The Odaville Graveyard, aka Kent Cemetery, aka Turkey Fork Cemetery

Directions: Old US Rt 21 to Odaville, go East on Co Rd 7/Turkey Fork Rd/ Odaville-Homer Rd about 1/2 mile, turn right (south) on Kent Rd/Co Rd 21/43. The road curves back west, and cemetery should be on the left side.

Photographs and transcription by Kay Kent Parsons, taken 2011.
If you would like a better quality picture, contact Betty Briggs

Transcription from John A House's "Some Early City, Village and Country Burying Grounds". The full text of John House's article about this cemetery can be read here

  • Kent, Grace S.    1919 - 1995
    Kent, Jack D.    1916 - 1954   

  • Kent, C. Ross    1888 - 1958
    Kent, Ada L.    1891 - 1984  

  • Kent, Allan    1926 - 2009
    Kent, Alice    1931 - 2000  

  • Kent, Claude E.    Mar 31, 1918 - Sept 18, 2001
    Kent, Marjorie M.    July 12, 1921 -   
    Kent, Claude E.    MSGT US Air Force World War II    Mar 31, 1918 - Sep 18, 2001  

  • Kent, Gordon Hardesty    Nov 19, 1911 - Apr 28, 1976
    Kent, Winona Evans    Oct 14, 1918 - June 9, 1995  

  • Balis, Rufus    1861 - 1937
    Balis, Maggie    1870 - 19__  

  • Balis, Samuel E.    Sept 15, 1906 - Feb 22, 1985  

  • Kent, Kenna Delmer    1916 - 2001
    Kent, Margaret    1915 - 2001     

  • Owens, Jessie S.    1890 - 1976
    Owens, Fred R.    1885 - 1980  

  • Smith, Hazel Palmer    1904 - 1939
    Smith, Robert J    1901 - 1988  

  • Skeen, Perry    1882 - 1975
    Skeen, Cora    1886 - 1975  

  • The Odaville Graveyard

    The Sleep is on him,
    His toils are passed,
    The valley lies on his breast at last,
    Then, let him slumber.
    Author Unknown.

    Odaville is strung out along the Left Fork of Sandy, for something less than a quarter of a mile.

    About a quarter of a mile above Odaville, at the point of a sharp elbow in the Creek, Turkey Fork enters from the right and a quarter of a mile further, on the bank of Turkey Fork, which is a small stream with bottoms as wide as those on Sycamore, is a new looking church house and behind it a new graveyard four by five rods, carved out of the corner of a field and nicely fenced with posts and planks.

    There are no old graves, nor any graves of very old people. The oldest dates I noticed was 1886. There was a Wm. A. Smith died in 1886 at thirty two years of age.

    Susanna, wife of A.J. Adkins, born 1829 died 1902.

    James Balis died 1901 aged sixty six years four days.

    The names Kittle and Johnson occurred.

    The grounds around the church were sodded with bluegrass and everything had a fresh clean appearance. The building was marked: "Christian House of Worship 1885".

    On the run bank, above the church and near the graveyard was a picturesque bank.

    About a quarter of a mile above the church is an old hewed log house, weather boarded all around except the upper side on which is a wide, old fashioned porch with massive posts and railing. A man named Owens lived here before the war.

    About two miles from Odaville, standing so close to the lower side of the road that it is scarred by passing wagon hubs, is a giant white oak tree known as the Hawk Oak.

    This tree having stood so long in the open ground is limbed down the trunk, which is five feet in diameter and the top is dead.

    Here was perpetrated one of he outrages of the war of the rebellion, in the county of Jackson, the killing of George Hawk, George Woods, a young man of eighteen was killed between this place and the house which was at the mouth of Peter's Run where Roliff now lives.

    George Hawk was born in Randolph County in 1817, moved to "Sarvis" Fork in January 1857 and to Turkey Fork some time later. He was killed by the Moccasin Rangers in September 1861.

    This band described as "a rugged vicious looking set" wearing moccasins, coonskin caps and shot pouches, armed with old rifles and having long beards, hair that looked like it had never been extracted from their heads and clothes to compete with it.

    Another man named Hartley assisted the family in the burial and then left the country.

    Hawk was probably buried on the farm.

    For a more current list, there is a transcription on the Jackson County USGenWeb Tombstone Project, it is listed as Turkey Fork Cemetery here.

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