Pfost-Green Cemetery

Located on the old Francis Marion Pfost farm on Grasslick. Fairplain

Photographs and transcription by Clement Matheny, taken 10/15/2006.

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Above are an overview and the entrance to the Pfost-Green cemetery off of Grass lick road. It is about 4 miles from Fairplain. Grasslick Road (Rt 21) is on the left side of I-77 going toward Charleston as you leave Fairplain, then go 4 miles south to the cemetery. The cemetery can not be seen from the road and is about 200 yards up the hill, a very easy walk as it is mowed and in very good shape.

This is the front side of the momument      

  • Matilda M. Pfost
    May 27, 1871
    Nov 3, 1897

    J. F. Green
    July 6, 1879
    Nov 3,1897

This is the back side of momument.

  • F.M. Pfost
    Feb.11, 1835
    Jan. 18, 1873

    Cloah Pfost
    Apr. 14, 1836
    Nov. 3, 1897

    Serah A. C. Whiting
    Feb. 26, 1864
    Sept. 9, 1892

  • There are 5 more markers in the cemetery but has no names on them and there could be several more graves there also. One of the small markers has the letters...F.G on it and one other has the letters F. W. P.

The following is transcribed, with permission, from "Jackson County Cemeteries, Vol 1" by the Jackson County Historical Society.

  • Green, John Frederick,    July 6, 1879 - Nov. 3, 1897;    son of Edward & Cloah (Koontz-Pfost) Green;    Murdered by John F Morgan
  • Green, Edward H,    1805 - Dec 18, 1895;    son of John & Jemima (Smith) Green
  • Pfost, Francis Marion,    Feb 11, 1833 - Jan 18, 1873;    son of Abraham & Elizabeth (Rader) Pfost
  • Green, Cloah (Koontz)    April 14, 1936 - Nov 3, 1897;    dau of Henry & Susanna (Crites) Koontz;    M. 1st, Francis M Pfost, April 13, 1854;    M. 2nd, Edward H Green, Sept 9, 1875;    Murdered by John F Morgan
  • Pfost, Matilda M.,    May 27, 1871 - Nov 3, 1897;    dau of F.M. & Cloah (Koontz) Pfost;    Murdered by John F Morgan
  • (Note: another daughter, Alice Pfost, wounded in the head by John F Morgan on that fatal morning, is interred in the Fairplain Cemetery.)

The following is a newpaper article about the murder.

Sioux County Herald
November 10, 1897
Pg. 2
Orange City, Iowa

Murders Three for $58.

Widow, Son and Daughter Killed
by an Adopted Son.

Mrs. Mary Green, a widow living with two unmarried daughters and a son about 18 years of age, on a farm on Grass Lick, eight miles from Ripley, Jackson County, West Virginia, sold a home Wednesday for $58. Early in the night the family were awakened by a rap at the door by John Morgan, an adopted son. As soon as Mrs. Green opened the door Morgan struck her with a club and beat her brains out. He then killed the eldest daughter with one blow and, as he thought, killed the younger one in the same way. The son hid in a corn crib, where he was soon found and beaten to death by the assassin. The youngest daughter revived, escaped to the woods and gave the alarm. Morgan took what money he could find and fled. Morgan was found and confessed.

For more information about the murders: click here

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