Center View Cemetery

Center View Cemetery, located on the Edward Good farm, Center View Ridge, on the road from Kenna to Kentuck. Read by Betty McIntyre, assisted by Golda (Fletcher) Good in June 1983.

  • RAY, Lessie V. 1895-1960 [2nd wife of Deat Ezra RAY]
  • RAY, Deat [Ezra] 15 April 1884-24 Sept 1970 [son of Samuel & Elizabeth (HIVELY) RAY]
  • BOGGESS, Alice (RAY) [no dates, married Guy BOGGESS]
  • RAY, Samuel M. 1859-1928 Married 08 October 1881 "Sell and Lizzie"
  • RAY, Elizabeth (HIVELY) 1859-1952 [wife of Samuel M. RAY]
  • HAMON, Lola 1898-1919 [dau of Edward and Virginia (LANHAM) GOOD, 1st wife of Ova HAMON]
  • GOOD, Virginia (LANHAM) "MOTHER" 1870-1937 [wife of Edward GOOD]
  • GOOD, Edward "FATHER" 1870-1948
  • GOOD, Forest W. 1917-23 Aug 1936 [son of Edward & Virginia (LANHAM) GOOD, husband of Gracie (GOOD) GOOD]
  • BARNETT, Martha Wife of Elliott BARNETT Died 23 April 1911 aged 70-11-25 [Elliott son of Robert Sr. & Elizabeth (RAYBURN) BARNETT]
  • LANHAM, Larry (twin) 25 Dec 1946-26 Dec 1946 [son of Herbert & Gracie (GOOD-GOOD) LANHAM]
  • LANHAM, Gary (twin) 25 Dec 1946-27 Dec 1946 [son of Herbert & Gracie (GOOD-GOOD) LANHAM]
  • Unmarked grave
  • Unmarked grave
  • Unmarked grave
  • BOGGESS, Mary Ellen 02 March 1872-04 March 1945 "MOTHER AT REST" [wife of Vondon A. BOGGESS]
  • BOGGESS, Vondon A. 17 April 1876-12 July 1947
  • RAWLINGS, John C. 27 June 1881-20 May 1934
  • HINZMAN, Bernice C. (FIELDS) 10 March 1909-09 Dec 1964 [wife of Lawrence HINZMAN]
  • HINZMAN, Lawrence 23 April 1905-04 Jan 1976 "TOGETHER"
  • HINZMAN, Dean Died 26 Nov 1951, aged 14 days
  • Unmarked grave - HINZMAN child
  • Unmarked grave of FIELDS, Mac
  • Unmarked grave of FIELDS, Rebecca wife of Mac FIELDS
  • Unmarked grave of FIELDS, child, dau of Mac & Rebecca FIELDS
  • Unmarked grave of FIELDS, Margaret child of Mac & Rebecca FIELDS
  • Unmarked grave
  • Unmarked grave
  • Unmarked grave

    [Golda Good said that the above three graves were the children of Mac & Rebecca Fields, OR the three sisters of Rebecca FIELDS. Macel Fields daughter Mac & Rebecca FIELDS married Joseph "Joe" Price and they had one known son, Robert "Bob" Price. Robert "Bob" Price married Betty GOOD daughter of Golda GOOD]

  • FIELDS, Ethel I. 1895-1928 Daughter
  • FIELDS, Hester Ann 1870-1944 "MOTHER" [2nd wife of George W. Fields. George W. married (1) Martha J. REDMAN on 01 Feb 1877. On 29 Oct 1921 Hester married Gamuel KERNS]
  • FIELDS, George W. 16 July 1853-08 April 1921 FATHER "MEMORIES OF LOVED ONES [son of James and Susan (GARRETT) FIELDS]
  • FIELDS, George W. 16 July 1854-08 April 1922 [single marker]
  • REDMAN, Samuel W. "FATHER" 1877-1936 [11 Nov 1877-28 Oct 1936 son of Jacob & Martha REDMAN]
  • REDMAN, Ida O. [PARSONS] 1876-1938 [On 04 April 1899 married Samuel W. REDMAN]

    Golda Good said that there was 13 to 16 unmarked graves of the children of Samuel W. & Ida O. (PARSONS) REDMAN. 6 children died prior to 1936. In the 1910 Jackson Co. census, in the eleven years that Ida has been married, she has had ten [10] children. In Samuel's obit, it states they had 8 children, with only two living]

  • FIELDS, James H. Died 09 March 1917 age 19 days Son of F. R. & Victoria FIELDS
  • FIELDS, RobertA Died 17 March 1915 age 1 day [dau of F. W. & Victoria FIELDS]
  • FIELDS, Victoria Wife of F. W. FIELDS Died 29 Nov 1917 age 33-10-21 [Golda Good said that she was burned real bad and laid in bed for several weeks before death finally came]
  • One entire row of FIELDS, all unmarked graves, among them are:
  • FIELDS, S. Howard 04 Feb 1892-08 March 1944 Pvt. AEF WWI [wounded in action]
  • FIELDS, Mary L. 05 March 1899-07 Jan 1973 [wife of S. Howard FIELDS]
  • FIELDS, Lorene 26 June 1930-23 April 1931 [dau of S. Howard & Mary L. FIELDS]
  • Unmarked grave of RAY, Arlie 11 July 4-08 April 1931
  • Unmarked grave of William SOUTHALL, JR.
  • Unmarked grave of Sherley C. GOOD (male, never married) 05 March 1913-28 April 1968 [stroke, son of Francis & Annie (MARTIN) GOOD]
  • Along side the road to the cemetery, is a small grave, with the following: G. H. CLOUD Died 1860 - Golda Good told this story: This is the grave of a small boy. The father was un-hitching the horse from the sled and threw the single-tree [yoke] into the sled, hitting the boy in the head, resulting in the boys death. The grave is decorated with flowers.

This cemetery was transcribed by Betty Kessel McIntyre. Annotations in [ ] are also by Betty Kessel McIntyre.

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