bridget Bessie McAndrew
Mary Ellen McAndrew
Ellen & Michael McAndrew
Michael McAndrew
Patrick McAndrew
George & Nora Mulheran
Mark Mulheran
O'Connor Family Stone
Ann O'Connor
Edward J. O'Connor
Mary R. O'Connor
Mary Coughlin Pike
Mary Coughlin Pike
Richard L. Pike
Paul Francis Pike
Thomas Ryan
Carlo and Catherine Tenda
Antonio Scalzi
Thomas and Anna Scott
Patsy and Mary Sabatelli
John and Nellie Scott
Sam and Mary Scott

Old Johnstown Cemetery, Johnstown, 
Elk District:
William P. McKinney
Polly McKinney
Susan McPherson McKinney
Susanna McPherson
James McPherson
Elizabeth McPherson
Mary Post
Daniel Post

Point Pleasant Methodist Episcopal:
Cassandra Hess Brown Wood
John Wood
Boggess Monument
Francis Adalaide Wood McKinley
Adalaide Nelson McKinley
Charles Homer Woods
Lucy Ellen Wood Ford

Lumberport Cemetery, Eagle District:
James A & Frena L Robey
Lona A Harbert nee Moore
Luther S Harbert
Lydia J Swiger
Mary S Robey
Ulysses G Griffin
AJ Robey
Camisee D Swiger
Iva, Minnie, Winston, Hazel, Virgil & Grace Harbert
Jeremiah H Robey
Jesse H and Louisa V Harbert

Ogden Cemetery, near Enterprise
Jonathan Ogden

Old Brown Cemetery, Sardis District:
Aaron C. Hall
Arles Hall
Infant d/o GN & ME Griffin
Isreal & Phoebe Swiger
LO Allen
Lettie Hall
Mary Bennett
Rosa Belle Hall
Nelson Swiger
Theodore Clay Bennett
Rosetta J. Edgell

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Tenmile District:
James & Goldie Menear
John & Amanda Davis
Samuel & Julia Davis
Lewis & Harriet Davis
Pearl & Carson Haney

Salem IOOF Cemetery, Sardis District:
Bassel Stout
Columbus G.Swiger 
Dora Ella & G.Walter Swiger 
Hall Babies 
Harvey Chester & David Boggess
Isaac H. Griffin
James F & Elizabeth D. Harbert
Lillie L & G. Ray Harbert
Mary L & George E Harbert
Arlen J & Ida Holden
Minter J & Mary Holden
Robert R Harbert
S T Boggess 
Sanford & Mary F Martin
Sarah Elizabeth Boggess
Stephen & Sarah Ash
Stephen & Minerva J Swiger
Sueanne Swiger
Waveline May Swiger
William P Harbert
William J & Nancy A Thompson
Cressie (Watts) Nolen
Edith Varner Prease
Andrew Jackson Varner
Arby Varner
Daisy June Varner
Danton & Cleora Varner
Earl W. Varner 
Ollie Varner
Otto & Cora Varner
Raymond & Mattie Varner
Ruby Edneth Varner
Susan (Hutson) Varner
Alice Varner Watts

Rusk Family Cemetery, Indian Run
James E. Hawker
J.R. Mason
Paul V. Rusk

Salem Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Sardis District:
Benoni Griffin
Margaret FitzRandolph
Nancy Griffin
Samuel FitzRandolph

Salem K of P, Sardis District:
Freda Griffin
Floyd & Sina Swiger
Ester Griffin
Garland Harbert
James Griffin
R. Edward Harbert
Thelma & Jacob Swiger
Pauline & Francis M Swiger
Maxine Harbert
James W. Griffin
Hobart Griffin
Harbert graves
Garland B. Harbert
Clarice Griffin
Doneta, Wilma, & James Griffin
Juanita & Godfrey Meredith
D. Edmund & Belva Ritter
Adelbert M. Swiger
Adelbert & Chattie Mae Swiger

Sardis Baptist Cemetery, Sardis District
Noah Harbert
Harry Robey
Acsah Shinn Harbert
Clifford O and Margaret E Swiger
Loueza C Cunningham
Orley A Swiger
Orpha R and Etta S Cunningham
Martha A Cunningham
Rickey Keith Swiger
Seldon E Swiger
Paul Arden Robey
Thomas A Swiger
Anna O Robey
B G Swiger
Bernard W and Betty G Swiger
Bessie M Hustead
Georgia Ash Swiger
Frederick Swiger
Eva Mae and Chester A Hildreth
Delbert L Hustead
Gertrude V and F Clyde Swiger
Ada and Tillman Swiger
Icie B Swiger
James Bassil Cunningham
James L and Armartha Cunningham
James, Elizabeth and Irene Swiger

Shinnston Masonic, Simpson District:
Delores Lee Arnold
Mary Jane & William H. Drain
Eva & Robert M. Elyette
Francisco Joseph Gutierrez
B. Tyson & Margaret J. Harmer
Doc Martin
Levi & Christine Martin
Mary E. Martin
James & Irene Pitzer
Edna P. Sturm
John Carlos Sturm
George W & Ada Pell Wright

Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Clark District:
William E. Fishhook, Mary Jane Haller, & David Lawrence

Wyatt IOOF, Eagle District:
Allen Stone
Anna M. Allen
John B Allen
James & May Amos
Arthur Cunningham
Jacob Cunningham
Robert H & Caroline Cunningham
Lester Crim
Malon Harbert
Guy Hawker
Nellie B & Ira Hawker
Earl C. Moore
C.W. Moore
Asa Nay
Clara Nay
Dorothy Nay


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