Board Cemetery, Hereford

Directions:From Ripley, drive east to Joe's Run Road, turn left and park. The cemetery is on the hill on the right.

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Photographs by Clement Matheny, transcription by Betty Briggs. For a higher quality copy of a picture, contact Betty Briggs

  • Broken stone, no words descernable
  • Ja ---- [can't read]
  • Mary
  • Board, Benjamin B. 1835 - 1919
    Board, Mary Rader 'His Wife' 1835 - 1917
  • Board, Ada Lee Dau of B.B. & Mary Board 1871 - 1887
  • Carder, Gertrude M. 'Mother' 1879 - 1978
    Carder, John S. 'Father' 1874 - 1954
  • Carder, Infant Dau of J.S. & H. Carder Died May 22, 1871 and a Carder sibling  
  • Carder, William H. Son of J.S. & H. Carder Died Sep 17, 1863 Aged 21 ds
  • Carder, Daniel D, Son of J.S & H. Carder Died July 26, 1862 Aged 4yr 4m's 6d
  • Carder, Joseph Son of J.S. & H. Carder Died 1885 Aged 12 ds? [This is very hard to read, but the J.S. is plain enough although Carder is not. Based on the fact that other stones in this cemetery say 'son of J.S. and H. Carder, I think Joseph is theirs.]
  • Carder, Elvira or Elvina Dau of J.S. & H. Carder Died Cot 25, 1852 Aged 22 ds.
  • Carder, Geneva Dau of J.S. & H. Carder [Died Jan 26, 1852 Aged 10 dsn- JCHS transcription]
  • Carder, Jefferson Son of J.S & H Carder Died Feb 14, 1851 Aged 18 days
  • Freeman, Romie C. 1900 - 1977
    Freeman, Alma E. 1901 - 1985
  • Freeman, Freda R. Aug 18, 1936
    Married Jan 21, 1953
    Freeman, Gerald E. Oct 15, 1932 - Feb 3, 1999
    Freeman, Gerald Edward US Army Korea Oct 15, 1932 - Feb 3, 1999
  • Hess, Mary C. 1876 - 1954
    Hess, James E. 1869 - 1950
  • Hinzman, Mary M. Daug of T. & C Hinzman Died Jan 26, 1875 Aged 14 Ys 8 Ms 20 ds
  • Hyre, [Jacob] Born Jan 1, 1784 Died Dec 18, 1858 Aged 74 Years 11 Mo 18 days [Jackson county death record shows Jaoob Hyre died on this date, age 74y7m]
  • Patterson, Edgar D. 1932 - 1972
  • Patterson, Icy A. 1906 - 1956
    Patterson, Armor W. 1911 - 1990
  • Rader, M.C. Born Nov 29, 1807 Died Apr 14, 1880 Aged 72 rs 4 ms 15 ds
    Rader, Rebeca Wife of M.C. Rader Born Aug 26, 1813 Died May 11, 1882 Aged 68 ys 8 mo 15 ds
  • Rader, Margy Ann Dau of M.C & B. Rader Died Jan 9, 1848 Aged 4 yrs 1 mo 12 ds [JCHDS transcription says 11 yrs - could be]

Ben Bord Graveyard

The Ben Bord, or more correctly, M. Rader Graveyard, lies on a gentle slope on the point above Joe's Run, and up a steep bank from the Ripley and Spencer Pike. It is four rods square and inclosed by a tumble down old board fence. The ground is sodded with blue myrtle and there is a double beech tree near the middle and a spruce pine in the south west corner.

Three sides of the inclosure are lined with brush and on the west is an old grown up pasture field. A dead beech stub stands on the south side next to the road and a dry mulberry lifts its naked branches from the thickets on the east.

A few cedar bushes, stunted and scraggly stand among the mounds.

The inscriptions on the grave markers are:

M.C. Rader, born November 29, 1807, died April 14, 1880. Aged seventy-two years four months.

Rebecca, wife of M.C. Rader, born August 26, 1813, died May 11, 1882, aged sixty-eight years eight months.

Michael Campbell Rader was the second son of James Rader and was born NOvember 29, 1807, somewhere in Mason County. The Raders moved to Elk Fork when he was a year or two old.

In 1832, he married Rebecca Hyre, daughter of Jacob Hyre, Sr., and in 1833 or 4 moved over the hill onto Mill Creek, where he owned 1000 acres of land, including the Bord and Hamp Parish Farms.

He built a little cabin at the turn of the road where the sand lies so thick. He put up a water mill by the steep rocky hillside opposite. The mill was washed out and rebuilt several times.

There are tow of M.C. Rader's children buried in the Rader Graveyard.

Nancy Ann, daughter of M.C. and R. Rader, was born March 21, 1841 and died January 9, 1848, aged seven years two months old.

Mary M. Hinzman died in 1875, aged fourteen years.

A large marble slab, about four feet high, twenty-two inches wide and two inches thick on which is engraved a spread eagle with sweeping wings bears this legend:

"Jacob Hyre, born January 1, 1784, died December 18, 1858, aged seventy four years, eleven months."

Another similar headstone, only more appropriately marked with a weeping willow tree reads:

"Mary, wife of Jacob Hyre, died April 11, 1859, aged eighty years and five months."

Jacob Hyre came from Hacker's Creek, Lewis County, to Mill Creek in 1815, settling in a little cabin on the Keenan Farm. After two or three years, he built farther up on yon side of mill Creek from the Jonathan Hyre house. His wife was a Beath before marriage.

A long row of small uniform marble markers with shaped tops and sat in stone bases tell of :

Jefferson Carder, died 1851.

Minerva Carder, died 1852.

Elvira Carder, died 1858.

Joseph Carder, died 1858.

Daniel D. Carder, died 1862.

William Carder, died 1863.

Infant Carder, died 1866.

William B. Carder, died 1846.

Infant Daughter Carder, died 1871.

These children were all of the family of J.S. and H. Carder and under two years old.

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