Palmer Cemetery

Directions: From Ravenswood, go north on Rt 68 about 2 miles. You should see the white sign for the Sherman Community Roadside Park on the right side of the road. There is a shelter and picnic tables and you can park there. If you miss the sign and cross Little Sandy Creek, you've gone too far. There is a path going up the hill from the north end of the park, and the cemetery is on top of the hill. It is fenced and looks like it is mowed once of twice a year.

Clement Matheny visited the cemetery in April 2009 and took photographs of all of the stones. The pictures are cropped and resized for faster viewing but if you want a better quality picture, email your request to Betty Briggs.

Several of the stones are broken or so weathered and eroded that only a few letters and numbers are still legible. Betty Briggs transcribed the inscriptions and there were two that could not be identified. Thanks to Carolyn Miihlbach's book, Grant District Cemeteries for some of the dates on stones that are now too weathered to read easily. She read the cemetery in 1981 and lists four stones that were either not photographed or were those that could not be read, as well as several graves marked by metal funeral home markers that seem to be missing now.

  • Nesselroad, Elles Died [Mar 30, 1890, aged 91Y4M29D]   
  • Moore, Hannah
    The top of the monument broken in two pieces and I can make out the 're' and it looks like 'oo' in front of them. I am guessing this is Hannah's stone. Carolyn Miihlbach says the stone is broken and it says Died 1875 Aged 80Y 8D ".   
  • Nesselroad, Elizabeth L. Wife of Elias Nesselroad May 7, 1852 - July 13, 1916  
  • Nesselroad, Lucinda M. Wife of Elias Nesselroad Died Feb 11, 1870 Aged 99Ys 2Ms 5Ds  
  • Nesselroad, Elias Feb 20, 1829   
  • Nesselroad, William E. Son of E. & E. Nesselroad Died Apr 17, 1877 Aged 1Yr 6Mo 9Ds   
  • Anderson, Children of LV & EV Anderson   
  • Smith, Carrie 1889   
  • Palmer, Lawrence W. Son of John & Anna Palmer June 9, 1892 - July 28, 1918
    55th Co. Provisional Receiving Battallion 155th Depot Brigade Lost from Ship Dug D'Aosta
    [Duca D'Aosta, an Italian ship]   
  • Bunner, Sarah I. Dau of J.A. & N.A. Bunner Born Oct 4, 1889 Died Sept 15, 1890 Aged 11Mos 11Ds   
  • Bunner, Hellen G. Dau of J.A. & N.A. Bunner Nov 6, 1897 Dec 23, 1899   
  • Bunner, J.A. Sr. 'Grandfather' 1858 - 1934
    Bunner, Nancy Little 'Grandmother' 1863 - 1912  
  • Nesselroad, Cora V. 1906 - 1906
  • Conner, Jennie E. 1891 - 1918   
  • Palmer, Preston Son of J. & D Palmer Died Sept 22, 1887 Aged 3ys 2ds   
  • Palmer, Elias Co F. 4th WVa Cal.   
  • Very eroded, but I think the name "Alice Alveratta" is in an arc around the top, and part of "Palmer" can be read. I believe this is the stone that Carolyn read as:
    Palmer, Alice Alveratta son of E & H E Palmer Died July 9, 1876, Aged 1 Y 2 M 1 D   
  • Nesselroad, Liman Son of E. & L. Nesselroad Born & Died Oct 10, 1863?   
  • Nesselroad, Mary C. Dau of Elias & Lucinda Died Sept 16, 1860 Aged 2 or 7 Mo 11 ds   
  • Nesselroad, George W Son of Elias & Lucinda Died Aug 2, 1859 Aged 1 yrs 3 mo 11 ds   
  • Nesselroad, Susan H. dau of Elias & Lucinda Died Dec 21, 1854 Aged 11 mo 1 day   
  • Palmer, Sarah J Dau of -- & S. Palmer Died Nov 6, 1866 Aged 11Y 10M 20D   
  • Palmer, Emma C. Dau of H & S Palmer Died Mar 16, 1868 Aged 16 days   
  • Palmer, Susan Wife of Herbert Palmer Died Mar 25, 1874 Aged 46Y 7M 25D   
  • Palmer, Herbert Died Oct 27, 1890 Aged 69 ys 10ms 7da Born Manchester N.H.  
  • Roliff, Ella Wife of John roliff Jan 4, 1864 - Aug 2, 1932   
  • Palmer Plot Monument   
    Estella 1872 - 1921  
    Samuel H. 1869 - 1933  
  • Palmer, Richard H.   
  • Palmer, Lena May Dau of S.H. & S.Palmer Died July 7, 1909 Aged 2Ys 7Mo   
  • Westfall, Myrtle Flynn 1875 - 1906   
  • Palmer, Russell W. 1839 - 1951   
  • Palmer, __oy Marie 1916 - 1932 Age 16 {fhm]   

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