Joe's Run Cemetery

(As read by Bonnie Simons Hendershot, November 2002; transcribed by B. Kay Melvin)

Directions to Joe's Run Cemetery. Drive Rt. 33 east from the junction of Rt. 33 (Ripley-Spencer road) & State Rt. 21 (Ripley-Parkersburg road)(some maps show this as CR 21) in downtown Ripley for 6 miles and turn left on CR-14 (Joe's Run); go 1/2 mile to the "Y" intersection; take left fork and go 1 block. The Church used to be on the right in the bottom until the watershed took it out. On the right, straight up a very steep hill, the cemetery sits on top of the point of the ridge (there are old paths and 4-wheeler paths leading up to it). The cemetery is kept OK for where it is and people are still buried there occasionally.

More information on this cemetery can be obtained by contacting:
RT. 1 BOX 337
RIPLEY, WV 25271-9754
PHONE 304-372-9955

The best time to call is Monday through Friday (when she doesn't have a house full of company). Belva is wife of Daniel Charles SIMONS (deceased). Her nickname is Bee. Close relatives include RICHARDS, SIMONDS/SIMONS, ALLEN, PYATT/PIATT, ARGABRITE, GREATHOUSE, HARRIS, MOREHEAD, WRIGHT, ROWLEY and MYERS

Belva aka (Bee) also has very good first hand knowledge and marriage connections to SNYDER, GRADY, HINZMAN, DUSKY, PARSONS, HARTLEY, WINTER(S), HUDSON, CASTO, PICKENS and BEECH

  • MYERS, James R. September 25, 1891
  • MYERS, Mary J. August 8, 1892 - July 8, 1920
  • LUPARDUS, Lloyd Ernest, Infant Son of Thomas & Mary July 1931 - 1931
  • SHIELDS, Edgar E., Infant Son of Milton & Laura Lupardus Shields May 1931 - 1931
  • LUPARDUS, Stella, Infant Daughter of Peter & Elizabeth February 1915 - December 1915
  • LUPARDUS, Elizabeth S. 1869 - 1955
  • LUPARDUS, Peter E. 1861 - 1954
  • LUPARDUS, Thomas P. (WV Pvt. 304 Engr. CMBT BN, 79th Inf. Div.) March 10, 1908 - October 23, 1944
  • LUPARDUS, Clifford E. 1937 - 2002
  • LUPARDUS, Terry Lynn 1958 - 1958
  • LUPARDUS, Brenda Jean
  • SIMPSON, Myrtle Belle 1900 - 1980 (Reader's Note: related to Walter Casto)
  • WESTFALL, Donald N. January 16, 1903 - August 2, 1924
  • PARSONS, A.H. 1848 - 1923
  • PARSONS, Elizabeth S. 1854 - 1926
  • ROWLEY, Hazel Simons April 13, 1902 - February 10, 1932 (Reader's Note: variation of maiden name: Simonds; sister of Dan; died shortly after childbirth per Belva Alice Simons [wife of Dan Simons])
  • UTT, S.E. 1894 - 1919 (Wife of John Utt)

    Other graves that are known to here but no longer marked are:

  • Jr. CASTO, son of Walter.
  • CASTO Baby - child of Walter and Va Casto
  • WHITED bab(ies) - 2 or 3 children of Cecil and Georgie Simons WHITED

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