Garfield Christian Church Cemetery

Located at Garfield, Grant district, near the Wirt-Jackson county line. Traveling up Turkey Fork road toward Palestine, turn right on Leroy road. Cemetery is about 1/4 mile on Right at top of hill in a wooded area, not visible from road. It is a V-shaped lot between the Somerville-Davis and Wilkinson farms, with wide part toward the road. The Garfield Christian Church lot and cemetery deed was made in 1888 and the church was dedicated in 1889. It was raized in the 1930's. The following tombstones remain along with several field stones and depressions where bodies have been removed to other cemeteries. Copied by Gaynelle S. Davis, Feb. 26, 1982.

Transcribed, with permission, from "Jackson County Cemeteries, Vol 2" by the Jackson County Historical Society.

  • Barnes, Elliott,  1831-October 15, 1915; B. Monroe Co., Ohio
  • Barnes, Elizabeth,   1613-1890
  • Barnes, Sarah Lydia,   1842-1919; (Palmer); M. Elliott T. Barnes, May 8, 1875; B. Belmont Co., Ohio
  • Campbell, ____,   (No Dates); 1st Wife of Colin, S. of John P. & Mary Jane Campbell
  • Campbell, Infant,   (No Dates)
  • Groves, Some members buried here; no markers
  • Henderson, James A.,   1829-1910
  • Kittle, Thomas E. Sr.,   1820-1904. Died Huntington, WV; M. Phoebe Phillips
  • McKiterick, Abraham C.,   1842-1919
  • McKiterick, Amanda,   1842-1902; Wife of Abraham McKiterick

Transcription from "Some Early City, Village and Country Burying Grounds" by John A. House

The Garfield Graveyard

Spread the green turf above their heads,
And fold thy mantle o'er them
Roll Leths o'er their lowly beds
And shroud the doom before them.
Author Unknown.

There stands on a high knob, just this side of Garfield. An old weather beaten church house, which has been built fifteen years or more and looks as if it had never been repainted.

Still, like the proverbial city, set in a similar position, it is visible at a great distance.

It is a "Campbellite" church. That denomination being particularity strong in the Turkey Fork Country.

Back of the Church on the side is a graveyard, about seven by fourteen rods in its dimensions, but there are as yet few graves. I only noted two inscriptions, and they are probably "foreigners" as there are few of the pioneers or their descendants in this section, most of the inhabitants being from Ohio. They were:

Jeremiah Watkins, born July 20, 1825 died April 24, 1897. Rosanna, wife of Jeremiah Watkins, born October 24, 1829 died June 30, 1903.

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