Comer Cemetery

COMER CEMETERY, read by Bryan W. McIntyre, 1 April 1979 - located on Middle Fork of Jackson County

  • SOUTHALL, Opal Alderman 1912-1943 [dau of Jasper and Dovie (COMER) ALDERMAN, married Claude SOUTHALL]
  • ALDERMAN, Dovia 1891-1944 [Dovia May died 24 Dec 1944, dau of Elihu and Samantha (FISHER) COMER, married Jasper F. ALDERMAN]
  • ALDERMAN, Jasper [F.] 1875-1958 [Jasper died 31 October 1958, son of Daniel and Mary M. (BUCKBEE) ALDERMAN. On 7 March 1915 maried Dovie May COMER]
  • ALDERMAN, C. Edward 1922-1961 [Clifford Edward died 12 June 1961, age 38-6-11, son of Jasper F. and Dovia (COMER) ALDERMAN]
  • ALDERMAN, Marie 1922-___ [Minnie Marie (CUMMINGS) ALDERMAN, wife of C. Edward ALDERMAN]
  • ROWLEY, Edgar Burton 24 July 1862-18 Dec 1935 m [son of Calvin and Sarah Ann (GARRETT) ROWLEY. On 27 May 1882 married (1) Martha Dillon, and on 7 October 1893 married (2) Lela Belle (ROGERS) PIERCY]
  • COMER, Dora Elizabeth 1893-1920 [On 22 February 1912, Dora Elizabeth WALKER married Marshall Edward COMER]
  • COMER, Infant 1921 [child of Marshall E. and Dora (WALKER) COMER]
  • GODBEY, Pearl 1896-1925 [Pearl (COMER) GODBEY died 25 Sept 1925 by accident, shot and killed by revolver of Patrolman W. M. ROSE. Revolver fired by Pearl's seven year old daughter, in Charleston. Pearl was the daughter of Elihu and Samantha (FISHER) COMER and on 20 July 1915 married Clarence Clifford GODBEY]
  • COMER, Marshall 1932-___ [Marshall Edward Comer, Jr.]
  • COMER, Audrey (STAPLETON) 1938-1962 [On 04 Oct 1957 Audrey married Marshall COMER, a daughter of L. L. STAPLETON of Ironton, Ohio. Audra was killed in an auto-truck accident on US Rt. 21, near Legg Fork Road intersection]
  • COMER, Marshall Edward 1886-1958 [died 03 Jan 1958 age 71 years, 2 months and 19 days, son of Elihu and Samantha (FISHER) COMER. On 22 Feb 1912 married (1) Dora E. Walker. On 28 May 1922 married (2) Belva ROWLEY dau of Edgar & Martha (DILLON) ROWLEY]
  • COMER, Elihu 1852-___ [son of William and Delilah (DAWSON) COMER]
  • COMER, Samantha 1852-__ [dau of Emsey & Marh (FISHER) FISHER, and on 11 Nov 1868 married Elihu COMER]
  • COMER, Guy Nayman 8 Oct 1939 [infant]
  • COMER, Johner 02 Sept 1936 [infant]
  • COMER, Lola Fay 13 June 1935-07 Nov 1935
  • COMER, Infant 22 June 1934
  • COMER, Infant 22 Feb 1926
  • COMER, Fred R. 1917-1962 [son of Marshall COMER, SR. from Jackson County Death Records]
  • COMER, Frank K. 1911-1917 [from Jackson County Death Records]
  • WALKER, Delbert [S.] 1908-1964 [his wife was Sylvia (RAMSEY) WALKER]
  • SHAMBLIN, Melissa Fay 1968-1968
  • RANDOLPH, Denzil Leo 1937-27 Nov 1957 [in Canton, Ohio, of injuries from a falling chimney, working for Virgil Fike House Moving Co., of Charleston, WV., and son of Adra & Ruby (COMER) RANDOLPH. Grandson of Marshall E. & Dora E. (WALKER) COMER and Charles Washington & Lucy Lougenia (JOHNSON) RANDOLPH]
  • COMER, Frona K. 1917-1977
  • COMER, Fred H. 1917-1962 [Frederick Harold COMER died 09 June 1962 of a heart attack, son of Marshall E. & Dora E. (WALKER) COMER]
  • BLACKSHIRE, Hattie E. 1882-1964 [Hattie Ellen (COMER) BLACKSHIRE born 17 Nov 1862, died 29 Nov 1964, dau of Elihu & Samantha (FISHER) COMER. Hattie married (1) Robert YOUNG who was killed on 21 May 1913 when a train was hit by a large mudslide on Sewell Mountain. Hattie & Robert had four children. On 14 Sept 1918 in Kanawha County, Hattie married (2) Marshall Franklin BLACKSHIRE, a widower, born 23 March 1880, died 02 Jan 1973.]
  • YOUNG, Clarence H. 11 Dec 1906-23 June 1956 [Clarence Harold YOUNG, oldest child of Robert & Hattie (COMER) YOUNG] From Jackson County Death Records:
  • YOUNG, Charles Dorman 23 Dec 1910-02 Oct 1979 [never married, son of Robert & Hattie (COMER) YOUNG] Known burials since 1979:
  • RANDOLPH, Ruby 1912-31 Dec 1980 dau of Marshall E. & Dora E. (WALKER) COMER, wife of Adra RANDOLPH son of Charles W. & Lucy L. (JOHNSON() RAHDOLPH]
  • RANDOLPH, Adra S. 1907-1979 [Adra Sylvester, son of Charles Washington & Lucy Lougenia (JOHNSON) RANDOLPH]

This cemetery was transcribed by Betty Kessel McIntyre. Annotations in [ ] are also by Betty Kessel McIntyre.

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